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CZNI Stock – Venturing Into The HR Tech Industry

CZNI Stock

Cruzani, Inc. (OTC: CZNI) has been one of the best OTC runners recently after the company filed an 8K regarding its reverse merger with an HR tech company – leading CZNI stock to soar 900%. With the company planning to file its required financials by July 20, many investors are bullish CZNI could release more updates about its new business direction. In light of this, CZNI stock could be one to watch in anticipation as it could continue its run on more updates.

CZNI Stock News

Originally founded as a franchise developer, CZNI is changing its business direction after agreeing to reverse merge with Bowmo Inc – an emerging HR tech company. According to this agreement, CZNI acquired Bowmo’s HR AI platform which automates hiring processes using its AI-based matching engine. Meanwhile, CZNI issued Bowmo’s majority shareholders – Michael Lakshin and Edward Aizman – 1 million Series G preferred shares as well as appointing both to the company’s BOD

With this in mind, CZNI could be poised for major future growth thanks to Lakshin and Aizman’s vast experience. Considered to be a recruiting industry veteran, Aizman has been working for more than 20 years in a high volume staffing organization in New York. With this in mind, Aizman’s vision was responsible for bringing Bowmo’s cloud-based software solution to the market. 

Meanwhile, Lakshin brings more than 28 years of experience in start-ups and senior business-management to CZNI. However, many investors are bullish CZNI stock could reach new highs since Lakshin is also experienced in capital markets. In light of these appointments, CZNI stock could be well-positioned for major growth in the future. 

Through Bowmo’s solution, CZNI has the potential to become a major player in the growing HR tech industry. While this solution automates the hiring process, it also provides recruiters with just-in-time content, resources and tools to help hiring companies vet their candidates. In addition to this service, Bowmo offers its clients recruiting as a service which allows clients to outsource the management of Bomwo’s software. 

Based on these services, Bomwo is able to assist its clients across all recruiting functions like job description development, pre-employment assessments, and a video interview platform. In light of these services, Bowmo has the potential to secure a significant share of the HR tech market – which could reflect on CZNI stock price.

By operating in the HR tech market, Bowmo has a major market opportunity to achieve long-term growth. With the HR tech market expected to grow to $35.6 billion by 2028, Bowmo’s disruptive software could enable the company to secure a substantial share in this market. 

On that note, Bowmo is already witnessing increased demand for its services which the company believes could allow it to be a major competitor in the HR tech market in the US and globally. Considering Bowmo’s belief in the potential of its road map and management team, Lashkin shared “Our next destination is NASDAQ”. In light of this, CZNI stock has the potential to witness a similar run on more updates from the company.

While the road to a NASDAQ listing could take significant time, Bowmo could achieve this target since it is already successful in its business. Between 2015 and 2019, Bowmo was able to raise more than $3 million from private investors to develop its platform and grow its share in the HR tech market. This funding has been successfully allocated by the company since Bowmo is generating $6 million in revenues. Considering CZNI’s market cap of only $12.5 million, CZNI stock could be undervalued as Bowmo is continuing to develop its platform and services. 

Although CZNI filed the 8K announcing the reverse merger, the company plans to add the required financials to the form by July 20. Since the company could announce additional news in this amendment, many investors are bullish CZNI stock could have a similar run to its recent surge. In light of this, CZNI stock could be one to hold in anticipation of more updates.

Media Sentiment

@paulseo403 is anticipating more updates from Bowmo following CZNI releasing its financials.

@Retro1upArmy is confident CZNI stock could reach $.0009 soon.

Technical Analysis

CZNI stock chart

CZNI Stock is currently trading at $.0008 and has supports at .0005 and .0002. The stock also shows resistances at .0009 and .0011. With merger plays receiving investors’ attention lately, CZNI stock soared 900% thanks to its reverse merger with Bowmo. Considering Bowmo’s potential in revolutionizing the HR tech market, CZNI stock could soar with more updates from the company.

With this in mind, CZNI could climb in the near future as the company is preparing to add the required financials to the merger’s 8K filing. Given that a golden cross recently occurred and CZNI stock is trading above its MAs, the stock could have enough room to run with high volume.

CZNI stock chart

Accumulation is trending downwards after CZNI’s run to $.001 and the MACD is bearish due to investors taking profit. Meanwhile the RSI is holding at 60 indicating that the stock could witness a run with high volume. CZNI has an OS of 15.6 billion and a float near 15.6 billion.

CZNI Stock Forecast

With CZNI stock climbing 900% thanks to reverse merging with Bowmo, many investors are bullish the company could witness a similar run on more updates. As the company is preparing to amend the merger’s 8K filing by July 20, CZNI stock could be a profitable hold in anticipation. Despite the company’s upcoming catalysts, some investors are confident CZNI stock could have some long-term value due to Bowmo’s growth potential in the HR tech market. Considering the increased demand for Bowmo’s platform and services, the company could be able to secure a significant market share in its growing market. As the company is planning for a NASDAQ listing, CZNI stock could be a bargain at its low PPS.

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