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TMBR Stock – Promising Pharma Play At A Dip

TMBR Stock

Timber Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMEX: TMBR) is developing a pipeline of treatments for rare dermatologic diseases that have no approved treatments. Based on this, all of the company’s treatments have received Orphan Drug status by the FDA. While the company has major growth potential once its treatments are launched into the market, TMBR stock recently plunged after announcing a public offering. With this in mind, TMBR stock could be a bargain at its current PPS as the company has upcoming news regarding clinical trials.

TMBR Stock News

As the company is looking to introduce unique treatments for rare dermatologic diseases, TMBR is developing 3 revolutionary treatments in its pipeline. The most advanced treatment is TMB-001 which aims to treat moderate to severe subtypes of congenital ichthyosis (CI) using TMBR’s patented IPEG delivery system. Considering that there are no FDA-approved treatments available for treating such disease, TMBR is well-positioned to secure a significant market share in this niche once this treatment is introduced to the market. 

Back in November 2021, TMBR shared positive results of TMB-001’s phase 2b clinical trial with its shareholders. During this trial, TMB-001 was evaluated for its efficacy and safety in patients with LI or XLRI and showed significant efficacy as a topical alternative to oral retinoids. Moreover, patients receiving TMB-001 showed accelerated relief of scaling and fissuring – with half of the patients showing relief in 28 days or less. In light of these results, TMBR had a successful meeting with the FDA that resulted in a clear path to progress to phase 3 trials for TMB-001. 

At the same time, the FDA granted TMB-001 with Fast Track designation for the treatment of X-linked recessive ichthyosis (XRI) and autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis lamellar ichthyosis (ARCI-LI). With the treatment gaining this designation, TMBR could communicate more frequently with the FDA during the phase 3 trials for earlier drug approval and access by patients. With this in mind, treatments receiving Fast Track designation could apply for Accelerated Approval and Priority Review. Considering the promising results of TMB-001 in its phase 2b trial, the revolutionary treatment could be introduced to the market soon if it shows significant results in its phase 3 trial.

On that note, TMBR is currently enrolling patients to kickstart its pivotal phase 3 clinical trial for TMB-001 – with the first four of 142 patients already enrolled. This trial will evaluate the efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety of TMB-001 for the treatment of moderate to severe forms of CI. Considering the scale of this trial, leading research centers in the US, Canada, Italy, France, and Germany will participate in the trial. With this in mind, TMBR expects the trial to be successful as its patented formula could be chronically and over large areas of the body. Based on this, TMB-001 could be a major success once it is launched into the market.

With this in mind, the FDA supported the treatment’s phase 2a and 2b trials with a $1.5 million grant. Since TMB-001 is clearly supported by the FDA, the treatment could be set to be introduced to the market early if it shows positive results in phase 3 trials. In light of this, TMBR stock could be one to hold in anticipation of this trial to be completed.

As for its other treatments in its pipeline, TMBR is developing TMB-002 for the treatment of facial angiofibromas (FA) and tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). TMB-002 showed efficacy in several studies and published case reports and recently completed its phase 2b clinical trial. With the company planning to release the results of the trial this quarter, TMBR stock could be one to watch. However, since there is no commercial formula available for TMB-002, the treatment could take more time to be released into the market. 

Meanwhile, TMBR is in the preclinical stages of developing TMB-003 for the treatment of sclerotic skin diseases. As the company intends to submit an Investigational New Drug application for this treatment this year, TMBR stock could be one to add at its current PPS.

Looking to advance its ongoing clinical trials and studies, TMBR recently closed an offering of 66.6 million shares and warrants to purchase upto 66.6 million shares at $.12 per share. Through this offering, TMBR raised $8 million in gross proceeds where the company intends to use the net proceeds for research and development as well as its clinical trials. While the stock dropped 50% on the announcement of this offering, TMBR stock’s current dip could be an opportunity for investors to secure cheap shares in anticipation of more news regarding clinical trials in the near future.

TMBR Stock Financials

According to its Q1 financials, TMBR’s assets declined to $14.7 million compared to $17.9 million in the previous quarter mainly due to cash decreasing from $16.8 million to $13.8 million. The company’s liabilities also decreased slightly to $4.2 million compared to $4.6 million in Q4 2021. Based on this, TMBR appears to be in a strong position financially since its cash can cover all of its liabilities. As for revenues, the company reported $83.1 thousand realized from grants as it is still developing its treatments. Meanwhile, operating costs increased to $3.1 million compared to $1.8 million in the same year-ago period. In light of this, TMBR operated at a net loss of $3 million compared to a net loss of $1.9 million over the same period a year ago.

Media Sentiment

@nxtplse is anticipating news from TMBR following the offering’s closing.

@InvestorGroup15 is bullish on TMBR stock’s upside potential thanks to its $1.5 price target.

Technical Analysis

TMBR stock chart

TMBR stock is currently trading at $.1080 and has a newly formed support at .09. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near .1061, .1779, .2463, and .32. Since the stock dropped 50% on the news of the offering, TMBR stock has been gaining ground lately 24% since then. With upcoming news regarding TMB-001’s phase 3 trial and TMB-002’s phase 2b results, this could be a dip buy opportunity for bullish investors in anticipation of the news. Considering the gap near $.17 on the chart, TMBR could be a low risk play at its current PPS. The stock recently broke through its resistance and is currently running in premarket. Based on this, TMBR stock could fill the gap on the chart soon.

TMBR stock chart

Since announcing the offering, accumulation has been on a steep downward trend. Meanwhile, the MACD is bullish to the upside and the RSI is picking up at 42. As the stock is slightly oversold at the moment, TMBR could be poised to climb to fill the gap near $.17. Following the company’s recent offering, TMBR has an OS of 110.3 million and a float of 103.6 million.

TMBR Stock Forecast

Looking to launch its revolutionary dermatologic treatments into the market, TMBR is well-positioned to achieve this in the near future. With the company’s most advanced treatment – TMB-001 – receiving Fast Track designation, TMBR could be on track to launch this treatment early if it continues showing positive results in phase 3 trials. Meanwhile, TMBR is preparing to release phase 2b trial results for TMB-002 this month and submit an IND application for TMB-003 this year. As pharma stocks tend to move on binary events like FDA approvals and clinical trial results, TMBR stock could be a profitable investment at its current dip in anticipation of the company’s upcoming catalysts to roll out.

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