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Low Float Stocks With Millions In Assets

With decades of experience in financial markets, POSTD Merchant Banque (OTC: PMBY) is focused on providing clients with consumer and corporate financial advisory services that is customized and tailored fit to their needs. On February 14th, the company released its latest annual report showing impressive growth in key metrics – upon which PMBY witnessed a 174% increase overnight. In light of this massive trading volume, investors are calling it one of the best low float stocks of the week.

PMBY Stock News

2021 was a year of major growth for PMBY in light of its new personnel addition, acquisitions and successful launches. This growth is further highlighted through the company’s latest annual report which shows its assets amounting to more than $326 million – up from only $937 thousand in the year before.

Aside from the financial growth the company reported, the filings also highlighted a share cancellation that left PMBY’s OS at 317 million – down from over 497 million in the quarter before. This 180 million share reduction by majority shareholder – PMB Quantum Family Office – was done to increase the net book value and generate shareholder equity. Successful, the canceled shares were returned to the treasury and resulted in a net book value to $1.02 per share – up from only .61 cents per share.

Clearly, the company has placed great emphasis on reducing its issued and outstanding shares. CEO Kevin Rather previously highlighted PMBY’s intentions to “continue implementing strategies to further enhance the company’s shareholder equity.” He believes that a “further decrease in the number of our issued and outstanding common shares as well as authorized share capital will aid in increasing share value and further developing a solid market cap for the company.”

If these reductions go through, they could reduce the stock’s already low float of only 6.2 million – in turn prompting another major run-up on news or updates from the company. After all, with a market cap of only 38 million, PMBY still has a lot of room to grow and is considered one of the best low float stocks this week.

Media Sentiment

@Kanye_Invest is excited to hold PMBY because of its low float and millions of dollars in assets


Technical Analysis

Currently, PMBY is trading at $.12 with a primary support near .0901 and a secondary support at .0802. The stock shows an immediate resistance at .1259 and another newly formed resistance at .192. The MACD is on the verge of a bullish crossover and the RSI is 52. Accumulation has dropped significantly following the recent run-up as investors sold their shares for profits. 

While it is currently trading at a dip, PMBY could see a reversal sooner than expected in light of its many impending catalysts. Given that the MACD is bullish and th4e RSI indicates the stock is currently stable, investors could find now a good entry point on PMBY before any of its catalysts send it on a similar run past its resistance.

PMBY Stock Forecast

In light of its low float and massive share reduction, investors are increasingly referring to PMBY as one of the most promising low float stocks recently. The release of the company’s latest financials proved them right with millions in assets and an increasing net book value. In light of the company’s effort to generate shareholder value, many are bullish on PMBY’s growth potential going forward.

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