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SIDU Stock – Next Stop…the Stars

Sidus Space, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIDU) is an emerging company in the growing space-as-a-service market. SIDU is currently working to introduce the LizzieSat constellation of 100 satellites. With the company becoming a part of a multi billion contract with NASA, SIDU stock ran over 500% as this contract could open a plethora of opportunities for the company in the future. With this in mind, SIDU stock is one of the space stocks to watch in 2022 as the company is preparing to launch LizzieSat later this year.

SIDU Stock News

xEVAS Service Contract

Emerging as a major player in the space-as-a-service industry, SIDU was selected to become a part of the Collins Aerospace team which was awarded NASA’s Exploration Extravehicular Activity services contract (xEVAS). This program is focused on developing an integrated Extravehicular Activity (EVA) capability which includes a new spacesuit and ancillary hardware. To facilitate this, the project is expected to design, produce, process, and sustain this EVA to be provided as a service for the NASA International Space Station, Artemis Program, as well as commercial space missions. 

Considering the large scale of this EVA capability, the program is worth $3.5 billion running through 2034 with a 10 year contract base and two optional years. As a major subcontractor during the period of the contract, SIDU is positioning itself to secure more profitable contracts with NASA as well as other aerospace companies. In light of this, SIDU stock could be one of the space stocks with major long-term potential.

LizzieSat Constellation

Meanwhile, SIDU’s main catalyst is the LizzieSat constellation which is being developed to meet the conditions of growing commercial and government demands. LizzieSat is a multi-mission satellite that has the potential to be pivotal in providing data from low Earth Orbit through its advanced space flight-proven communications, power, navigation and computing subsystems. With this in mind, SIDU is working relentlessly to launch LizzieSat in Q4 of this year to the ISS through NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract. LizzieSat is expected to be deployed from a Japanese Experimentation Module (JEM) Airlock using SIDU’s Space Station Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payloads (SSIKLOPS).

With the company looking to further develop LizzieSat, SIDU partnered with Aitech Systems for support. According to this partnership, Aitech will develop custom LizzieSat Command and Data Handling flight computers and extensions. Given that these flight computers are an important component of LizzieSat, SIDU could accelerate its development. At the same time, SIDU had another partnership with Red Canyon Software to support the design, development, assembly, integration, deployment and sustainment of LizzieSat, as well as its software solutions. In light of these partnerships, LizzieSat has the potential to become a major success once it is launched.

Moreover, SIDU is in a partnership with L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX) to utilize its InControl and On Time software for LizzieSat. By combining this software with SIDU’s capabilities, the company will be able to customize and expand its operations with less hardware and less complexity. As a result, this software could have a major role in reducing SIDU’s operating costs in the future.

Based on these efforts to develop LizzieSat, SIDU conducted its Phase 1 Safety Review with NASA. This phase is pivotal in the development of LizzieSat as it identifies the risks related to satellites being packaged as cargo as part of the ISS Commercial Cargo Resupply Program. By completing this phase, SIDU’s engineering team can work on engineering controls for the next phase of LizzieSat’s design. With the first of three phases now complete, SIDU will focus on more detailed analysis and esign to address the risks discovered in this phase before conducting Phase 2.

Continuing its preparations to launch LizzieSat in Q4, SIDU completed the Preliminary Design Review process to support the ASTRA project under NASA’s Project Polaris. With this in mind, NASA’s ASL team and SIDU worked together to demonstrate Mars Campaign Division derived autonomous operations in a spaceflight environment. Through this, the demonstration is expected to provide the required flight heritage that could be used on deep space missions in the future. In addition, ASTRA intends to add new technologies to the LizzieSat-1 satellite. With this stage over, SIDU is more confident in the interactions between LizzieSat’s core flight systems and ASTRA’s payload. In this way, the expected on-orbit testing of the satellite could return positive results. In that case, investors are bullish SIDU stock could skyrocket.

Dhurva Space Partnership

In other news, SIDU is expanding its reach globally and signed a MOU with Dhruva Space to commercialize new and innovative space technologies and services. Through this partnership, both companies will collaborate to support space programs’ missions in the US and India through strategic alignment and value-add agreements. These agreements are expected to be about satellites, mission operation centers, ground stations, and other technologies. Moreover, this partnership will include the sales and marketing of manufacturing and deploying satellites to increase the technology readiness level for on-orbit testing technologies. In light of this, SIDU’s CEO Carol Craig believes this agreement “will significantly increase the number of potential opportunities and customers of both companies”.

Market Opportunity

As the company is developing LizzieSat, SIDU is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing SmallSat industry as the number of satellites launched is expected to grow four-fold by 2030. Considering that the space industry is expected to increase from $350 billion to $1 trillion by 2040, SIDU could be set to capitalize on this industry through its certificates and more than 10 patents. With this in mind, the space-as-a-service market is still growing and there is currently no competition. Based on this, SIDU stock could become one of the major space stocks in its niche.

SIDU Stock Financials

Looking at SIDU’s financials, the company’s assets declined QOQ after reporting $15.9 million compared to $17.2 million. This decrease in assets could be attributed to cash on hand declining from $13.7 million to $10.4 million. Meanwhile, SIDU slightly reduced its liabilities to $6.4 million compared to $6.6 million in the previous quarter.

In terms of revenues, SIDU witnessed growth in that department as the company reported $1.3 million compared to $111.8 thousand a year ago. Despite this, SIDU’s net loss increased significantly from $199.3 thousand to $2.3 million. This increase in net loss is largely the result of SIDU’s operating expenses rising from $385.1 thousand to a staggering $3.2 million. 

Media Sentiment

@MTrades was right on about their price target for SIDU stock

Technical Analysis

SIDU stock chart

Looking at the 5 minute time frame, SIDU stock is currently trading at $7.75 after gapping up in the morning. It shows supports near 7.34, 6.81, 4.91, and 3.13. It formed a resistance at 9.08 and based on past price action, the stock has a resistance near 10.56 as well. With the company becoming a part of a NASA contract, SIDU stock witnessed a 103.1 million in trading volume – the stock’s all-time high – and surged 225%. Given the significance and the potential of the contract, SIDU is expected to continue running and may have gained long-term a number of investors thanks to this achievement.

SIDU stock chart

Accumulation is continuing to climb and the MACD is bearish. The RSI is cooling slightly from earlier overbuying at 60. Since the stock is running on such a strong catalyst, bullish investors could looks for an entry point on a pullback to one of SIDU’s supports. If the stock drops to 6.81 it will likely fill its gap up from 4.74 to 6.81 which is something to watch for.

SIDU Stock Forecast

The company’s contract with NASA launched SIDU stock onto the top of many investors’ watchlists – making this penny stock one of the most trending stocks on StockTwits overnight. Since this contract is worth $3.5 billion in total, SIDU could be positioned to realize major revenues thanks to its role as a major subcontractor for the contract. With this in mind, the launch of the LizzieSat constellation in Q4 is a catalyst to watch for as well since a successful launch could send SIDU stock on a parabolic run.

Given that SIDU partnered with several well-known companies to further develop LizzieSat, investors are bullish the launch will be successful. While SIDU has only recently landed in the spotlight, the company’s services and LizzieSat constellation of 100 satellites could make it a stock worth watching well into the future.

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