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3 Stocks That Are About To Blow Up!

As the effects of the pandemic wear out, different sectors are rebounding powerfully and investors are hoping for a bullish market in 2022. In light of this, many are avidly searching for the next stocks that are about to blow up as the OTC Market heats up. Here are three of our prime candidates: Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC), JPX Global, Inc (OTC: JPEX), and ILUS International Inc. (OTC: ILUS). All of which have the catalysts and management teams to take these stocks to the next level.

ENZC Stock News

As a biotech company, Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC) specializes in developing therapeutics that could cure numerous infectious diseases including COVID-19 and HIV. ENZC stock has witnessed unprecedented interest from investors thanks to its ambitious mission and solid partnerships. Additionally, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the industry given its solid portfolio of patents – which is projecting $105 billion in the first 11 years of ENZC’s HIV treatment’s commercialization.

In light of these efforts, major industry players including Samsung Biologics and Intel have conducted several partnerships to work with the company on certain projects. Using Intel’s AI technology, ENZC is currently analyzing one of the largest databases with over 2 million COVID-19 isolates of all variants.

These partnerships serve as an extremely bullish sign for investors, mostly because associations with big names could open a plethora of opportunities for ENZC in the future. To position itself for growth in 2022, ENZC has been undergoing plans to uplist to the OTCQB as it submits all relevant filings to the OTCmarkets. 

To facilitate this growth, ENZC recently applied for funding from the National Institute of Health to accelerate its progress. Currently trading at $.104, ENZC could easily shoot up and reach its 52-week high of $.83 as the company receives funding and uplist to the OTCQB. In light of these impending catalysts, bullish investors could see an attractive entrance to the lucrative biotech industry through ENZC.

Decide for yourself whether ENZC is one of the stocks that are about to blow up after reading our in-depth dive on the stock.

JPEX Stock News

JPX Global, Inc (OTC: JPEX) is on investors’ radar as it re-emerges from its years of inactivity with a merger in a billion dollar industry. With a $75 million pipeline of contracts and an upcoming $14 billion deal, Veemost Technologies’ merger could be the one catalyst that would position JPEX for growth in 2022.

Currently, Veemost is in the process of launching three new cloud security products. With an average of 25% of small businesses targeted by cyber attacks and security breaches annually, this launch could be a lucrative opportunity for the company.

VeeMost is also bringing a strong CEO – Melvin Ejiogu – a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) with more than 2 decades of experience in the technology services industry. Under his leadership, the company is well-positioned to become an official Cisco Gold partner – a global indicator of the company’s high level of technology advancement.

With this in mind, the company is calling 2022 a “transformational year” which could be an indicator of anticipated shareholder growth as well as its efforts to undergo a successful merger. To prepare for this, JPEX is already filing for necessary documents and is undergoing plans to uplist to the OTCQB. 

With Veemost’s prominent CEO, million dollar deals and upcoming launches, JPEX is well-positioned for growth post-merger. Taking into consideration Veemost’s potential, JPEX’s merger with the company is a hotly anticipated event. Throughout it all, the company has also assured investors it has no plans for dilution or a reverse split any time soon. 

JPEX stock is already showing its teeth and trading at an average PPS of $.025. However, JPEX could see a run upon finalizing the merger. In light of this, investors are bullish 2022  could be the year JPEX unleashes its true potential.

Is JPEX truly among the list of stocks that are about to blow up? Check for yourself!

ILUS Stock News

ILUS International Inc. (OTC: ILUS)‘s recent plans to up-list to the NASDAQ makes it an ideal candidate for the list of stocks that are about to blow up. As an M&A company, ILUS specializes in purchasing and developing public safety technology-based companies throughout the world. 

In 2021, ILUS completed three acquisitions and signed pre-contract agreements for an additional four acquisitions. Pursuant to these acquisitions, the company recently finalized the Bull Head Products Inc. purchase – which granted ILUS control over the management and operations of the company. 

ILUS could be one of the stocks under a dollar to watch closely given its history of lucrative acquisition candidates. As of now, the company’s latest acquisition – Bull Head products – is in the process of signing a $1.1 million contract in Mississippi which will allow it to capitalize on long-term ongoing contracts with a disclosed global vehicle company. BCD Fire remains another profitable acquisition as the company recently started operating on the second phase of Dubai’s BURJ 2020 – bringing an additional $1 million to the company via its contract

Going into 2022, the company is expecting to gain at least $12 million in revenue throughout the year only from the US acquisitions and as it’s already closing a deal in Europe with other global deals expected to follow, revenues could be much higher. Additionally, the company is undergoing plans to create a conglomerate which includes four or possibly five groups of companies – all of which will potentially be listed on the NASDAQ. These divisions could serve as a gateway for growth in ILUS balance sheet which could be reflected in the PPS.

Should You Buy?

Buying dips and selling rips is how most of us approach trading, but learning what catalysts can trigger a run up for a stock is how you make and keep your money in the OTC. We’ve laid out the most recent catalysts for these stocks to help you time your entries and exits for the anticipated run up but always remember that penny stocks are famous for their volatility, so don’t get caught chasing otherwise you may be left holding the bag.

If you have questions about JPEX, ENZC, & ILUS stocks and where it could be heading next feel free to reach out to us in our free alerts room!


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