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Hydrogen Stocks To Buy Now – NBLD Stock

hydrogen stocks NBLD stock

Renewable Innovations, Inc. (OTC: NBLD) is one of this month’s hottest stocks after reverse merging to become a public company. Since agreeing to this deal, NBLD stock soared more than 4600% thanks to the company’s extensive experience and connections with major players in this industry. Considering the upside potential of this industry, NBLD could be one of the most undervalued hydrogen stocks to invest in at its current PPS.

NBLD Stock News

Looking to accelerate its growth in the hydrogen energy industry, Renewable Innovations agreed to reverse merger with Corp. (OTC:NBLD) to become a public company. As a leader in the hydrogen energy industry, NBLD designs and manufactures power generation systems for rapid EV charging, office parks, data centers, and retail facilities, in addition to infrastructure solutions and systems. By becoming a public company, NBLD could now leverage its experience to expand its operations into retail power distribution – especially along the US highway system – through acquisitions and organic growth. In light of these plans, NBLD appears to be one of the best hydrogen stocks to hold given its track record in this industry.

With this in mind, NBLD already has relationships with a number of prominent players in the industry – most notably with General Motors Company (NYSE: GM). On that note, GM is set to supply NBLD with Hydrotec Gen2 fuel cells and Li-On batteries to install in its Mobile Power Generator and other hydrogen-related projects. The MPG product is set to be utilized for demonstrations and commercial applications including programs with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the US Military, and State Energy Commissions. Meanwhile, NBLD has already received purchase orders from Fortune 50 companies for its MGP. Based on this, NBLD could be well-positioned to report significant revenues in the coming quarters.

In addition to the Hydrotec fuel cells and batteries, GM and NBLD are in a collaboration on the Empower rapid charging. This charger is intended to help retail fuel stations add more affordable DC fast charging capabilities without requiring significant investments in non-recoverable electrical infrastructure upgrades. For this reason, the Empower chargers could witness high demand which could positively impact NBLD’s revenues.

Moreover, the Empower chargers can also be installed along corridors frequented by travelers such as national parks or vacation destinations. With this in mind, the Empower charger can charge more than 100 EVs before it needs to be resupplied with hydrogen. Considering that the company intends to deploy 500 Empower chargers across the country by the end of 2025, NBLD could be one of the best hydrogen stocks to invest in now before it explodes in the future.

At the same time, NBLD is in a collaboration with e-Link Commuting Co. Ltd (eLC) to develop a new class of electric waterway vessels powered by sustainable energy. To achieve this goal, both companies will combine their experience in sustainable energy and the transportation sector. In this way, eLC will focus on the boat design and propulsion motors. Meanwhile, NBLD will help design the vessel’s internal power and battery storage systems as well as the dockside charging station. Considering NBLD’s extensive experience, this project could prove to be extremely successful once completed. 

After this project is completed, the eLC shuttles will be tethered to NBLD’d hydrogen fuel cell systems and recharge in minutes when they are dockside. Since this collaboration could revolutionize water transportations, NBLD could be one of the hydrogen stocks to hold onto for the long-term.

In the meantime, NBLD is in production on orders for government and private company projects involving its integration technology that allows for rapid charging of EVs in less than 20 minutes. As this technology is much faster than current EV charging portals, NBLD could be well-positioned to secure additional contracts given the growing interest in EVs and EV charging portals.

In other news, NBLD is anticipating FINRA approval for its name and ticker change. At the same time, NBLD intends to file for a NASDAQ listing once it meets all listing requirements. With this in mind, a NASDAQ listing could allow the company to pursue additional growth opportunities as it would attract institutional investors to the stock. Considering the company’s experience, relationships, and contracts, NBLD could be one of the most undervalued hydrogen stocks given its market of only $8.4 million.

Media Sentiment

@AngryRed316 is anticipating NBLD to run soon.

@thommic is adding NBLD at its dip.

Technical Analysis

hydrogen stocks NBLD stock

NBLD is currently trading at $1.35 and has supports near 1.11 and .65. The stock also shows resistances near 1.68, 2.36, 2.94, and 3.72. NBLD recently broke through its VWAP and tested its support. Since the stock rebounded off its support, NBLD could be poised to retest its resistance in the near-term. Based on this, bullish investors could enter a starter position at the current PPS and average up as the stock moves. With this in mind, NBLD is trading above both of its MAs which could be a bullish sign of a run soon.

hydrogen stocks NBLD stock

Following NBLD’s parabolic run to its all-time high, accumulation is trending downwards and the MACD is bearish which could be attributed to investors taking profits. Meanwhile, the RSI has cooled off significantly from 92 to 48 which leaves enough room for the stock to run if it continues witnessing high trading volume. NBLD has an OS of 6 million and an extremely low float of 1.5 million.

NBLD Stock Forecast

Now that the company has become public, NBLD could be one to watch closely as it could be well-positioned to further grow its business through acquisitions. With this in mind, the company is already planning to finalize deals that would allow it to expand its business into retail power distribution. Considering the increasing interest in renewable energy by the Biden Administration, NBLD could be well-positioned to receive significant funding thanks to its stature as a leader in renewable energy. On that note, NBLD already has several partnerships in place – most notably with GM. As both companies are collaborating on the Hydrotec MPG and the Empower rapid charger, many investors are bullish NBLD could be extremely undervalued at its current PPS. Given that the company is working on orders from the government and private companies, NBLD could be one of the hydrogen stocks to hold onto for the long-term.

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