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GEGI Stock – Cheap Stocks To Buy Now

After reverse merging with Glīd, Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. (OTC: GEGI) is looking to snatch a section of the trucking market by developing an electric road to rail vehicle – Glīd units. With the company recently announcing a partnership with Bart Manufacturing to assist in the development and construction of Glīd units, GEGI has actively taken the first step to actualize its product. Given the potential of the company’s plan and the attention the stock has been gaining lately, GEGI stock could be on track to soar similar to its parabolic run last August. In light of this, GEGI might be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now.

GEGI Stock News

Originally founded as a pet food manufacturer, GEGI shared a new business plan with its shareholders highlighting its pivot towards the lucrative autonomous technology sector. To facilitate this change, GEGI is currently exploring acquisition and license agreement opportunities with companies operating in this industry. As autonomous technology has been constantly advancing over the past 10 years, GEGI’s CEO Braden Jones is confident “many industries can be disrupted if these technologies were applied to them”.  With this in mind, GEGI is putting together an experienced team of advisors and partners to introduce the company to potential acquisition or licensing agreement candidates. 

As part of this business change, GEGI launched a new website to provide more information regarding its new business for its shareholders and the company plans on updating this website regularly as the company’s business develops. On top of that, GEGI promised its shareholders more updates once its change of control is finalized with the OTC Markets which could happen very soon since GEGI has already filed the required paperwork. Considering this sector’s potential, GEGI could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now ahead of these catalysts.

According to its newly launched website, GEGI appears focused on autonomous transportation, autonomous security, and AI. With the transportation industry looking for revolutionary solutions, many companies are focused on developing autonomous cars and trucks. By pivoting its business focus towards autonomous solutions for this industry, GEGI could be poised to capitalize on this untapped and underserved market if it is able to develop technologies that solve the current logistics and transportation problems.

Developing autonomous solutions in the security sector could not only significantly improve current security solutions but offer them at a much lower cost. Adding these solutions to current security teams will help increase efficiencies and lower costs substantially. Due to this new business direction, it is pivotal for GEGI to have robust AI software which is why GEGI intends to license or acquire AI and machine learning autonomous solutions to leverage them in many applications. Given the scale of this business plan, GEGI is emerging as one of the cheap stocks to buy now as there is is a real need for this technology and the market is ready for the innovative solutions which GEGI may develop.

On that note, many investors are speculating GEGI could be ready to announce an acquisition with the Australian AI and digital learning company – Apiom Inc. which is also known as Go1. Go1 is a provider of curated online learning materials and tools for businesses using playlists containing content from several publishers. Through its platform, Go1 offers AI based analytics to see how well the content is used and offer personalized materials as well.

Speculations of a possible acquisition began when some investors noticed that the Australian company filed a form D using the same address as GEGI. Acquiring this AI system could position GEGI for success as it pursues this new business direction and if these theories prove true then GEGI could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now ahead of this potential acquisition announcement.

However, Apiom Inc. has already raised $200 million through a Series D and the company’s CEO Andrew Barnes believes Go1 could be valued at more than $1 billion. While GEGI does not have the funds to finalize this deal, the company is now able to use its shares to support its growth efforts.

In the past the company had a court order preventing it from issuing shares but GEGI was able to dissolve this after a private investor along with the company stepped in to negotiate with a former debtor to settle their dispute. Now, GEGI could issue shares to close an acquisition with a company with AI assets like Apiom.

This seems in line with the company’s new direction under its CEO and Chairman – Braden Jones – who recently joined GEGI’s management. Jones owned and operated a trucking and transportation company but has also worked in the logistics and transportation industry for over 15 years. Since he was appointed, Jones has been “assembling a highly-qualified team of advisors and partners that are making introductions to companies that could be good candidates for acquisition or licensing agreements”. With this in mind, many investors are bullish that GEGI’s upcoming announcement will help accelerate the company’s growth.  

*Updated August 22nd, 2022

Looking to position itself as a leader in its new business direction upon finalizing a merger, GEGI added Kevin Damoa as a strategic advisor to the board. This appointment allows GEGI to capitalize on Damoa’s vast experience in aviation and aerospace, electrification, e-mobility, as well as defense industries. Through this experience, Damoa held leadership roles at early startups and well-established major companies like SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, Romeo Power Technology, and XOS Trucks. With this in mind, Damoa’s previous role as vice president at XOS has led to speculations among investors that XOS could be on track to merge with GEGI considering their similar business direction. While these talks remain speculation, GEGI could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now if the company merges with a company like XOS. 

Considering Damoa’s experience and networks in the industry, adding someone of his caliber could assist GEGI in exploring opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, or technology licensing. In this way, GEGI could accelerate its plans to start operating in its new lucrative business direction. Given that the autonomous vehicles market is witnessing increased interest at the moment, GEGI could be one of the cheap stocks to buy now before this industry explodes in the future. 

In addition to Damoa’s appointment, GEGI added two former consultants from KPMG and PWC to ensure compliance with the market. These new consultants will be paid in stock as a compensation for their services which is a bullish sign of their trust in the company’s direction in the future. In light of this, GEGI could be one of the cheap stocks to buy now in anticipation of the roll out of its upcoming catalysts.

Meanwhile, GEGI has been more active with shareholders lately and shared several updates with shareholders which show the potential of the company’s upcoming deal. With this in mind, Jones recently announced that he will communicate directly with shareholders through GEGI’s Twitter account and promised to share developments soon. As the upcoming merger or acquisition appears to be around the corner, GEGI could be one of cheap stocks to buy now before exploding on more updates.

*Updated September 8th, 2022

Continuing to add experienced advisors to its board, GEGI appointed Kasey Evans as a strategic advisor to its board. Throughout his career, Evans has worked closely with some major players in the industry like XOS Trucks, Einride, Serial 1, and Vanderhall. In addition, Evans is vastly experienced in the trucking and transportation industry as he previously held leadership roles at PACCAR, Pilot Thomas Logistics, and Autocar Trucks. 

At the same time, Evans is an experienced investor in mobility innovation companies and has experience from working with venture capital firms. Through this experience, Evans could add significant help to GEGI in negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, finance, as well as asset management. With the company constantly adding seasoned industry veterans to its board, GEGI could be one of the cheap stocks to buy now as its merger could be unprecedented in the OTC.

Recently, GEGI shared its intention to increase its AS in the near future in preparation for a potential merger opportunity. While raising the AS could impact shareholders’ value, GEGI grabbed investors’ attention after announcing a 500 million share reduction. To facilitate this share reduction, GEGI negotiated with 2 of its largest shareholders to convert the 500 million shares into series B preferred shares – reducing GEGI’s OS by 500 million shares. By converting these shares, GEGI could utilize these freed up shares to pursue near-term financing opportunities and repay some of its debt. 

Meanwhile, the converted shares are subject to conversion limitations that make these shareholders tied to the company’s long-term success. As a result, there would be minimal dilution risk faced by GEGI’s shareholders. With the company working to add value to its shareholders, GEGI could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now and hold for the long-term.

*Updated June 14th, 2023

Glīd Acquisition

The acquisition of Glīd, LLC appears to be a wise choice for GEGI as it can revolutionize the transportation industry. Glīd’s Glīd units provide numerous advantages over conventional transportation vehicles ranging from automation to safety. Since GEGI has the potential to dominate the transportation industry through its Glīd units, it could be one of the most promising cheap stocks to buy now.

The Fluctuating Fuel Dilemma

2022 was a rocky year for fuel prices as crude oil spiked from $72 a barrel in January to $116 a barrel in July. Similarly, diesel rose from $3.6 in January to $5.8 in July. These fluctuations proved that fossil fuels are not a stable economic fuel source. It is for this reason that trucking and railroad companies may invest in Glīd units in order to stabilize expenses.  


Glīd units are produced with safety in mind for its users and other passengers on the road. Glīders reduce traffic by removing semi-trailers from the road, for as of the route as possible, which in turn should reduce traffic complications. 


Now that GEGI is an EV stock its notoriety may increase with the rise of EV fever. That said, carbon reduction in the transportation industry is an issue that is barely tackled. Most EVs are centered around personal use as opposed to industrial transportation. In that regard, Glīders are a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions.


Each Glīder comes with cutting-edge software built that allows it to drive autonomously. That said, because Glīders only drive on private property, level 5 government regulations are not an issue.

Possible Government Backing

As is, the Biden administration is investing heavily in accelerating EV utilization through the Federal Sustainability Plan. GEGI provides the Biden administration with an effective solution toward revolutionizing the American transportation industry. By utilizing and supporting Glider production, the Biden administration stands to improve efficiency due to the road to rail feature, reduce carbon emissions, and improve road safety. Given this information, GEGI might be offered a government contract or government funding which would drastically improve GEGI’s prospects in this field. 

First Step Toward Production

Recently, GEGI and Bart Manufacturing entered a manufacturing agreement. As a result of this agreement GEGI, and Bart developed a comprehensive plan that covers manufacturing costs, volume, and metrics. As things stand their first milestone is the completion of the 10 sets of beta units, which will be deployed in order to test reliability and durability. GEGI intends to use the data provided by the Beta program in order to further develop Glide units until its planned launch in 2029.

With that in mind, investors have been rallying around GEGI stock since announcing this deal – with the stock running by as much as 312% this month. This run resembles GEGI’s impressive run in August 2022 when the stock climbed 789% ahead of its reverse merger with Glīd. Given the stock’s growing popularity, GEGI could be one of the cheap stocks to buy now as it could further run over the coming weeks.

Trucking Market

Glīders could potentially change the way people see the transportation sector. As is, GEGI is likely to take a sizable chunk out of the trucking railroad industries due to the superiority of its vehicle. Its road to rail feature makes it more efficient, and since it is electronic, it reduces carbon emissions while avoiding fluctuations in fuel prices. 

The transportation sector is massive, especially the railroad and trucking markets. The trucking market was estimated to be worth $732 billion and the railroad industry was estimated to be worth $295.80 billion in 2021. If GEGI is able to revolutionize these markets through its Glīders, it could be one of the cheap stocks to buy now ahead of its expected growth.

Media Sentiment

@SuperRobotOTC is excited about Damoa’s leadership and guidance.

@Arcstockstrader is thinking about the possibility of a government contract.

Technical Analysis

cheap stocks to buy now GEGI stock chart

GEGI stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between its support at $0.0007, and its resistance at $0.0023. Looking at the indicators, the stock is trading above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 59 and the MACD is approaching a bearish crossover.

cheap stocks to buy now GEGI stock chart

As for the fundamentals, GEGI recently announced a partnership with Bart Manufacturing, which will help it develop its Glīders. Given the market potential of these Glīders, GEGI could potentially seize a sizable chunk of the transportation sector. With the stock gaining momentum recently, GEGI could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now ahead of a potential continuation of its run.

GEGI Stock Forecast

As things stand, GEGI is working on a product that could change the way the transportation sector operates. Given the features of its Glīders, GEGI could become a leader in the transportation market thanks to the significant benefits of its product. With the Biden administration investing heavily in accelerating EV utilization, GEGI could be set to receive government backing in the form of contracts or funding that could aid the company in its plans to mass produce Glīders. In light of this, GEGI might be one of the best cheap stocks to buy now.

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