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Reddit Short Squeeze Plays Worth Watching

Since the parabolic runs of GME and AMC, short squeeze stocks have become some of the most popular plays among retail investors. While the birth of meme stocks and Reddit short squeezes has made investing in penny stocks that much more volatile, knowing what to look for in short squeeze stocks is the first step to trading them. If you want to learn more, then check out our guide to Reddit short squeezes.

Although new Reddit short squeeze stocks are emerging all the time, there are a few meme stocks which have stood the test of time and have become short squeeze stocks to watch because of their repeatedly high short interest. For this reason, we have compiled a list of Reddit short squeeze stocks that routinely make the ranks for rising short interest. Considering their upcoming catalysts, you may want to add these meme stocks to your watchlist.

RDBX Stock

Redbox Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: RDBX) became one of the most popular meme stocks after its impressive run from $2.62 to $18.20 which we alerted in our free telegram alerts room. While the company became a household name for its DVD rental kiosks, RDBX’s business model is quickly dying out thanks to digital streaming. This resulted in mounting short interest which threatened to bankrupt the nostalgic brand and led many to compare the company’s predicament with that of GME stock.

Now undergoing a digital transformation, RDBX agreed to be acquired by Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment – a move that will allow both companies to combine and create a media platform offering premium entertainment at an affordable price. This acquisition offer was one of the catalysts which triggered RDBX’s over 570% run to $18.20. Although the company is being bought out, the stock gained 113% on July 25th on momentum. This shows that despite the possible acquisition deal, RDBX stock is still a Reddit short squeeze play to watch thanks to its high short interest.

  • Float: 3.54 million shares
  • 52-Week High: $27.22 at its SPAC listing

Upcoming Catalysts

Although the company agreed to be acquired by Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment (NASDAQ: CSSE), there will still be a shareholders vote on August 9th on whether the agreement will go through or not. Many shareholders believe that this is an unfair deal since RDBX would be acquired by Chicken Soup in a stock for stock deal which would give Redbox stockholders a fixed exchange ratio of 0.087 class A common stock of CSSE per RDBX share. If the deal is approved, Redbox stockholders will own approximately 23.5% of the resulting company. However, the deal must be consummated before the October 31st deadline unless there is an extension.

Some investors are holding out hope that the deal will fall through and a better deal will emerge, pointing to the JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines merger deal which came to fruition only after its merger with Frontier Airlines fell through due to the lack of shareholder support.

As the vote is quickly approaching, RDBX stock could be one of the best Reddit short squeeze stocks to watch in anticipation of the vote. Since the stock surged from around $5 to $15 when CSSE’s acquisition deal was first announced, there could be a run up after the deal is finalized but there will likely be a sell off as investors sell abandon the company leading up to the deal.

To stay up to date on the future of RDBX, check out our article on the company.

RDBX Stock Short Data

RDBX Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 91%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 108%
  • Cost to Borrow: 557%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze RDBX stock

Currently trading at $4.36, RDBX saw huge demand on the 25th which pushed the stock up 113%. Since then the stock has retested its support at 4.35 and has continued down trending. It looks likely that RDBX will break through its support now that the MAs have completed a death cross. The RSI is moving up from 39 currently and accumulation is trending down after traders sold their shares when the stock spiked on the 25th.

RDBX’s current price action seems to be reflecting investors uncertainty leading up to the shareholders vote on August 9th. Despite the lagging volume, RDBX’s short data shows that its in a good position for a squeeze but presents significant risk to investors given the likely approval of its acquisition deal.

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MULN Stock

A promising EV manufacturer, Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) is looking to revolutionize the EV market through its solid-state battery. After releasing encouraging test results for its battery in February, MULN stock quickly became one of the most popular short squeeze stocks at the time. Running from $.5 to $4, MULN has since made a name for itself as one of the Reddit short squeeze stocks to watch. Although the solid-state battery was the company’s most significant catalyst, MULN has a number of upcoming catalysts which shareholders are bullish on as the company’s management is actively seeking out new growth opportunities. 

MULN has already signed an agreement with Amazon delivery partner Delpack Logistics to purchase up to 600 Mullen Class 2 EV Cargo Vans over 18 months with the first delivery scheduled for November 30th. In light of the company’s growth efforts and upcoming catalysts, MULN stock could be one of the best short squeeze stocks to hold long-term.

  • Float: 377 million shares
  • 52-Week High: reached a high of $15.89

Upcoming Catalysts

The company has planned a nationwide tour for the Mullen FIVE which will begin in October, offering reservation holders the chance to drive the vehicles before their 2024 release date. With stops across the country, this tour will continue into the Spring of 2023 giving Mullen more time in the spotlight with the chance of attracting additional investments.

In a June interview, MULN’s CEO also shared that major OEMs had started negotiations with MULN following its battery results. These results could lead the company to license its battery model out for use in phones, power tools, and other technology.

A farther out catalyst will be the U.S. Department of Energy’s response to MULN’s ATVM loan application which could provide the funding needed to accelerate its vehicle production. So far, MULN had applied for 130 patents in 24 countries regarding the design and styling of the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover. Of these applications, 87 are still waiting for approval which could be another catalyst to watch for.

Overall, MULN is in the spotlight after opening a new Automotive Development Center and considering the new opportunities which have emerged since the company verified the results of its battery testing with BIC – MULN could be a one of the Reddit short squeeze plays to buy ahead of its nationwide tour in October.

We’ll be watching MULN stock for more news and adding on to our comprehensive article for the company.

MULN Stock Short Data

MULN Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 15%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 27.6%
  • Cost to Borrow: 39.7%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze MULN stock

MULN recently retested its support at $.78 but rebounded on news of its new Automotive EV Development Center opening. This support is a critical level for the stock which formed its 52 week low of $.52 in February. News was also released of Michery’s upcoming interview with Benzinga on Thursday August 4th. Since this interview will take place at 1:30 pm EST, MULN could continue to gain ground given that its CEO is known for releasing bullish news during interviews.

As is, MULN stock is trading at $.89 and accumulation is showing an uptick following its steep drop at the end of June. Because of this buying pressure, the RSI had spiked up to 66 but has since dropped to 56 with the stock’s slight pullback. Right now, MULN is trading above its 50 MA which is a bullish sign, but if it drops below this level then MULN stock may consolidate near its support at $.78.

In light of the upcoming interview, at this price MULN stock could present a good risk to reward ratio since it is already near a strong support.

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APRN Stock

Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: APRN) is a carbon-neutral meal kit provider with a focus on promoting planetary and dietary wellness. APRN stock was one of the Reddit short squeeze plays which gained momentum after partnering with the retail giant Walmart. Becoming the first and only meal-kit provider on the Walmart Marketplace platform was a catalyst which caught shorts by surprise and added fuel to the fire for APRN stock. But in light of the company’s long-term growth potential, APRN stock was given a price target of $40 by Citron Research. However, the company has attracted high short interest since its products are subject to inflationary pressures and its services are impacted the end of stay-at home orders which led many to try its services during the pandemic.

  • Float: 15.3 million shares
  • 52-Week High: $12.76 – a 343% increase from its current PPS.

Upcoming Catalysts

In the meantime, APRN is preparing to release its Q2 financials on August 8th. Although the company showed decline in some key metrics in Q1, APRN could deliver better financials this quarter as the company pursues its plans for focusing on key customers while increasing its average orders per customer and average revenue per customer.

Another catalyst to watch is APRN potentially going private. This speculation is based on APRN’s majority shareholder Joe Sanberg who previously shared a poll asking “Should I try to take $APRN private?”. If that is the case, APRN stock could soar since offers to take companies private usually consist of buying all outstanding shares at a premium – forcing short sellers to cover their positions.

APRN saw significant insider buying in February and April when Joseph Sanberg bought 1.6 million shares at $12 per share and RJB Partners LLC bought 2 million shares at $12 and $14 per share. These purchases only contributed to speculations that Sanberg would take the company private, but for now no further action has been taken. If more news emerges for APRN stock after its Q2 earnings, it could become one of the trending Reddit short squeeze stocks again.

For an in-depth look at APRN stock and its recent news check out our article.

APRN Stock Short Data

aprn Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 26%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 36%
  • Cost to Borrow: 27.3%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze APRN stock

After touching its support at 2.80, APRN stock has been trending upwards – increasing almost 15% over the last 6 days. If the trend continues, then the stock may test its resistance at 3.41. As is, the RSI has already begun correcting – dropping from 66 to 56. Meanwhile, the MACD is bearish to the upside following a recent crossover. Accumulation is also showing a slight uptick although it saw a steep drop from July 13th to the 27th. Since the MAs recently saw a golden cross, the trend could continue although a pullback at its 3.41 resistance seems likely.

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ATER Stock

An expert at scaling brands, Aterian, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATER) is utilizing its proprietary AI platform AIMEE to acquire emerging brands and create popular products. Despite the company’s growth, ATER stock has witnessed considerable short selling partly due to Culper Research’s short report on the company. For this reason, ATER became one of the top Reddit short squeeze plays leading to its parabolic run to $19 in August 2021. ATER stock recently regained some of this momentum interest climbing from $2.25 to $7.26 in April. Although the company is not yet profitable, ATER is one of the few meme stocks which could be an appealing long-term investment since it has plans for generating revenue by offering AIMEE as a service to other consumer product firms.

  • Float: 32 million
  • 52-Week High: reached $19.10 – offering a 795% upside from its current PPS

Upcoming Catalysts

With the company planning to release its Q2 financials on August 8th, ATER stock could rally on a positive earnings report since it has consistently grown its revenues in the past. Considering that the company is trading near its 52-week low, ATER stock could be one of the short squeeze stocks to buy now in anticipation of a rebound.

In the company’s Q1 earnings call, ATER’s management pointed to supply chain issues and high demand as some of the factors disrupting its flow of business. Demand for shipping services and inflation has driven up the cost of goods across online retailers, but now that demand is cooling thanks to quantitative tightening the company will likely see an improvement in supply chain and logistics costs.

Since the cost of shipping containers has been the main pressure for the company since ATER typically specializes in oversized products, the stabilization of these shipping costs could position ATER for financial growth in the next few quarters.

But if you’re wondering what the ATER stock forecast is, read our article covering the stock.

ATER Stock Short Data

ATER Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 29.9%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 39%
  • Cost to Borrow: 50.3%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze ATER stock

With lagging volume, ATER stock appears to have bottomed out near its support at 2.23 and formed a channel between that support and its resistance at 2.73. Its also worth noting that ATER has a 52 week low of 2.10, which means that those bullish on ATER’s earnings could find a good entry point here. The stock recently broke out above its 50 MA and is testing its 200 MA. This is a bullish sign, and if ATER breaks through its 200 MA then it could quickly move to retest its resistance at 2.73.

Overall, accumulation held steady throughout July but is beginning to see an uptick – possibly in anticipation of its Q2 earnings. The RSI is also at 56 after approaching overbought and the MACD is bullish and moving to the upside – providing a fairly positive outlook for ATER stock this week.

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CLOV Stock

One of the most well known meme stocks, Clover Health Investments, Corp. (NASDAQ: CLOV) ran past $28 in June 2021 following the SPAC deal which took it public. After this impressive run-up, many investors went on to the next meme stock following disillusionment with Chamath Palihapitiya. Despite this, CLOV stock continues to provide affordable Medicare Advantage plans supplemented by its technology platform – the Clover Assistant. So far, Clover has reported QoQ growth in its revenue and membership which has led many investors to see it as a promising growth stock although the company has yet to become profitable.

  • Float: 318.5 million shares
  • 52-Week High: $11.50 – a 342% increase from its current PPS

Upcoming Catalysts

CLOV has recently expanded its area of service to 13 new counties which will make its Medicare Advantage plans available in 220 counties across eight states. The Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period begins October 15th and continues into December which means that CLOV could report a significant increase in its membership in Q1 of 2023. This expansion will also make its plans available in 151 out of 159 counties in Georgia – one of the largest contributors to Medicare Advantage enrollment.

Another catalyst to watch for is the release of CLOV’s upcoming Q2 financials on August 8th. Given that the company beat its earnings estimates in Q1, CLOV could beat estimates again. A beat of Wall Street expectations and reassertion of its 2022 guidance could trigger a run for the stock which is already trading below analyst price targets. In light of these catalysts, CLOV stock could be one of the Reddit short squeeze stocks to watch closely this year.

To learn more about CLOV stock and analysts’ ratings for it, check out our article.

CLOV Stock Short Data

CLOV Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 11%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 13.25%
  • Cost to Borrow: 1.93%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze CLOV stock

CLOV stock has been in a very bullish uptrend since approaching its strong support at 1.99. Increasing roughly 48% over the last 30 days, CLOV stock is likely rallying before its earnings on August 8th. The MA’s had a golden cross near the start of July and it has already broken past what was once a strong resistance for the stock at 2.80. Its next resistance is at 3.13 which it may retest multiple times before breaking through.

Accumulation is also trending upwards and the RSI is very overbought at 72. Given that the stock has been in a very strong up trend the last few weeks, CLOV could pullback near 2.95 or even 2.80 before continuing its run. The MACD is bullish and still climbing on the upside.

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BBIG Stock & TYDE Stock

Leveraging blockchain to disrupt consumer facing industries, Cryptyde, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYDE) could be one of the Reddit short squeeze plays gaining momentum. Following its spin-off from Vinco Ventures, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBIG), TYDE stock has been targeted by short sellers in tandem with the popular meme stock BBIG.

BBIG has recently undergone a shift in management and investors are confident that the stock could see a reversal with Erik Finman – an entreupreneur and Bitcoin millionaire – at the helm. A communicative CEO for ZASH Global Media, investors are waiting to see what Finman’s first move will be to restore shareholder confidence following a hostile takeover attempt by the Farnsworth Group which included key members of BBIG’s former management. Considering the uncertainty surrounding TYDE stock and BBIG stock due to recent events, these companies could be worth watching for updates which could bring renewed momentum as Reddit short squeeze plays.

  • BBIG Float: 176.9 million
  • 52-Week High: $11.13 was BBIG’s high
  • TYDE Float: 20.3 million
  • 52-Week High: TYDE stock reached a 52-week high of $18.15.

TYDE Stock Upcoming Catalysts

Currently, TYDE is preparing to announce the next launch phase of its content driven metaverse – Freescape. Given that the metaverse industry has recently taken off, Freescape could help the company position itself for growth. However, TYDE has been gaining ground after signing an Energy Program Development Agreement with Argo Energy, LLC for its BTC Tokenization platform. This agreement will assist TYDE in sourcing locations for housing and operating the infrastructure for its Bitcoin mining services.

According to its corporate objectives, TYDE will spend the rest of 2022 and part of 2023 capitalizing on the transition from Web2 to Web3 in consumer facing industries, launching its BTC Tokenization Platform, diversifying across multiple Web3 industries, and strategic partnerships and acquisitions. As these catalysts roll out, there could be opportunities for TYDE to become one of the trending Reddit short squeeze plays.

TYDE Stock Short Data

TYDE Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 17.8%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 34.1%
  • Cost to Borrow: 244.6%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze TYDE stock

TYDE stock dropped steeply following its IPO and appears to have formed a bottom level at $.87. Now trading at $1.13 the stock has dropped through what once was its support at 1.14. It appears that it could continue to drop towards its support at 1.05 since accumulation has been dropping sharply. But right now the RSI is at 47 and the MACD has recently become bearish. Without more news, the momentum which drove TYDE stock to test 1.61 likely will not return for the time being. As is, the stock is seeing above average trading volume but given its high CTB and short interest, it appears that shorts are also piling in to TYDE stock.

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BBIG Stock Upcoming Catalysts

Although BBIG stock had been trending thanks to the spinoff of TYDE stock, complications related to the TYDE stock dividend and the failed hostile takeover by the Farnsworth Group have pushed the stock’s value down. However, ZASH Global Media has a new CEO leading its recovery which could reinvigorate BBIG shareholders.

Finman has become a well-known figure in the Crypto and NFT space after selling his own startup, becoming a Bitcoin millionaire, launching a satellite, and building a multi-million dollar crypto company. However, BBIG is currently in a financial bind after paying a Secured Note Payment which left it with approximately $20 million in cash and cash equivalents as well as $80 million in cash which is not readily available for use.

BBIG will likely lay out its cost-savings plans and revenue generating programs at the Special Meeting which has been rescheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd.

To stay on top of BBIG stock and its short squeeze potential check out our article on the stock.

BBIG Stock Short Data

BBIG Stock Short Data
  • Short Interest: 21%
  • Percent of Float on Loan: 31.5%
  • Cost to Borrow: 21.37%

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze BBIG stock

Currently trading at $.70, BBIG stock has recently formed its new 52 week low of $.68. This could offer bullish investors the chance to either take a position or add to their existing position since it seems likely that BBIG could see a rebound from these prices with a strong catalyst. However, it’s important to see whether BBIG stock consolidates at this level for confirmation that it has formed a strong support. As is, the RSI is at 39 after becoming oversold earlier on. Accumulation has continued to drop and the MACD is bullish on the downside.

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TBLT Stock

Focused on the building industry, ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBLT) designs, manufactures, and distributes home improvement and construction products. TBLT stock recently became a short squeeze candidate due to its mounting short interest despite its sales growth on Amazon. The company recently concluded a $20 million private placement which has put the company in a better financial position while limiting the risk of dilution for shareholders.

But the catalyst for TBLT’s run from $4.35 to a high of $9.56 was its announcement that TBLT would begin offering its products in 5,500 Ace Hardware locations. This news was soon followed by the launch of 93 products on Amazon Italy and Amazon Germany.

Since TBLT has already gone through a 1:150 reverse share split and concluded several offerings, the stock could be in a good position to run on momentum as a Reddit short squeeze play.

  • TBLT Float: 2.83 million
  • 52-Week High: an impressive $105

TBLT Stock Upcoming Catalysts

Although the company has already signed its agreement with Ace Hardware, ToughBuilt’s products will start appearing on shelves in Q2 and will include some of TBLT’s most popular items, such as Tool Belts, Suspenders, Clip Tech Pouches, Knee Pads, Sawhorses, and Cutting Tools. The timing of this deal could be very beneficial for the company since homeowners often begin their own home improvement projects in the summer. This expanded market coverage could not only help boost TBLT’s reported sales in the coming quarter but increase its brand recognition as well.

TBLT has already reported impressive sales growth through Amazon with $3.56 million in Q2 and 41% online sales growth in Q1. But its expansion to Amazon.It and will connect it with new audiences which could help improve its sales growth over the coming quarters as well. If the company is able to secure additional partnerships that will place its products in stores to help increase its brand recognition, then TBLT could be a valuable investment considering its market cap of only $18.4 million.

For more information on TBLT stock and where its heading next, here’s our article on the stock.

TBLT Stock Short Data

TBLT Stock Short Data

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze TBLT stock

Following its run up, TBLT stock has dropped with profit taking but still closed above its 7.87 support. If it maintains this support that would be a bullish a sign for a possible retest of its 9.25 resistance. The RSI is currently at 53 and accumulation is still increasing. Meanwhile the MACD is bearish to the upside. Trading volume dropped to 8.7 million on Tuesday but momentum could pick up again with above average volume.

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DTC Stock

Solo Brands, Inc. (NYSE: DTC) owns and operates premium outdoor lifestyle brands by marketing and delivering these brands’ products through its direct-to-consumer platform. The company caught on as a Reddit short squeeze play in May after losing over 70% of its share value since its October IPO at $17 per share. Despite its loss in value, the company has strong fundamentals after acquiring manufacturers of kayaks, paddle boards, and sportswear prior to its IPO. The company has also seen significant revenue growth, jumping from $39.9 million in 2019 to $133.4 million in 2020 and $403.7 million in 2021. However, short sellers could be betting that this direct to consumer outdoor brand will take a hit due to inflationary pressures which would limit consumer spending.

  • DTC Float: 14.74 million shares
  • 52-Week High: high of $23.39 following its IPO

DTC Stock Upcoming Catalysts

Despite the above average short interest for DTC stock, many analysts believe that it is a promising growth stock with an improving earnings outlook. Since right now is the most popular season for DTC’s products, the company could be on track to report better than expected revenues for its Q2 earnings on August 11th. Investors are also bullish on DTC stock since its CEO added 90 thousand shares for an average price of $4.89 in May. Around the same time, its newly appointed CFO added over 70 thousand shares as well. Based on this insider buying, DTC stock could regain momentum as a Reddit short squeeze play depending on the company’s announcements during its Q2 earnings.

If you’re interested in DTC stock, read our in-depth article covering the company.

DTC Stock Short Data

DTC Stock Short Data

Technical Analysis

Reddit short squeeze APRN stock

Overall, DTC stock had been channeling between 4.01 and 4.76 for the last few weeks before its breakout. Now trading at $5.10 the stock has tested its resistance at 5.22 and could retest it again with higher trading volume. The RSI is currently at 60 and the MACD is bearish to the upside. Since these indicators have regulated, this could give DTC more room to continue its run. Its also a positive sign that accumulation has been climbing steadily since the end of May

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