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Entering the lithium and graphene industries, Indo Global Exchanges Pte. Ltd (OTC: IGEX) has been actively expanding its presence through upcoming mergers and acquisitions within the industry. With the company’s highly anticipated triple merger approaching, IGEX stock could be one of the lithium stocks worth investing in right now considering its low PPS. With this in mind, the triple merger could set IGEX stock for substantial growth in the long-term thanks to the rising demand for lithium and graphene. As one of the few graphene stocks or lithium stocks on the OTC, IGEX stock could be one of the best penny stocks under 1 cent right now.

IGEX Stock News

In a recent press release, the company announced its name change but has decided to keep the ticker IGEX. Currently under FINRA’s review, the company expects its new name will be approved before EOY which is a good sign for the company as its rebranding is meant to highlight IGEX’s position within this burgeoning industry. 

As The Mineral Company, IGEX will continue to focus on potential mergers and acquisitions that facilitate its growth and offer recurring profits. As part of this pivot, IGEX is updating its official website which could be a major catalyst for the company once revealed. Investors are eager to see IGEX’s roadmap for 2022 and a new website will likely give IGEX exposure to a wider audience.

In fact, the company’s best asset is its new consultant – Caren D. Currier. Well-known in the OTC market, Currier is a classic merger consultant whose work routinely produces great results for shareholders. In addition to handling IGEX, Currier has positively contributed to custodianship plays for companies like King Resources Inc. (KRFG), Kat Exploration Inc. (KATX), Novation Holdings Inc. (NOHO), and International Star, Inc. (ILST). Investors are particularly bullish on her involvement considering the runs that OWUV, AXTG, ILUS, and SBES have had.

First Acquisition

With Currier on board, in late November the company took to twitter to confirm it is undergoing an acquisition and that investors will be updated soon. IGEX highlighted that no dilution will take place to fund this venture and that the acquisition will be fully financed by IGEX preferred shareholders over 7 years at an annual rate of 2%. IGEX intends to repay the loan from upcoming sales and revenue, and is certain that this financing will benefit the company and shareholders.

*Update on February 4th, 2022

Delivering on its growth plans, the company recently acquired a 50,000 square meter property in Spain at a price of €300,000. This property is set to become the biggest center in Southern Europe for storage, shipping, and the development of different kinds of minerals – particularly lithium and graphene.

To capitalize on this acquisition, the company has been intensifying its efforts and intends to complete phase 1 of its project before EOY. While details regarding its ongoing projects at the site have yet to be disclosed, IGEX has assured investors it will be releasing updates regarding these developments very soon. The company is bullish that this acquisition will facilitate the removal of its “shell” designation and open the door for further growth.

*Updated April 22nd, 2022

In addition to the acquisition of its 50,000 square meter property, IGEX also acquired the water rights to the new property, an underground water reservoir, and an extraction station with 2 industrial water pumps – all for €100 thousand plus an 11% RE tax assessment. This acquisition was financed by the seller at an annual interest rate of 2% for a period of 84 months with a preferred shareholder guaranteeing the financing of the deal.

Despite the cost, this acquisition was essential to IGEX’s future success since easy access to water is integral to the extraction and production process for not only lithium but other minerals as well.


However, IGEX’s major news was its anticipated merger with an established company in the graphene manufacturing industry. This Spanish company is expected to merge with IGEX which is already an established leader in the lithium and energy storage industry. Clearly this dream team of a merger would be an incredible step forward and the resulting assets acquisition would set the resulting company on the right track towards creating a “premier center for manufacturing, storage, and shipping of minerals with emphasis in lithium, graphene, and its derivatives in Southern Europe”.

Eager to get started, IGEX is projecting that it will break ground in less than six months and will be operational by year’s end. It will be able to complete this first phase so rapidly because the lots will not require rezoning applications. Hitting the ground running, IGEX has already retained engineers and architects for the project which has become a €980,000 asset for the company.

IGEX’s CEO has since shared with investors that he has no intention to pursue a reverse split and the company appears to be moving forward on all fronts now that it is no longer classified as a shell company. IGEX has even updated its business description, sharing that it is actively “working on an imminent merger with two attractive industry participants”. It also added that it is able to pursue this strategy thanks to the solvency and the strong financial support of its preferred shareholder(s).

More recently the company has shared an analysis certificate while promising that PR would be coming soon. Based on this, some investors are speculating that the company may be working with four minerals. This appears to be supported by the company which tweeted “RH 45” -possibly referring to Rhodium.

With more information coming in May, many investors are watching IGEX stock intently as it becomes one of the emerging lithium stocks and graphene stocks. In light its industry, IGEX has the potential for a penny break after announcing the details of its anticipated mergers.

*Updated May 16th, 2022

Waiting for updates regarding the company’s operations, investors’ interest was piqued after its CEO shared a picture of him holding what looks to be sand describing it as “The glory in my own hand”. Following this, IGEX posted a video showcasing several bags full of sand leading many investors to speculate that the company could be venturing into the silica sand industry. However, the company also included the chemical element signs for Silicon, Rhodium, and Lithium. In light of this, investors are anticipating major news in the company’s upcoming press release.

On this note, the company has been promising the release of an 8-K which may help shed some light on the company’s plans and merger. At the end of April, the company had promised more news in early May but it remains to be seen. Meanwhile, IGEX has announced its plans to cancel 400 million shares which were issued in May. In this way, IGEX would reduce its OS from 4.3 billion to 3.9 billion shares.

Having already completed two acquisitions – one in January and another in February – IGEX is “actively and diligently working on an imminent merger with two attractive industry participants” which may be related to the company’s recent tweets showing what appears to be sand.

*Updated May 26th, 2022

IGEX announced that it has signed an option agreement for the acquisition of 37,000 tons of fluvial sands with a high concentration of high value minerals. According to the company, this transaction for $10 million will provide IGEX with sands that have a confirmed, presence of high concentrations of Rhodium, Lithium, and Silicon, and to a lesser extent, Ruthenium, Palladium, Silver, Gold, and Thorium. The company estimates that after refinement, the commercial value of these minerals will reach a “minimum nine-digit value” – even accounting for the costs of transportation, handling, and refining.

The deal was struck with American CODISINCA CORP after the high-value sand was imported from Colombia for analysis by SGS and Bureau Veritas. In addition to this inspection, IGEX is undertaking its own analysis and expects to release the results in June.

IGEX and CODISINCA planned to sign a 150-day Purchase Option Agreement in the coming days for the amount of 90 million newly issued restricted common shares of IGEX – each valued at $0.016. This would be the first payment to Codisinca but IGEX has the support of the company’s preferred shareholder for financing the transaction.

However, this deal came to an untimely end according to IGEX – the “Fruit of the enormous quantity of impertinent and unfortunate phone calls and absurd and inappropriate emails” CODISINCA received from unconfirmed shareholders.

While both parties take the time to reflect on the planned transaction, IGEX’s CEO met with the Board of the Preferred Shareholder. In this way, IGEX ensured that the $8,440,000 in financing for the cancelled sand deal is still maintained and available for the first of the companies three planned mergers. Now in the final phases of of due diligence, IGEX expects this liquidity fund to play an important role in the coming deals.

The company hoped to give definitive confirmation about the cancellation and return to the treasury of 400 million of common shares in the coming weeks. This share cancellation has already been agreed upon but is “pending refinement” from the Transfer Agent.

Whether IGEX will share this news is unclear since the company shared on Twitter that it would not be tweeting or releasing PR until the merger’s 8-K is filed. Considering the confusion and lack of clarity, many shareholders are hoping the company’s consultant – Caren Currier – will provide a steady hand as the company works to deliver on its promises.

*Updated July 27th, 2022

With anticipation brewing over the company’s expected triple merger, IGEX shared that the company is on track to accomplish its plans and objectives. Considering that the company previously shared that it will not share tweets or PRs until the anticipated merger’s 8K is filed, an announcement regarding the merger could be released soon. On that note, IGEX also promised to share updates “very very very soon”. In light of this, many investors are bullish PR could be released as soon as this week. As the company is expected to merge with a European public company, a leader in lithium and energy storage, as well as a graphene manufacturing company, IGEX stock could be poised for another run upon announcing the first merger.

*Updated November 21st, 2022

With the much anticipated merger yet to be finalized, many investors are bullish the merger could be completed in the near future after the company shared its intention to release a series of announcements. The first of these announcements was the resignation of IGEX’s CEO Sergio Bellosta Suarez and the selection of a new CEO. While the company is yet to announce its new CEO, many investors are confident the incoming CEO could be related to the merging company – which could signal that the merger could be close to being finalized. As investors remain anticipating new announcements from the company, IGEX stock could be poised to run in anticipation of the news.

With this in mind, the upcoming merger could allow IGEX to pursue an uplisting to the OTCQB as it could help the stock become compliant with the OTCQB minimum price requirement. On that note, IGEX has been working to become fully SEC reporting over the past months to allow it achieve this target. Considering the merger’s potential in the lithium and graphene industries, IGEX stock could be one of the best lithium stocks to invest in as it could be set to soar in the coming months.

*Updated December 6th, 2022

As the company is preparing for the closure of the anticipated triple merger, IGEX’s CEO shared his final shareholders letter that included a number of key updates. Over the past weeks, Bellosta Suarez has been working with the incoming CEO to transfer all the necessary documents and information to help the new CEO guide the company in the future. With this in mind, the new CEO was chosen by the leading company of IGEX’s upcoming new preferential shareholders. On that note, Bellosta Suarez recently shared that he expects next week to be his final as IGEX’s CEO and also shared that the merger’s paperwork is under final review. Given that the company previously shared that the triple merger would be closed before the appointment of the new CEO, IGEX stock could be one of the lithium stocks to watch closely as the merger could be closed as soon as this week.

While the triple merger will be mainly focused on lithium and graphene mining, IGEX is set to operate a new medical investments business line upon the closing of the deal. This venture is expected to be made possible thanks to IGEX’s incoming associate director’s experience in discovering and investing in startups in the seed phase in the medical sector. As the new associate director has a proven track record in this field, this business line could be extremely profitable for the company in the long-term. With this in mind, the new CEO intends to invest in 20 companies at least next year – with the first investment expected to be announced before EOY. In light of this, IGEX stock could be one of the lithium stocks to accumulate in anticipation of these major catalysts to play out. 

In addition to the triple merger, many investors are watching IGEX for a potential deal with telecommunications giant Vodafone Group plc (LON: VOD) upon the merger’s closing. This bullish sentiment is mainly due to the company sharing a tweet including Vodafone’s ticker and EUR 150 million. If the company truly secures such a deal with Vodafone, IGEX stock could be well-positioned to soar to new highs.

Meanwhile, IGEX is looking to further add value to its shareholders prior to the reverse merger as the company canceled and returned 502 million shares to its treasury. At the same time, IGEX proceeded to block more than 400 million shares that had no documents justifying their issuance. As for its dual listing plans, IGEX shared that it intends to begin trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange before EOY at the request of the incoming management to increase the company’s visibility to European investors. As the company is preparing for its new chapter, IGEX stock has the potential to become one of the hottest lithium stocks this year upon announcing the triple merger.

IGEX Stock Financials

Looking at the company’s most recent quarterly report, IGEX has no convertible notes or debt securities. Sergi Belosta Suarez – IGEX’s CEO – reportedly owns 11.08% of common stock shares while Leonard Armenta owns 5.5% of common stock shares. Thanks to its plot of land in Spain, IGEX has $1,087,800 in assets and its total liabilities amount to $360,362 although only $30,362 of this are current liabilities. IGEX also reported a net loss of $108,450 and has no cash on hand.

Graphene Stocks: The Wonder Material

Many believe that Graphene could create the next-generation of energy storage systems because its two-dimensional structure offers more flexibility. It has significant applications to electrical systems and could be perfect for making flexible batteries because its electrical conductivity is 13x better than copper. As the strongest known material, Graphene is “harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum”.

This impressive mineral’s market size was valued at $87.5 million in 2019 but is projected to reach $876.8 million by 2027. Whereas Lithium

Lithium Stocks: Rechargeable Batteries

Lithium is well known for its use in high energy-density rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which makes it an extremely important component of electric vehicle batteries as well as consumer electronics like laptops, smart phones, power tools, and much more. Its wide range of applicability has made lithium stocks and graphene stocks like IGEX go to investments for traders.

Due to bullish supply-demand dynamics, Lithium prices are expected to maintain their current strength in 2022. New extraction techniques have opened the market up causing analysts to project that the market will increase from its $4.09 billion valuation in 2019 to $8.24 billion by the end of 2027.

Rhodium Stocks: Catalytic Converters

The most expensive of all the precious metals, rhodium’s main use is in catalytic converters for cars as its reduces nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. It is also used to coat fiber optics because it is highly resistant to corrosion and has a low electrical resistance.

It can only be mined as a by-product of mining for other metals – typically platinum – which is one reason why this mineral is so expensive.

Media Sentiment

@LadeBackk is watching IGEX stock for more news regarding a potential deal with Vodafone.

@Stock_Pop is bullish on IGEX stock’s pending catalysts this month.

Technical Analysis

Lithium stocks IGEX stock chart

IGEX stock is currently trading at $.0033 and has supports at .0029, .0025, .0022, and .0017. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near .0034, .0044, and .0058. IGEX recently broke its $.0034 support after running after a 50% run on the company’s tweets linking it to Vodafone. In the meantime, IGEX is trading at its 50 MA support which is a key level to watch. If this support holds, bullish investors could find a good entry point at the current PPS. However, if the stock breaks through this support, a good entry could be found near the $.0029 support. Considering the scale of the company’s pending catalysts, IGEX could be one of the best lithium stocks to hold as these catalysts play out.

Lithium stocks IGEX stock chart

With the highly anticipated triple merger right around the corner, accumulation is trending upwards. Meanwhile, the MACD is bearish to the downside which could be attributed to investors taking profits following IGEX’s recent run. The RSI is holding at 46 which could indicate a strong run in the near term. IGEX has an OS of 4.9 billion and a float near 3.7 billion.

IGEX Stock Forecast

With the triple merger on track to be finalized this month, IGEX stock could be one of the lithium stocks to watch closely given the merger’s potential. Given that the lithium and graphene industries are rapidly growing, many investors are bullish IGEX has significant upside potential from its current price level. Another catalyst to watch for is the potential deal with Vodafone that could be worth EUR 150 million according to the company’s tweets. If the company manages to close such a deal, IGEX could be one of the best lithium stocks to invest in as the triple merger could set the company for substantial growth.

Meanwhile, investors remain anticipating IGEX’s dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange later this month which could attract more European investors into the company. As the new CEO could be announced next week, IGEX stock is one to watch this week in case the triple merger is announced.

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