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VJET Stock –  Dominance Through Versatility 

VJET stock

When people think of 3D printing, the first thing that comes to mind is usually small figurines or hand-held plastic items. That said, voxeljet AG (NASDAQ: VJET) has taken 3D printing to a new level by successfully manufacturing car parts through its 3D printing technology. The company has serviced bigwig clients like BMW (OTC: BMWYY), Volkswagen (OTC: VLKAF), and Nike (NYSE: NKE) due to the versatility of its tech. As is, VJET has a whopping 469 patents and patient applications which is a testament to its aforementioned versatility. With the stock receiving many investors’ attention lately, VJET stock could be a prime candidate to soar this week – especially with its extremely low float.

VJET Stock News

Producers find VJET appealing due to its ability to rapidly create patents and then start production at breakneck speeds by utilizing its 3D printing technology. That edge allows VJET to manufacture a diverse array of items with industrial precision at breakneck speeds, making it one of the most desirable 3D printers out there due to its versatility. It is for that reason VJET is desirable as a producer which in turn could allow the stock to run this week considering the bullish sentiment surrounding the company.  

In the meantime, VJET stock is gaining increased momentum among Fintwit investors and is the most watched stock on Stocktwits. This growing momentum could result in a buying spree as more investors become aware of the company’s value. At the same time, VJET has an extremely low float of 5.6 million which makes the stock run quicker on volume. In this way, VJET could be poised to soar this week thanks to the growing momentum the stock is witnessing.

Partnering With An Industry Giant

During its Q1 earnings call, VJET’s CEO Ingo Ederer dropped quite a few bombshells. The first and most notable was that VJET has entered an agreement with General Electric Renewable Energy (NYSE: GE) in order to assist in the production of next-generation wind turbines called Haliade-X using its new VX9000 BFP 3D printer. 

That said, more wind turbine production agreements could be in the works given that the International Energy Agency projected that global offshore wind capacity may increase 15-fold, which will make it a $1 trillion industry. Additionally, the White House has taken significant steps to kick-start the American offshore wind industry by investing $9.8 billion in 2022 – more than triple the previous years.

Intellectual Property 

As things stand, VJET’s greatest asset is its intellectual property. Due to its profession as a 3D printing manufacturer, it has an abundance of patents related to the gizmos it has produced in the past. These doohickeys are not items with minimal utilization or little importance. They are industrial components related to a plethora of industries, like the EV industry. That said a single patent could fetch a hefty sum. Given the fact that VJET has 469 patents and patent applications, its intellectual property could potentially dwarf its $18.1 million market cap. 

Buyout Potential

Due to its versatility and intellectual property, VJET could emerge as a buyout candidate to a larger company in the future to benefit from its various patents and existing impressive customer base. Since accessing VJET’s IP could provide any acquiring company with a market edge, a buyout could come at a significant premium to the current PPS which could allow VJET stock to soar.

VJET Stock Financials 

According to its Q1 financial report, VJET’s assets slightly dipped QoQ from EUR 55 million to EUR 54 million which is likely partially due to its cash balance dropping from EUR 12 million to EUR 8 million EUR. That said its liabilities on the other hand rose from EUR 30 million to EUR 32 million.

VJET saw a substantial gain in revenues YoY from EUR 4.6 million to EUR 6 million. Meanwhile, its operating expenses decreased from EUR 6.67 million to EUR 6.09 million. Despite this, VJET’s net loss increased from EUR 753 thousand to EUR 3.2 million.

Media Sentiment

@nxtplse is keeping a close eye on VJET stock’s trading volume.

@stocksrockman is bullish on VJET stock’s potential thanks to its customer base.

Technical Analysis 

VJET Stock chart

VJET stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between $1.77 and $2.06. Looking at the indicators, the stock is trading above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs which are bullish indications. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 59 and the MACD is curling bullishly.

VJET stock chart

As for the fundamentals, there is an increasingly bullish sentiment surrounding VJET stock as more investors are starting to take notice of the company’s potential. Given the stock’s extremely low float, VJET stock is a prime candidate to run this week – especially if it witnesses high trading volume.

VJET Stock Forecast

Versatility is VJET’s greatest advantage as it is the reason behind its major deals and its growing momentum on social media. Due to increased digital visibility provided by social media outlets, VJET stock’s PPS might increase due to its deals and the company’s potential as a producer. Additionally, the stock is likely to experience catalysts in the form of new deals which might have a compounding effect on the stock due to its low float. Overall, the stock seems poised to soar this week as more investors are starting to notice the company’s solid capabilities.

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