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BVAXF Stock – Tackling Covid-19 & Cancer

BVAXF stock

BioVaxys Technology Corp. (OTC: BVAXF) is a clinical-stage biopharma company developing antiviral and anticancer vaccines. Currently, BVAXF is focused on developing and evaluating a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine by utilizing its haptenized viral protein technology. After filing an international patent application for a SARS1 vaccine, BVAXF stock soared by as much as 195% as the company is constantly expanding its vaccines IP portfolio. With an impressive portfolio of vaccines and an upcoming product launch, BVAXF stock could be a smart investment for the long-term.

BVAXF Stock News

Covid-19 Vaccine

As one of the company’s main vaccines, BVAXF is currently developing BVX-0320 – a haptenized protein vaccine – as its lead IND-stage vaccine candidate for SARS-CoV-2. During the vaccine’s in vivo studies, BVX-0320 has shown to be able to stimulate a 96.4% antibody response. In this way, the vaccine was able to activate CD4+ helper T cells that retain information about the virus and CD8+ killer T cells that kill the cells infected by the virus. With this in mind, BVAXF already has clinical experience with haptenization and safety data from previous clinical development of haptenized vaccines. As a result, BVAXF could be well-positioned to gain regulatory support to lead an accelerated development process.

Since this vaccine has the potential to revolutionize Covid treatment, BVAXF entered into a sponsored research collaboration with The Ohio State University to further develop its own haptenized viral antigen platform. This includes combining BVX-0320 with BVAXF’s other SARS-CoV vaccine – BVX-1021 – to treat a wide range of sarbecoviruses. Through this program, BVAXF aims to stimulate virus cross-reactivity and induce immunity against most sarbecoviruses by immunizing those who have convalesced from a documented Covid-19 infection or received a full course of any Covid-19 treatment. In this way, BVAXF could develop a pan-sarbecovirus vaccine that includes current and emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants.

With this in mind, this program appears to be close to showing some pivotal results as the contract manufacturer for BVAXF’s preclinical viral vaccine program – Millipore-Sigma – has completed the bioproduction and batch release endotoxin screening of BVX-1021. Moreover, BVAXF recently shared that The Ohio State University began immunizing test animals with BVX-1021 to provide protection against current and future Covid-19 variants. With the study expected to be completed in late November, BVAXF stock could be poised to soar on positive results.

Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

In addition to its Covid-19 vaccine, BVAXF is working on developing BVX-0918 for the treatment of ovarian cancer. This vaccine operates by extracting patients’ own cancer cells, chemically treating them with a hapten, and re-injecting them into patients to induce an immune response. By doing so, BVAXF is capitalizing on previous positive clinical results in phase 1 and 2 trials for a first generation single-hapten vaccine invented by its co-founder and chief medical officer – David Berd. With this in mind, BVAXF has built on this first generation approach to now utilize two haptens to provide more stellar results. At the same time, BVAXF intends to combine this vaccine with anti-CTLA4 and anti-PDA checkpoint antibodies to further improve its efficiency.

With the company looking to move this vaccine into clinical trials, BVAXF is already in a clinical study collaboration with Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) in France and Deaconess Research Institute in the US. These collaborations are intended to provide the company with surgically debulked tumors from stage 3 and 4 ovarian cancer patients. On that note, HCL has surgically excised the first ovarian cancer tumors from cancer patients to be used by BVAXF for process development and manufacturing of BVX-0918. In this way, BVAXF is in a strong position to complete the GMP production of this vaccine. 

After receiving the tumor samples from both partners, BVAXF’s manufacturing partner BioElpida will use these samples to validate the tumor collection protocol, cryopackaging, cryopreservation, and supply chain logistics for the vaccine’s bioproduction for patients in the US and EU. Considering the positive results shown by Berd’s approach, BVX-0918 has the potential to disrupt ovarian cancer treatments. In light of this, BVAXF stock could be well-positioned to soar upon releasing more news regarding this vaccine.

Product Launch

Since the company’s pipeline remains in development stages, BVAXF is yet to realize revenues from its operations. However, the company appears to be poised to start realizing revenues in the near future thanks to its binding term sheet with Procare Health Iberia, SL for the exclusive marketing and distribution of Papilocare and Immunocaps in the US. 

As a leading patented product of Procare Health, Papilocare is the world’s first and only vaginal gel product for the prevention and treatment of HPV-dependent cervical lesions. According to the deal between both companies, BVAXF will be responsible for US regulatory approval of the treatment which is expected to be registered as a class 2 medical device. With this in mind, Papilocare could be introduced into the market in the near future since BVAXF shared a tweet of Papilocare with the caption “Coming soon”. Based on this, BVAXF stock could continue witnessing strong buying activity this week as the stock could soar upon Papilocare’s launch.

Meanwhile, Immunocaps is an oral OTC nutritional supplement that supports immune function and vaginal microbiota to aid with the re-epithelialization of cervical lesions. Considering Immunocaps’ OTC status, the supplement would not be required to receive regulatory approval to be sold in the US. As a result, Immunocaps could provide BVAXF with a reliable revenue stream as it continues moving forward with its studies for its vaccines. 

In addition to Papilocare and Immunocaps, the deal provides BVAXF with the right of refusal in the US for Ovosicare and Libicare – both are OTC supplements for fertility enhancement for late maternity or IVF processes and Menopausal symptoms improvements. Considering the potential for these products in the US market, BVAXF could be poised for substantial financial growth once these products hit the shelves in the US.

Buyout Potential

Given that the company’s pipeline of vaccines holds major value thanks to its potential to disrupt Covid-19 and cancer treatments, BVAXF could emerge as a serious buyout candidate for big pharma companies looking to capitalize on these treatments. Since BVAXF is currently working to advance its vaccines to clinical trials, a buyout would only become more expensive – which makes BVAXF stock an intriguing investment. Meanwhile, if a buyout never materializes, BVAXF holds value as one of the most promising pharma stocks.

BVAXF Stock Financials

Looking into BVAXF’s Q3 report, the company’s assets declined to C$7.8 million compared to C$8.5 million at the beginning of the fiscal year. This decline is directly related to the company’s cash balance decreasing from C$593.1 thousand to only C$39 thousand due to the company advancing its studies for its vaccines. Meanwhile, BVAXF has C$1.6 million in liabilities and does not have any debt. As for operating costs, BVAXF increased its spending slightly from C$893.3 thousand a year ago to C$909.4 thousand. This increase in operating costs is mainly due to the company increasing its research and development spending as well as management and consulting fees. With this in mind, BVAXF appears to be set to report revenues for its first time when Papilocare and Immunocaps are launched in the US.

Media Sentiment

@SpacTraderInTra is bullishly holding BVAXF stock in anticipation of it to bear its fruit.

@cdntradegrljenn believes BVAXF stock could be extremely undervalued at its current PPS.

Technical Analysis

BVAXF stock chart

Currently trading at $.1475, BVAXF stock shows supports near .1230, .1098, and .0680. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near .150 and .190. Since announcing the binding term sheet regarding Papilocare and Immunocaps, BVAXF stock has been gaining momentum with the stock climbing by as much as 100% after reaching a new 52-week low. Although the stock has lost some of its momentum lately, BVAXF is climbing investors’ watchlists again Papilocare could be launched in the US soon. 

With this in mind, BVAXF recently broke through its MA which is a bullish sign of another run if the MA support holds. However, there is a gap on the chart near $.12 which has to be filled. For this reason, investors could find a good entry point on the gap being filled as for more upside when the company’s upcoming catalysts roll out.

BVAXF stock chart

While accumulation dropped following the stock’s run to $.19, it is starting to climb back thanks to the bullish sentiment surrounding BVAXF and its vaccines. At the same time, the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI picked up to 60 which could signal a continuation in the near term. BVAXF has an OS of 108.8 million and a low float of 71.5 million.

BVAXF Stock Forecast

With a pipeline of disruptive vaccines under development, BVAXF is showing potential to become a major player in the Covid-19 and cancer vaccines areas. Since these vaccines could revolutionize the treatment of such diseases, BVAXF could be well-positioned to realize substantial revenues once these vaccines are introduced to the market. However, these vaccines remain in their development stages which could see the company burn cash for several years to fund its trials.

Despite this, BVAXF is set to receive its first revenues in the near future thanks to the deal with Procare Health to market and distribute Papilocare and Immunocaps exclusively in the US. Given that Immunocaps is already an OTC supplement and that Papilocare appears to be set to be launched soon, BVAXF could receive substantial revenues in the future as these products could witness high demand. In light of this, BVAXF stock could be a profitable hold in anticipation of the roll out of these products. 

As is, BVAXF is a biopharma stock that tends to move on binary events like clinical trials or FDA approvals. For this reason, BVAXF stock could be one to hold onto for the long-term thanks to its pipeline’s potential.

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