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Best Cheap Stocks On The Rise – EMGE

best cheap stocks EMGE stock

Emergent Health Corp (OTC: EMGE) is focused on the discovery, development, and marketing of regenerative medicine, neutraceuticals, and phytonutritionals. Through its line of products, EMGE believes it could emerge as a leader in the regenerative medicine field. With the acquisition of Regen approaching and the company signing an LOI to acquire a biologics company, many investors are bullish EMGE could be well-positioned to surge soon as its upcoming catalysts play out. In light of the company’s deals to expand its business, EMGE stock could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy this month

EMGE Stock News

Through its portfolio of patented products, EMGE is aspiring to become a major player in its industry. These products include Hungarest for weight loss, Vita-Stim for boosting the immune system, as well as Neuvitale which helps in adult stem cell propagation. 

While such products already have high demand, EMGE expanded its offering to include Infinity Plus Multi that supports adult stem cells, telomeres and anti-aging oxidants. By offering this new product, EMGE is entering into the growing anti-aging market. Given that the anti-aging market is expected to grow to $60.9 million by 2027, EMGE has the potential to grow financially in the future if its product is able to secure a significant share in this market.


Although the company is specialized in the human medicine market, EMGE ventured into the veterinary medicine market by acquiring PharmaZu Corp. Focused on pet medicines, PharmaZu provides e-commerce products and services related to pet pharmacy, vet telehealth and pet wellness. Given that pet health awareness increased significantly over the past years, PharmaZu has the potential to become a leader in the pet medicine industry based on its platform. Since the veterinary medicine market is expected to grow to more than $50 billion by 2028, this acquisition could be setting EMGE up to become a major player in the pharmaceutical industry as it now offers medicines for both humans and pets. 

Shortly after this acquisition, PharmaZu partnered with DynaCord, LLC for the co-development and exclusive marketing and distribution for several pet treatments targeting arthritis, joint care, wound care, and inflammation. Based on this agreement, DynaCord will be the exclusive manufacturer and PharmaZu will be the exclusive distributor of these treatments. Considering that pet spending is projected to reach $275 million by 2030, PharmaZu could provide EMGE with major revenues in the future. In light of this expansion into a new market, EMGE could be one of the best cheap stocks in the long-term.

*Updated July 22nd

With the company aiming to grow PharmaZu to secure a share in the OTC pet product market, EMGE intends to launch PharmaZu’s flagship website by August 15th and plans to launch version 2.0 six months later. With this in mind, EMGE expects to achieve Safe Pharmacy Designation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) which will allow the company to advertise its products online. While this designation remains pending, EMGE is confident it will receive the designation by the launch of PharmaZu’s website

At the same time, EMGE received notice of PharmaZu’s trademark approval. In light of this, PharmaZu is negotiating with high profile personalities and veterinarians to endorse PharmaZu and its supplements and products. As PharmaZu appears to be poised for major growth in the OTC pet product market, EMGE could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now before the company’s subsidiaries realize their full potential.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy

Looking to expand its offerings, EMGE signed an LOI to acquire Fusion Specialty Pharmacy subject to financing and execution of definitive agreements. A nationally accredited compounding pharmacy, Fusion is licensed in 27 states and develops medicines that improve compliance and reduce the cost of healthcare. Fusion also offers personalized services to its patients where it works with their physicians to develop a customized formula to treat these patients. 

With this in mind, acquiring Fusion is expected to allow EMGE to fulfill orders in all states and expand the online pet medicine offerings through PharmaZu. Since Fusion realized $3 million in revenues in 2021, EMGE could have a major revenue stream under its umbrella once the acquisition is closed this quarter. In light of this, EMGE could be one of the best cheap stocks to watch this quarter in anticipation. 

Regen Biowellness

Following these acquisitions, EMGE executed an LOI to acquire Regen Biowellness – a product distributor in the regenerative medical field. By acquiring Regen, EMGE has the potential to become a major player in the OTC human and pet products field. With this in mind, EMGE will be able to commercialize Regen’s existing portfolio of patented products upon the completion of the acquisition. 

One of these products is Immuniain which is an FDA cleared immune booster. Meanwhile, Regen has an FDA approved medical device – Silverpro – in its pipeline. With several products pending patent under Regen’s umbrella, EMGE could become one of the best cheap stocks if these products receive patents. 

Despite the potential of the company’s expanding pipeline, investors are more bullish on the expected appointment of Regen’s president Jim Morrison to EMGE’s management team. Considered to be a legend in the personal care industry, Morrison was the president of L’Oréal where he oversaw an average growth of more than 20% annually. 

In addition, Morrison was responsible for L’Oréal’s lucrative acquisitions of Redken and Matrix. At the same time, Morrison worked with several celebrities in the beauty space including Kylie Jenner, Britney Spears, and Katharine McPhee. Given that this acquisition is expected to close upon the dismissal of Regen’s bankruptcy petition this month, EMGE stock could be one of the best cheap stocks to watch in anticipation. 

*Updated July 22nd

With anticipation brewing over the company’s acquisition of Regen, EMGE shared that the acquisition is close to being finalized. This acquisition has been subject to Regen settling its bankruptcy petition. With this in mind, the bankruptcy motion was dismissed by the US Bankruptcy Court which allows Regen to advance its business and pursue its acquisition by EMGE. With the acquisition expected to be closed by August 1st, EMGE stock could be one of the best cheap stocks to watch this month in anticipation. 

Upon the completion of this acquisition, Regen plans to relaunch its FDA cleared immune booster – ImmunaZin. This product is a proprietary blend of 44 amino acid fragments which increases the number of T helper cells in the human body. These cells enable macrophages to kill pathogens in the human body. Based on this, ImmunaZin is unique from other immune boosters in the market since it is a novel and potent T cell stimulator which enables the immune system to defend against pathogens. As EMGE will have more than two dozen market ready products upon acquiring Regen, the company intends to rebrand, repackage, and  distribute products like ImmunaZin in Q4. Considering the capabilities of ImmunaZin, EMGE could be well-positioned to record substantial revenues when this product is relaunched.

Evolutionary Biologics

Continuing its efforts to grow its business, EMGE signed an LOI to acquire Evolutionary Biologics, Inc. Although both companies are yet to negotiate on the purchase price, it is expected that EMGE will issue shares to Evolutionary and provide a capital investment to the biologics company. Through this acquisition, EMGE will be able to market Evolutionary’s products Evo Hybrid and HydrEyes which are designed to heal the skin and reduce redness. As these products could witness significant demand, Evolutionary plans to use push and pull marketing, social media, and consumer awareness events to collaborate with clinics for its products. As the company is expanding in the regenerative health sector, this acquisition could allow EMGE to become a leader in this segment. Based on this, EGME could be one of the best cheap stocks to hold long-term. 

With this in mind, many investors are anticipating the completion of this acquisition since Morrison agreed to become EMGE’s CEO upon the completion of this acquisition as well as the acquisitions of Fusion and Regen. Considering Morrison’s vast experience with L’Oreal, appointing him as the company’s CEO could open a plethora of opportunities for EMGE as it continues expanding in the regenerative health sector.

NLBS Joint Venture

At the same time, EMGE executed a JV agreement with Nutralife Biosciences, Inc. (OTC: NLBS) for the co-production, co-marketing and distribution of EMGE’s products. Based on this JV, EMGE will be able to expand its products’ reach nationally. Moreover, EMGE will utilize NLBS’ established facilities as well as its e-commerce and retail marketing platforms. With this in mind, these facilities and platforms will provide EMGE with a major opportunity to launch its products to consumer marketplaces. In addition, NLBS’ capabilities will also be used in collaboration with PharmaZu for the production, development, and distribution of pet products. As a result, PharmaZu’s products could gain more popularity as they would be offered to a larger number of consumers.

EMGE Stock Financials

Looking at EMGE’s financials, the company’s assets declined to $283.9 thousand in Q1 compared to $411.1 thousand in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, EMGE reported an increase in liabilities to $421.6 thousand from $367.5 thousand in the previous quarter. In terms of revenues, EMGE reported $14.2 thousand and had $345.3 thousand in operating costs. Based on this, EMGE reported a $334.3 thousand net loss

Media Sentiment

@MoonMarket_ is bullish on EMGE’s long-term prospects in light of its upcoming acquisitions and Morrison’s appointment as CEO.

@AngryRed316 expects EMGE to share more news soon due to the buying activity on the stock.

Technical Analysis

EMGE is currently trading at $.0189 and has supports at .0137 and. 0082. Meanwhile, EMGE shows resistances near .0194, .0249, and .0318. With the company sharing several positive news over the past two weeks, EMGE stock has been one of the hottest plays in the OTC. As the company is preparing to announce three acquisitions as well as Morrison’s appointment as CEO, EMGE could be one of the best cheap stocks to hold in anticipation of these catalysts to roll out. 

In the meantime, EMGE filled the gap near $.014 and bounced off the support which is a bullish sign that the stock could surge on more news. On that note, the stock is retesting its resistance and is trading above the VWAP and the MAs which could indicate a break through the resistance on more updates.

Despite the potential of the company’s upcoming catalysts, accumulation is trending downwards. However, the MACD is bullish. The RSI recently climbed from 51 to 63 indicating that the stock could be slightly overbought. EMGE has an OS of 161.3 million and a float near 96.1 million.

EMGE Stock Forecast

With the company expanding its offerings of human and pet OTC products, EMGE’s acquisitions could be setting the company up for financial growth in the future. Considering the company’s acquisition of Fusion, EMGE is well-positioned to grow PharmaZu by increasing its e-commerce platform’s offerings. Meanwhile, the anticipated acquisition of Regen could be a significant deal since Regen already has a pipeline of patented products and has several products pending patent. If these products are granted patents, EMGE could be positioned for substantial growth in the future. 

Meanwhile, EMGE’s expected acquisition of Evolutionary could further help the company grow in the regenerative health sector. Considering that Evolutionary’s products could have high demand thanks to their ability to improve the skin, EMGE could be poised for financial growth in the future. At the same time, the JV with NLBS is a major catalyst for EMGE’s future prospects. As the company will utilize NLBS’ facilities and platforms in growing its business and PharmaZu’s, EMGE could become a leader in the human and pet OTC product market.

Moreover, Regen’s president Jim Morrison is set to become EMGE’s CEO upon the completion of the acquisitions of Regen, Fusion, and Evolutionary. Considering his success as L’Oréal’s president, investors are bullish Morrison’s appointment could help the company grow its business significantly. Given that Regen’s acquisition is expected to be finalized by August 1st, EMGE could be one of the best cheap stocks to watch in anticipation.

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