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Pink Sheet Stocks with Celebrity Interest

Its not everyday that an OTC company is approached by celebrities because of its services. But thanks to its subsidiary Intercept Music, Sanwire Corporation (OTC: SNWR) has been. Its platforms for indie artists and labels have been disrupting the music industry while traditional music labels lose their popularity. Capitalizing on the trend of celebrity backed music labels, SNWR is one of the pink sheet stocks to watch as it offers long-term value through its expanding platforms.

SNWR Stock News

Given how competitive the music industry is, its not surprising to see independent labels struggling against major labels which have all the resources and connections. Although independent labels are growing increasingly popular they can be held back by these issues. With this in mind, SNWR has made it a focus to provide these labels with the tools and services needed to grow their business by offering a dashboard specifically tailored for emerging labels

Acting as an umbrella for these label’s artists, Intercept’s dashboard allows its clients to review data regarding their trending artists and songs, merchandise sales, artists’ performances, and upcoming releases. At the same time, labels can view each artist’s individual account for more information. This allows its client labels to benefit from the business side of Intercept’s platform while managing their artists. 

Considering this market’s growth potential, SNWR introduced new marketing service bundles to improve the marketing process for Indie artists and labels. These bundles include set options for distribution, marketing, promotion, and merchandise that Intercept develops by collaborating with other labels. By choosing one of these bundles, artists and labels would have access to a wide range of services at a lower cost. While these bundles are pre-determined, Intercept can customize them to suit the requirements of different artists and labels. These competitively priced services could help SNWR attract more clients and expand its audience.

Already the company has had helped its clients achieve success with its platform. One notable example is Nashville’s IronGate Records which started from scratch using SNWR’s platform and is now expected to have 200 artists by the end of 2022. 

On that note, SNWR has attracted interest from celebrities who are considering using Intercept’s platform to start their own music label. This has recently become a trend among celebrities as high profile figures such as Matthew McConaughey, Guy Ritchie, Keifer Sutherland, and more start their own music labels.

SNWR is capitalizing on this trend by offering a turnkey solution for celebrities with limited experience in the music industry. These services were originally created for existing independent labels but can easily be applied to individuals or brands.

Intercept’s new solution will allow celebrities to attach their brand to its music label engine and start operating their own labels without the guess work involved in building a label from nothing. As emerging labels are supported by this platform and begin realizing revenues from streaming, merchandise sales, licensing, and even NFTs, SNWR’s reputation in the industry will grow as well. If a celebrity builds their own label using SNWR’s services, then the stock could takeoff thanks to its brand’s sudden popularity. With this catalyst in mind, SNWR stock could be a one of the pink sheets stocks with long-term value to watch this summer.

Media Sentiment

@DACE0325 is bullish on SNWR as Goldman Sachs projects music revenue to more than double to about $131 billion by 2030

Technical Analysis

pink sheet stocks SNWR stock chart

SNWR appears to be in an upwards trend. Currently maintaining its support at .0074, the stock saw higher than average volume on June 24th and could continue this trend buoyed by good news from the company. With supports at .005 and .0059 this low float stock could retest its resistances at .009 and .01 with more buying pressure.

pink sheet stocks SNWR stock chart

Accumulation remains low after seeing a slight uptick and the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI is currently at 59. SNWR has an AS of 2 billion and an OS of 1.09 billion. However, 968 million of these shares are restricted leaving a float of only 143 million shares.

SNWR Stock Forecast

Considering the rise of independent artists and labels, SNWR is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend through Intercept’s platforms. Intercept’s new marketing service bundles and personnel could help the company secure a significant share in this market. But celebrity interest could be a sign of more news to come. Since SNWR’s turnkey solution is attracting the interest of high-profile people and brands, the company could quickly come to the spotlight with more news.

Additionally, its partnership with Howard Rosen Promotion could lead to more clients and higher revenues as it builds awareness for its range of services. With the music industry projecting rapid growth despite the threat of a recession, SNWR’s services and platforms could make this company one of the pink sheet stocks with long-term value.

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