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Entertainment Stocks – Global Entertainment Holdings & Trump

One of the entertainment stocks on investors’ radar today is Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GBHL). By pursuing acquisitions of under-marketed consumer brand products, GBHL has been expanding and capitalizing on its digital production and marketing expertise. Recently, there has been speculation regarding GBHL’s association with Trump’s upcoming documentary. Given that Trump-associated stocks have a history of running, investors are bullish GBHL could continue its 65% run.

GBHL Stock News

In late October 2021, GBHL saw a massive increase following speculation of the company’s association with the former president’s social media platform “TRUTH SOCIAL”. While the company assured investors it had no connection to the platform, GBHL recently announced it is taking part in the production of the former president’s documentary “The Martyr”. With that in mind, GBHL is one of the entertainment stocks to look out for given the popularity of Trump-affiliated stocks such as DWAC and CFVI.

GBHL, in collaboration with Patriotic Republican, are working on producing an eye-opening documentary covering the Trump Presidency. Consisting of multiple episodes, “The Martyr” aims to dig deeper into some of the most challenging events across the political landscape.

From exploring Barack Obama’s rise to Donald Trump’s second impeachment, the documentary will demonstrate the dramatic changes that took place in the lives of Americans over the last few years. With an expected release in Q2 of 2022, anticipation is already driving GBHL to new heights. 

With this in mind, investors are bullish that the production of this documentary could position GBHL for more lucrative partnerships in the future. With a mission centered around becoming a “premier provider of Film & Entertainment”, GBHL has been working towards building a worldwide entertainment organization with various “domestic and foreign production and distribution partners.” 

To deliver on this, GBHL has placed great emphasis on acquiring prominent players in the entertainment industry. In Q4 2021, the company announced its acquisition of Muskrat Media LLC as a wholly owned subsidiary. Through its flagship website portal, Muskrat owns and operates Crimes & Capers – an emerging digital streaming channel. With a library of almost 1,500 older-crime related programs and 2,000 classical movies, Crimes & Crapes’ station is currently a popular option on major streaming platforms.

GBHL’s President Jacqueline Giroux is bullish that this acquisition will allow the company to “acquire films that have lacked distribution during the pandemic.” Commenting on the acquisition, Michael Schlie – Muskrat Media’s President – believes GBHL’s expansion to the streaming business will enable greater exposure for the company as “internet television continues to grow exponentially”. Already, an average of 128 million households are switching to SMART TVs and other streaming devices therefore GBHL’s ability to capitalize on this is essential. 

In light of these impending catalysts GBHL could see a run on momentum with its relatively low float of only 924 million. Aside from that, investors are bullish given the company’s solid share structure with an AS of 1.95 billion and OS of 1.22 billion. The company also has no history of dilution.

As the company continues to increase its production efforts through its two wholly owned subsidiaries – Global Universal Film Group and Global Entertainment Film Fund – GHBL is working towards acquiring more prominent partners. To grow its presence even further, GBHL plans to utilize its newly acquired streaming channel Crimes & Capers, its Hollywood Classic Library, and social media platform – You’ve Got the Part – to capitalize on the entertainment sector’s rebound. In light of this, investors are bullish GBHL could be one of the entertainment stocks with an attractive risk-reward ratio.

Media Sentiment

With heavy volume at market open, GBHL looks ready to continue the run according to @RadioSilentplay and @ecgreendays

Technical Analysis

entertainment stocks GBHL stock chart

Following a 65% increase, GBHL is currently trading at $.0033 with a resistance at .0034. It has a primary support at .0022. Accumulation witnessed a steep spike but its dropping with profit-taking. The MACD is bullish on the upside andthe RSI is at 68 but dipping.

Considering GBHL’s earlier run to a high of .016, the stock has the potential to move rapidly with momentum. GBHL is well-known for running more than 500% in a single day a on a speculative trump association. As the stock dips with profit taking, bullish investors could find an entry point closer to the support. But investors should be mindful not to chase despite GBHL appearing to be one of the most promising entertainment stocks this week. 

GBHL Stock Forecast

Given the company’s acquisitions and association with the former president, investors are calling GBHL a “monster” in the making. Setting its popularity aside, GBHL is a company that is clearly working to deliver on its mission of becoming a premier company in the entertainment industry. While the production of Trump’s upcoming documentary bound to bring some much needed attention to the brand, GBHL could be well-positioned to secure other lucrative partnerships in the future. 

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