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SFLM Stock  – Rebranding From the Abyss

SFLM stock

A sudden shift in course has recently caught the eye of many OTC investors as SFLMaven Corp. (OTC: SFLM) finally updated its OTC markets profile indicating that it is shifting industries and managerial command. The company is no longer an international jeweler headed by Joseph Ross Ladin, instead, it is now a holding company focused on acquiring other companies and mining lithium. While the company shared this new direction in November 2022, the recent profile update could be a sign that announcements regarding this new venture could be soon. For this reason, going long on SFLM stock ahead of any potential announcement may prove to be a profitable decision.

SFLM Stock News 

Last year, SFLM divested its jewelry business and what followed was an empty uneventful lull. However, that may change soon as the company recently updated its OTCM profile confirming its new business direction. By doing so, there is no doubt regarding the fact that the company is in the midst of seeking out a reverse merger to start operating in its new direction which is likely to be lithium mining. 

One of the most notable things provided by the update is the fact that SFLM is currently working with a credible university to develop its drilling tech related to lithium mining. That said, the company has nowhere near the cash required to enter the lithium mining industry. Taking that into account, the only other explanation regarding the company’s activities is the acquisition of intellectual property related to lithium mining operations. 

The company’s current attempt to acquire intellectual property is likely born out of a desire to entice lithium miners into a reverse merger. This is an extremely promising tactic since the company’s potential buyers get the benefits of being publicly traded, as well as boosting their patent portfolio. 

That said, given the recent OTC markets update, the company is likely going to release news regarding its shift in business soon which may attract more investors to the stock ahead of a potential reverse merger. In this way, SFLM stock could soar in anticipation of updates which could make going long on the stock a potentially profitable decision.

Media Sentiment

@SuperRobotOTC is excited about SFLM’s potential reverse merger.

@WildRhino is eyeing SFLM stock after updating its OTC profile.

Technical Analysis 

SFLM Stock chart

SFLM stock is in a neutral trend as it is trading in a sideways channel between $.001 and $.0013. Looking at the indicators, the stock is trading above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs which is a bullish sign. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 60 and the MACD is approaching a bearish crossover. 

SFLM Stock chart

As for the fundamentals, SFLM may share updates regarding its new business direction soon after recently updating its OTC profile. Given that the company may announce a profitable reverse merger in the lithium mining industry, investors could wait for the stock to cool down from its run and retest the $.001 support to go long in anticipation of the potential news.

SFLM Stock Forecast

After updating its OTC profile, SFLM may be on track to share updates regarding its new business direction, including a reverse merger, soon. With the company working with a credible university in an attempt to bolster its intellectual property in lithium mining, this makes it more and more desirable for a merging company to capitalize on its status as a public company and its intellectual property. Taking all that into consideration, things are looking up for SFLM stock.

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