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GDET Stock Launches “First-To-Market” Crypto Card

GD Entertainment & Technology (Pink Limited: GDET) is a company focused on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products globally. Currently, the company has only one operating subsidiary – DreamCard – that allows users to create customizable debit or credit cards. Recently, GDET has been engaging in the provision of blockchain activities by focusing on digital cryptocurrency mining and transaction validation. GDET stock climbed back on investors radars after its new CEO James Ballas shared his vision for the company in December.

GDET Stock News

DreamCard was GDET’s gateway to capitalize on the lucrative crypto industry. Given the subsidiary’s history in developing customizable debit and credit cards, DreamCard is well-positioned to develop “the first to market” Crypto/Fiat Dual Debit/Credit Card. In October 2021, the company launched the world’s first card to contain a dual-chip and designed as a sleek polished metal card and a traditional fiat model – which ensures a secure and seamless transaction. This movement into the crypto space has given GDET a competitive edge over other players in the market.

In line with this pivot, the company redesigned and relaunched the website with an improved back-end business portal which allows for a friendlier and more streamlined user experience. To facilitate a successful redirection, the company appointed new management team to take DreamCard to the next level including the newly appointed CEO – James Ballas – who has the expertise needed to successfully guide GDET into the next development phase.

Ballas comes from a marketing background with over 20 years of experience in both internet marketing and traditional marketing platforms. Given Ballas’ history in marketing products to various customer segments, investors are expecting strong growth for GDET under his leadership. With this experience, Ballas will be able to execute GDET’s diverse marketing strategy and quickly expand the product’s market base. 

In light of this, the company has opened channels for partnerships and stands ready to direct to retail. The new market strategy incorporates everything from celebrities and influences, to membership groups, to charitable organizations. Membership groups include places like Casinos, Country Clubs, Affinity groups, etc. Given their high-end products, these institutions offer a good market base for their elite VIP members. Their charitable strategy also brings a new dimension to their market strategy. They will utilize the charities’ large mailing lists to directly market to their donors. The strategy includes the passive donation every time their cards are used, which is something that many people will gravitate towards for its social impact.

According to the company’s latest disclosed quarterly report, there are quite a number of institutional investors. Known names such as Alexander Dillon have investments in GDET through two of his companies – Blackbridge Capital and GPL Ventures LLC. Additionally, Common Sense Holdings LLC – a global boutique IT company – has an investment of 90 million common stock shares in the company. Large institutional investments are usually a good sign for individual investors as they see there is large scale faith in the company’s operations.

To further facilitate this growth, the company has made it a priority to become current with the OTC Markets. The new management has focused its efforts to complete relevant filings and has assured investors that GDET will become pink current very soon. Following the CEO’s video update, many investors are bullish that GDET could see new filings as the company works with the OTC to become current.

Currently, the company has an AS of roughly 25 billion and OS or roughly 4.9 billion. However, it reports a low float of only 357 million. If filings drop soon, the stock could surge on speculation and once current – GDET could revisit the summer’s PPS near $.0018. Given the CEO’s promise of updates in January, many are keeping an eye on GDET.

Media Sentiment

@mn_goat_trader and @yoav60370 are keeping GDET stock on their watchlists in case it revisits November’s PPS.

@stockballa also is waiting on news to see what GDET stock is capable of…

Technical Analysis

GDET stock

Currently, GDET stock is trading at $.0007 with a primary resistance at .001. The stock shows a strong support at .0006 and a weaker support at .0005. With such low volume, GDET’s RSI is currently at 50 but accumulation saw a spike on January 6th and has remained steady since. The MACD is currently bullish and climbing.

GDET stock

The steady accumulation following the 6th is a sign that investors are confident news is coming from the company. Investors took notice of the stock as heavy volume poured in earlier this month – a possible sign of more to come. However, investing in GDET stock could prove risky considering that it is Pink Limited. With this in mind, GDET many be a lotto play for many investors considering that there is no assurance the company will become current.

GDET Stock Financials

Customizable credit cards are not widely produced, and DreamCard is well-positioned to become an emerging leader in the market with the release of its innovative dual card. This venture into the crypto market also gives GDET an edge to transform the market as a whole. With the recent surge in interest for crypto, the company’s product could become profitable.

As is, GDET is positioned to move with news from the company as it works towards becoming Pink Current. With a communicative CEO, anticipated updates in January, and a low float of 357 million, GDET stock could see a surge of volume. If the company’s management acts on its promises to shareholders, then GDET could prove to be a worthwhile investment for this month.

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