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Best Tech Stocks in The Real Estate Industry- GCLT

best tech stocks GCLT stock

Providing revolutionary software to the real estate industry, GainClients, Inc.(OTC: GCLT) is emerging as one of the best tech stocks this week after gaining more than 250% overnight. This run was mainly triggered by GCLT announcing plans to venture into the financial markets. With the company planning to roll out a series of announcements this month, GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks to watch this month.

GCLT Stock News

GCLT offers two advanced tools in the real estate industry to help title and escrow companies overcome the inefficiencies in the real estate industry. Although most industries are moving towards digital transactions, the real estate industry remains largely stuck in inefficient paper processes. Given the need for more advanced systems in the industry, GCLT is capitalizing on this urgent need through its suite of software solutions. By utilizing GCLT’s solutions, title and escrow companies are able to deliver high quality buyer experiences while reducing their costs significantly. 

With that in mind, GCLT’s Mobile Earnest Money Capture Tool is a web-based solution for the delivery of earnest money to escrow. This solution is easy-to-use since it does not require installing an app or software. Instead, agents can send a link to their clients via email where the clients upload the required information on the link to facilitate the sale. Based on this, EMDs could be delivered on time – reducing the risk of professional liability for real estate agents. 

By utilizing this solution, agents would be able to save time and resources as they would not have to correspond with the buyer to ensure the payment. At the same time, the tool reduces the risks faced by buyers due to the late delivery of EMDs. To achieve this, the solution requires buyers to take a photo of the front and the back of the EMD check and submit these photos. After the check is uploaded, the buyer will receive a text message requesting their authentication and consent to the transfer. These funds are then transferred to the escrow or title company and all the data and photos are deleted from the buyer’s phone. Given this technology’s potential in revolutionizing the real estate industry, GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks this year.

As for its other solution, the Dormant Funds Return Tool is designed to deal with major compliance risks and reduce the operational costs for title and escrow companies. This could be achieved using the solution’s PCI compliant technology – allowing title and escrow companies to return the excess funds in transactions to the buyer’s or seller’s bank account. To facilitate this, the tool requires all parties to execute a document at closing authorizing the escrow agent to return these funds through electronic funds transfer.

In almost all real estate transactions, there are funds left behind due to buyers and sellers misplacing, destroying, or claiming to never receive their refund checks. As a result, title and escrow agents have to track down buyers and sellers to return these funds. Considering that this process costs companies more than $200 per transaction, this solution has the potential to witness increased demand as it gains more traction given its significant cost-saving ability. 

These refund checks could also lead to serious accounting problems since unclaimed checks for certain periods of time are required to be reported and turned into the appropriate government agency. Meanwhile, losing track of unclaimed funds can lead to fines or criminal liability. In light of this, the Dormant Funds Return Tool could be pivotal for escrow companies since it eliminates the risks associated with unclaimed checks. 

Considering these solutions’ potential in disrupting the real estate industry, GCLT originally designed both solutions to be used in tandem with each other. Based on this, escrow agents are able to return funds to the same bank accounts buyers pay their earnest money through. As the real estate industry still requires more digital technologies, GCLT is well-positioned to become a pioneer in the industry through its unique digital tools. In light of this, many investors are bullish GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks this year.

Based on these features, GCLT’s solutions impressed clients and users across the nation. For this reason, GCLT launched 40 client sites in Q1 this year and received more than 1000 earnest money deposits by last April – 398% more than the company received in 2021. As the company’s solutions continue to gain more popularity in the real estate industry, GCLT was able to report its best quarter in terms of revenues in more than 16 quarters. As a result, GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks when its solutions reach their full potential. 

In the meantime, GCLT is working to expand its offerings throughout the US. To achieve this target, GCLT is adding more branches and companies every day to utilize its disruptive solutions. At the same time, GCLT promised to share more updates on its efforts in Texas soon. However, investors are watching GCLT closely as the company expects a new contract in the near future that could more than double its revenues. With the company promising to release a series of announcements in July, GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks this month. 

On that note, GCLT’s first announcement in July received many investors’ attention as the company booked a demo with one of the top four title companies in the nation. Moreover, GCLT is planning a meeting in the near future to discuss taking the company’s solutions beyond the real estate industry and venturing into the $400 billion financial markets. Given the large scale of these announcements, GCLT has the potential to be one of the best tech stocks to buy this month in anticipation of more news.

GCLT Stock Financials

Looking at GCLT’s financials, the company increased its assets in Q1 to $640.5 thousand compared to $614.9 thousand in the previous quarter. However, liabilities also increased from $6 million to $6.1 million. As for revenues, the company reported its largest revenues in more than 16 quarters by reportng $20.5 thousand. With this in mind, GCLT improved its net loss to $9.1 thousand compared to $40.5 thousand a year-ago.

Media Sentiment

@ChairmanOtc is anticipating GCLT’s announcements coming this month.

@Stockminds009 is confident GCLT could skyrocket when the remaining announcements roll out.

Technical Analysis

best tech stocks GCLT stock chart

After running more than 250%, GCLT is currently trading at $.022 and has supports at .0216, .0116, and .0057. Meanwhile, the stock has a weak resistance near .0301. The stock’s impressive run was mainly triggered by the company’s announcement of a potential venture into the financial markets. With the company promising a series of updates this month, GCLT could be one of the best tech stocks to buy this month. Given that a golden cross occurred recently, GCLT has the potential to continue running over next week especially if the company shares another update. However, there is a gap near $.0064 that needs to be filled which could be a good entry point before GCLT’s upcoming catalysts roll out.

best tech stocks GCLT stock chart

Accumulation is witnessing a downtick as investors take profit in light of GCLT’s 250% run. However, the MACD is bullish to the upside. Meanwhile, the RSI is at 89 indicating that GCLT is extremely overbought at the moment. Based on this, investors should wait for these indicators to reset in the short term before adding shares for a better entry point. GCLT has an OS of 345.5 million and a low float near 102.1 million.

GCLT Stock Forecast

With the company promising updates this month, GCLT soared thanks to investors bullish on the potential of the company’s solutions in the real estate industry. Given that the company booked a demo with a top four title company in the US, GCLT has the potential to reach new highs if it secures a contract with this company. With this in mind, GCLT is expecting a major contract that could double its revenues which could allow the company to witness financial growth. As the company is planning to take its solutions beyond the real estate industry with a venture into the financial markets, GCLT could be positioning itself for major growth in the future. With no plans for dilution or a reverse split, GCLT is shaping up to be one of the best tech stocks to hold long-term.

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