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TONR Stock is Building Financial Superhighways

Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc. (OTC: TONR) is looking to become a leader in the Fintech industry through its offerings of crypto, forex, as well as NFT platforms. With the company expecting the ongoing dilution to end soon, TONR stock has been gaining momentum over the past 2 weeks – surging more than 160%. In addition, TONR could be on track for another run in the near future as it could regain Pink Current status soon. Given the company’s promises to share PRs upon becoming Pink Current, TONR stock is one to watch this month in anticipation of the news.

TONR Stock News

TONR’s CEO and sole officer, Corinda Joanne Melton, is an established entrepreneur with over 22 years of management experience in the banking, product, and services industries. Under her leadership, the company’s recent filings reported that TONR “intends to acquire and manage operating businesses in the cryptocurrency, Defi and Fintech sectors.”

To represent this change in the company’s direction, TONR is developing its exchange website and many are waiting to see what it reveals. According to the company, investors can expect the website’s launch any day now. Which ties into the company’s roadmap detailed in TONR’s Shareholder Letter. The company addressed its plans to transform its business model and venture into the lucrative world of Fintech. To position itself in the market, TONR is currently reviewing potential mergers and acquisition candidates as well as undergoing plans to develop its own cryptocurrency exchange.

Currently in its final stage of development, the TONR exchange will act as the company’s gateway to capitalizing on the market. Along with the exchange, the company will be releasing its unique token – which has a value tied to NFTs derived from designated artworks. Currently, the board is undergoing negotiations surrounding the applicability of rewarding shareholders with tokenized dividends. If approved, these digital dividends would be distributed using blockchain technology. 

Even though this pivot seems profitable, TONR has increasingly highlighted the risk and meticulous planning required before jumping into the fast-paced Fintech industry. To prepare for this, the company is initially planning to litigate all toxic notes as well as cancel all improperly issued shares.

According to its quarterly report, the company has engaged legal counsel to review its shareholder list and identify any outstanding common stock that can be eliminated. Currently, TONR has an AS of 3.2 billion shares and an OS of 3.15 billion, which leaves very little room for dilution. That being said, the management has confirmed its commitment to no dilution or reverse splits. 

These factors along with the share cancellation could position TONR for its planned uplisting to the OTCQB. Even though the merger candidate has not yet been announced, the launch of its crypto exchange website could give TONR stock a boost.

*Updated April 27th

In light of the company’s expansion into the Fintech industry, TONR acquired 60% control of Cryptopro as its first business in the developing sector. An AI-based crypto platform, Cryptopro provides its users with signals to enhance their portfolio performance. Given high demand for this type of product among investors, Cryptopro has been generating profits since last December due to rising subscriptions. As is, the platform generates revenues mainly from transaction fees, subscription fees and consultancy from clients. As the appeal of investing in cryptocurrencies continues climbing, Cryptopro could continue growing its revenues along side its subscriber base.

Considering the company’s plans of expanding in the growing Fintech industry, TONR launched a new division called the Digital Commerce Collective (DCC). Through this division, TONR will develop products and services focusing on interactive commerce, proprietary trading firm initiatives, Crypto and Forex technology, as well as IP licensing for entertainment and metaverse applications. The first service expected to launch as part of this division is Tradescore which provides trading signals for Crypto, Forex, and market investments. So far the platform has secured the endorsement of business mogul Spencer Iverson which means Tradescore has the potential to attract a large audience of investors in the future.

The second phase of the Digital Commerce Collective was the launch of TONR’s first NFT project – The Prettie Girls. During its initial offering, 5,000 NFTs were sold for an average price of .0055 ETH. Seeking to capitalize on the audience of interested investors who are are unable to fully participate in the NFT marketplace due to their limited knowledge of crypto and digital wallets, TONR is developing a web3 NFT marketplaceZowee. By using this marketplace, NFT enthusiasts will be able to purchase NFTs with cryptos and fiat through debit or credit cards and Apple Pay or Google Pay.  

In this way, Zowee could reach investors interested in NFTs which other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible miss because their users are only able to purchase NFTs using crypto. Another feature which may attract more users to Zowee is its “Mint Your Own” NFT buying option. By utilizing Zowee’s proprietary NFT minting technology, users will be able to customize and purchase NFTs from the biggest NFT brands in the market.

The idea behind this innovation is that NFT creators will be able to use TONR’s platform to “offer unlimited NFT buying options at a fraction of the cost”. TONR is already in talks with a number of fashion and jewelry brands to bring custom upgrades to Zowee’s “Mint Your Own” NFTs which could make Zowee a promising endeavor for TONR.

Meanwhile, TONR is looking to leverage AI technology in its platforms which is why it partnered with Uneeq – a well-known AI developer. Thanks to this partnership, it has created a “digital human” – aka Elizabeth – who will act as TONR’s Investor Relations agent. Elizabeth will not only provide investors with information and updates from the company but will be an active case study for TONR since this is the exact technology it will be selling to Municipal, County, State, and Federal Government partners.

In light of this technology, Melton believes Elizabeth will allow the company to “respond to news, information, and even some of the false narratives in social media that could lead to uniformed, negative sentiment in the marketplace for our company stock”.

Overall, TONR is in a better position to pursue these goals after settling some of its convertible notes and promissory notes. In March, TONR paid off $411 thousand in convertible notes as well as $250 thousand in promissory notes. On top of this, TONR settled an additional $62 thousand in convertible notes in April.

All of these notes were settled for less than 10% of their face value. But the company has plans to reduce its debt even further, with updates on its debt settlements expected to be released at least once a month – a bullish sign for investors as TONR’s management cleans up the company in preparation for its growth plans.

*Updated August 24th

While TONR has significant growth potential in the long-term, the company is currently suffering from dilution due to its convertible notes which has reflected on TONR stock price. For this reason, TONR decided to not issue any PRs until the dilution is over so that the stock could move more freely on news. With this in mind, the ongoing dilution appears to be close to being over as TONR shared that its silence period will be broken soon. Given that the company is promising to share PRs soon regarding its future plans, TONR stock could be one to buy at its current low PPS in anticipation. 

Looking to combat the impacts of the ongoing dilution on the share price, TONR intends to use its advanced software – TradeScore – to raise capital from the forex market to retire its convertible debt. At the same time, TONR promised to not pursue a reverse split to protect its shareholders’ value. As the company is taking steps to reduce any upcoming dilution, TONR stock could be a bargain at its current PPS considering its long-term potential.

In the meantime, TONR is Pink Limited due to a date typo in its Q2 filing. While the date issue is now fixed, OTC Markets is in the process of reviewing the submissions which could see the company regain its Pink Current status in the coming days. In light of this, it could be a smart investment to add TONR stock at its current PPS in anticipation of the company becoming Pink Current.

*Updated September 9th

In the meantime, TONR stock is grabbing investors’ attention as the company is preparing to announce the end of the ongoing dilution to repay its convertible debt. On that note, TONR shared an update regarding the dilution and expects it to be completed in less than 2 weeks. Although the ongoing dilution inflated the company’s OS, TONR reassured its shareholders that it will not effect a reverse split. With this chapter close to reaching its end, TONR stock could be well-positioned to realize its potential as the company works to introduce its products and services. 

With this in mind, TONR teased its shareholders with an image from the testing of a new TradeScore product that could make market predictions for upto 4 days. This new product is able to achieve this significant function by utilizing web 3 and probability engines similar to Doppler Radar’s hurricane landfall estimates. TONR also shared a live market test result showcasing the new product’s performance. As this product is proving its ability to help forex traders realize profits, it could witness significant demand once it is launched which could set TONR up for substantial financial growth in the future. 

Meanwhile, TradeScore is starting to gain more popularity among investors as the company recently shared that a private equity group invested $100 thousand into the platform. Through this investment, TONR intends to utilize 66% of trading profits to reduce its debt which would have a positive impact on shareholders’ value. In this way, TONR stock could be a bargain at its current low PPS given its major growth potential in the long-term.

Although TONR fixed the date issues in its Q2 filings earlier to become Pink Current, the company remains Pink Limited as the review of the amended report is still in queue as there is a backlog. However, the company is actively seeking to regain its Pink Current status and contacted OTC Markets to see if the process could be sped up. In light of this, TONR stock could become current soon which could send the stock soaring. Given that the company promised to share PRs upon becoming current, TONR stock could be one to hold in anticipation of the news.

Media Sentiment

@Kanye_Invest expects TONR stock to soar after the dilution ends.

@Arcstockstrader is bullish on TONR stock’s potential thanks to the management’s transparency with shareholders.

Technical Analysis

TONR stock chart

TONR stock is currently trading at $.0015 with supports at .0014, .0010, .0007, and .0005, as well as a resistance at .0020. With the company’s dilution close to being over, many investors have been taking notice of TONR over the past 2 weeks leading the stock to run by as much as 160%. TONR has a number of upcoming catalysts that could make it an intriguing investment. While the main catalyst for TONR is the upcoming end of the dilution, the company could be set to become Pink Current in the coming week after the company fixed the issues with its Q2 report. As the company promised to share PRs upon regaining current status, TONR stock could be one to accumulate at this price level in anticipation of the news. 

With this in mind, TONR stock recently broke through its MA support and retested its support multiple times. Based on this, TONR could be poised for a rebound especially on more positive news like regaining current status.

TONR stock chart

As investors are anticipating more news from the company, accumulation is on an upward trend. However, the MACD is bearish, but appears to be approaching a crossover. The RSI holding at 49 which could be a sign of a run in the near future. TONR has an AS of 5.5 billion and an OS of 5.1 billion.

TONR Stock Forecast

As the Fintech sector continues growing, TONR is in a prime position to capitalize on it through its platforms for crypto, forex, and NFTs. Although the company’s business is attractive to many investors, TONR stock has been at a dip due to the constant dilution resulting from the company’s convertible debt. With the company sharing that the dilution is nearing its end, many investors are bullish TONR stock could be a bargain at its current PPS. Meanwhile, TONR is waiting to regain its Pink Current status which could send the stock on a run-up. Since the company intends to share PRs upon regaining current status, accumulating TONR stock could prove to be profitable when PRs are released.

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