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ADT Stock – Legally Making Money Off Of Shoplifting

ADT Stock

Shoplifting is a serious issue that major US retailers need to contend with. ADT Inc. (NYSE: ADT) is likely to become a notable solution for this crisis since its security systems are custom-made to suit a variety of industries, which makes it suitable for combating shoplifting at major retail locations. ADT’s litany of services and products provide tailored solutions for different elements that exist within major retail locations. Its customized security solutions fit different industries, and as a result, these solutions can be implemented to protect major retailers in a more tailored manner. Currently, ADT stock is barely fluctuating, that said, the stock could run at the first sign of a deal. The likelihood of which is high given the shoplifting crisis and ADT’s versatility.

ADT stock news

Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) recently reported $500 million in losses last year due to shoplifting. On the other hand, Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) loses $4 billion due to shoplifting annually. On average, retailers in the US saw a 26.5% increase in organized retail theft in 2021. As is, the retail industry in the United States loses about $50 billion annually due to shoplifting.  According to an NRF survey, 7 cents out of every 100 dollars produced in retail is lost due to these thefts. That said, ADT is currently in a unique position in combating this crisis since its wealth of knowledge surrounding security makes it ideal for major retailers. 

Market Edge

Versatility is ADT’s market edge. None of its competitors have multiple industry-centered security plans that take into account the specific aspects of these industries such as fire safety for food providers, hard tags for clothing, and specificity tags for items that are hard to tag. Due to ADT’s wealth of knowledge and adaptability, it is one of the most optimal options for major retailers like Target and Walmart which deal in a large variety of goods.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is ADT’s go-to system for securing retail locations. It provides two broad types of tags. The first is hard tags which are used on soft items like clothing articles. The second is specificity tags which are used on items that conventionally do not have tags on them like bottles, and boxed items. The EAS system is usually complemented with a public viewing monitoring system that disincentivizes theft. 

ADT’s biggest advantage is its many tailored security systems that not only prevent retail theft but also secure supply lines, combats fires, and a litany of features from many security tailored towards different industries. If a retailer like Target, Walgreens, or Best Buy approaches ADT, a prospect deal may include more than just retail security, but also food logistics security, and fire safety. That said, those tailored security methods can potentially be altered to combat retail theft. For example, ADT’s security system for food logistics can potentially be modified to monitor food items. ADT’s wealth of knowledge opens up endless possibilities for retail security, which is why it’s poised to combat this crisis.

ADT Stock Financials

According to its Q1 2023 earnings report, ADT’s assets decreased slightly QoQ from $17.8 billion to $17.5 billion. Liabilities also decreased from $14.4 billion to $14.2 billion which is inconsequential. 

Revenues increased YoY from $1.5 billion to $1.6 billion. That said its cost of revenues increased from $509 million to $514 million, and its operating income decreased from $75 million to $42 million. Its net income decreased drastically from $51 million to an $89 million net loss. The reason behind its net loss was a goodwill impairment of $192.7 million which is a non-cash expense.

Despite ADT stock’s current finances, demand for security systems is on the rise which may boost ADT’s revenues, and mitigate ADT’s current financial situation.   

Media Sentiment

@tha_builder the race for a Target contract begins.

Technical Analysis

ADT Stock chart

ADT stock is in a neutral trend with the stock trading in a sideways channel between the support at $5.89 and the resistance at $6.20 Looking at the indicators, ADT is trading below the 200 MA, yet the stock is testing both the 21 and 50 MAs as supports. The RSI is neutral at 51 and the MACD is also neutral. 

ADT Stock Chart

As for the fundamentals, ADT is well-positioned to capitalize on the shoplifting crisis thanks to its advanced anti-shoplifting systems by securing deals with major retailers looking to curb their losses from this rising phenomenon. In light of this, investors could find a good entry in ADT stock on retests of the $5.89 support, as the company could be set to witness an influx of deals in the coming months.

ADT Stock Forecast 

ADT’s wealth of knowledge concerning different types of security systems provides it with versatility that makes it suitable for major retailers in the midst of the current shoplifting crisis. Retailers on average reported an increase of about 26.5% in organized retail theft, additionally, major retailers are losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to those thefts. It is for that reason a deal is likely to occur, which could allow ADT stock to appreciate in value.

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