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DeFi Stocks On Investors’ Watchlist – NAFS Stock

DeFi stocks - NAFS STOCK

Fort Capital Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NAFS) has been climbing on top of investors’ watchlist this week thanks to the appointment of a new prominent CEO – Lic. Abdiel Castrellon Williams. As an emerging DeFi company, NAFS is actively pursuing expansion opportunities within the lucrative sector. Given its massive 170% increase in December 2021, NAFS is currently perceived as one of the best DeFi stocks in the market and continues to show amazing growth potential.

NAFS Stock News

Given that NAFS just recently made the shift to the DeFi sector, the company has been establishing its presence by capitalizing on investment opportunities in global DeFi companies. As part of the projected $800 billion DeFi market, NAFS is among the DeFi stocks gaining significant momentum as investors grow bullish on the company’s operations. Contributing to the sector’s growth, NAFS has been assisting promising DeFi Services projects in terms of expansions and development.

To complement this aggressive strategy, the company appointed Lic. Abdiel Castrellon Williams as the new CEO and Treasurer of the Board. With extensive experience in the financial regulatory industry, Castrellon’s involvement could position NAFS for tremendous growth in its new business direction.

Even though Castrellon is the company’s current official CEO, former CEO – Frank Yglesias – will remain a part of NAFS’ management with his role as the company’s CTO and board member. On that note, Yglesias is excited to “have given the reins of the company to Castrellon”, with a belief that as CEO, he is well-positioned to build a solid foundation for the company’s growth in the future. Yglesias also added that Castrellon’s leadership and expertise will be “a great asset to all the stakeholders of the company.”

Aside from this exciting change in management, investors are also feeling bullish on NAFS stock because of its zero dilution and solid share structure – which remains unchanged since last year. With a $4 million market cap, NAFS has 800 million authorized shares and 495 million outstanding shares – of which 289 million are unrestricted – resulting in a relatively low float of 280 million shares.

With this in mind, NAFS has been gaining momentum as one of the best DeFi stocks out there. Although its operating at a net loss of $876 thousand, the company has been growing as that’s a major YOY increase in income from 2020’s net loss of $1.5 million.  

Media Sentiment

Investors @og_tigress and @nxtplse are bullish on NAFS’ growth potential given its and its solid share structure and new business direction.

Technical Analysis 

DeFi stocks - NAFS stock chart

Following its December run-up, NAFS stock is currently trading at $.0092 with a newly formed resistance at .0098. The stock has a primary support around .0068 and a stronger secondary support near .0035. The RSI has been fluctuating heavily but is now holding at 54. Meanwhile, the MACD is on a recent bullish crossover and shows no sign for an incoming reversal. Following the same trend, accumulation is showing a steep upward trend.

DeFi stocks - NAFS stock chart

These factors indicate that the stock is gaining a lot of momentum at the moment. But, given that NAFS stock is trading near its resistance, investors could wait before finding a good entry point. However, with new investors pooling in and existing shareholders holding their stocks, NAFS could keep trending upwards. If investors found a good entry point in the next dip, they might find NAFS a profitable investment – as the stock’s upcoming catalysts push it once again. Many investors are speculating NAFS could run past its resistance and break its 52-week high of $.022.

NAFS Stock Forecast

Considered one of the best emerging DeFi stocks, NAFS is already showing major growth potential with a new experienced CEO and an impressive share structure. The company has a list of impending catalysts that could play out in the near future as it embarks on its venture into the lucrative DeFi sector. In light of these catalysts, NAFS stock might see a run up to trade at the penny mark or higher. 

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