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FLRE Stock & A Promising Management

Capitalizing on various industries, Flameret Inc. (OTC:FLRE) develops fire retardant products that have a wide range of applications. With its complete, highly effective, and non-toxic fire retardant product lines, FLRE has established a competitive advantage among other players in the industry. Recently, the company has placed great emphasis on its expansion and development. Upon the appointment of Nick Foulkes as a director, FLRE stock saw a massive 250% increase in its PPS. In light of his leadership experience and Caren Currier’s involvement, investors are bullish on FLRE’s plans moving forward.

FLRE Stock News

For years, FLRE has been developing a solid line of fire redundant products – which are versatile, fully degradable and built on patented carbon fire shield technology. Through its three brands – FLAMEX, ULTRA FLAMEX & IMPEX, the company has been targeting many industries including Forestry Services, Space, Aeronautical and the construction industry.

With this in mind, FLRE recently appointed Nick Foulkes as the director of the company and its subsidiary – Wonky House Foods Inc. This addition caught investors’ attention given Foulkes’ years of experience and proven history of securing revenue across different industries. Most known for his role as a director at Mace defense and security consultancy, Foulkes implemented growth and established two departments which brought the company over £5 million every year.

As a billion dollar company, Mace provides consultancy, construction, and business services for property and infrastructure projects around the world. The company is well-known for its work on several renowned projects including the Coca-Cola London Eye and the Shard at London Bridge. As of now, it has been expanding further and is working on building the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia as well as renovating London’s oldest underground lines.

Foulkes’ association with Mace has stirred talks among investors bullish on the possibility of a partnership within the construction industry. Given Foulkes’ association with both companies,  many are speculating Mace could potentially utilize FLRE’s product line in its global operations. If correct, this partnership could prove an incredibly lucrative revenue stream for the company.

As of now, FLRE is well-positioned to deliver on its expansions as it plans to initiate testing and production on a commercial scale. While further details and updates regarding this remain disclosed, the company has assured investors it will reveal its plans shortly after negotiations between both parties are finalized. 

To position the company for a successful merger, FLRE is bringing on Caren Currier as an auditor. Given Currier’s history of driving growth to many companies such as KRFG, KATX and ILST, investors are bullish on FLRE’s upcoming merger candidate. However, FLRE is already an attractive shell with a solid share structure, no history of dilution. Additionally, FLRE has a relatively low float of 200 million – positioning it for a massive run on news.

Media Sentiment

Investor @Jcazz17 is bullish on the company’s future in light of its association with Mace’s director – Nick Foulkes.

Investor @sm_sm001 believes FLRE could run up to multi-pennies as its long list of catalysts play out.

Technical Analysis

FLRE Stock Chart

Following its recent run-up, FLRE stock is trading at $.0087 with a newly formed resistance at .0104. The stock shows a primary support at .0084 and a secondary support at .004. Accumulation has been fluctuating following a major dip on February 7th. The RSI is cooling off at 60 after being extremely overbought at 77. Meanwhile, the MACD is bullish but seems poised for a bearish crossover.

FLRE Stock Chart

These indicators clearly highlight investors’ bullish sentiment. The recent dip in accumulation could be due to the increasing number of investors cashing out for profits following the run-up. Now that the RSI is cooling off and FLRE stock is trading near its support, investors could find now a good entry point ahead of the company’s many upcoming catalysts. Many are bullish these catalysts could send the stock way past its current resistance to its 52-week highs. If correct, FLRE could be a profitable long-term investment for many.

FLRE Stock Forecast

With Currier on board and Foulkes’ vast experience and connections within the industry, FLRE could be poised for major growth in 2022. As director, Foulkes generated different revenue streams for Mace and opened a plethora of growth opportunities for the company. As of now, investors are awaiting further updates from the company regarding its merger and acquisition plans. With this prominent management, they are bullish that updates from the company could send FLRE stock on a run to its 52-week high.

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