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CAVR Stock – Long-Term Play With Major Potential

CAVR stock

As a real estate and technology company, LiveToBeHappy, Inc. (OTC:CAVR) embodies its mission statement of “building lives not just places”. Through its subsidiaries, CAVR develops communities built with cutting-edge technology as well as provides SaaS-based technologies. Since the company’s subsidiary secured a $4 million contract, CAVR stock has been gaining investors’ attention – leading to a 42% spike in the stock’s price. With a number of acquisitions drawing on, investors are expecting CAVR stock to soar.

CAVR Stock News

With experience in building and developing communities, CAVR’s subsidiary – Sinacori Builders – aims to provide customers with the best experience in home design. As a well-known business, Sinacori has been breaking headway in securing land deals with national builders, such as the $5 million contract with Toll Brothers.

Recently, CAVR stock has been gaining momentum after Sinacori secured a $4 million land deal – which the company expects to close soon. This deal comes after the company closed another $10.3 million deal. Excited about the deal, CAVR’s president Russ Sinacori believes “this is a huge deal for us and could be our company’s biggest deal ever”. 

Moreover, Sinacori is in ongoing negotiations with the national builder – Dr Horton – for a multi-million contract which the company is hopeful to close in the near future. Given that the company is projecting $30 million in revenues for 2022, CAVR is well-positioned to achieve major financial growth this year.

Already generating revenues, CAVR intends to continue adding companies to its real estate development platform. To facilitate this, CAVR has signed LOIs with 3 companies to join CAVR’s real estate development platform. Through these acquisitions, CAVR expects its revenues to increase by $116 million. Considering its market cap of $33 million, CAVR stock would be largely undervalued if these acquisitions are successful.

On that note, CAVR is close to completing its due diligence on two major acquisitions. To finance these deals, CAVR is exploring debt proposals for $30 million. The first tranche of this financing will be $2 million of non-toxic debt which the company aims to announce in the next few weeks. Through this financing, CAVR plans to close these acquisitions and pursue additional acquisition options. Additionally, CAVR intends to retire a number of shares in the company’s float and has not diluted any of its shares to provide more value to its shareholders. Given that CAVR’s CEO Kevin Cox promised exciting news to the company’s shareholders this week, many investors are anticipating the closing of some acquisitions.

Not only does CAVR build and develop homes, but the company also provides SaaS technologies that help improve communities. With an exciting portfolio of companies in CAVR’s technology development platform, the company’s biggest project appears to be The Growing Together Academy (GTA), which provides challenging online curriculums with an emphasis on critical thinking, analytical skills, as well as STEM competencies.

With a commitment to catering to students’ needs, GTA’s student-driven approach allows them to control their learning while meeting academic goals. To achieve this, GTA provides its content through interactive videos featuring popular child actors to make learning fun, valuable, and memorable.

Further developing its technology platform, CAVR appointed Shaun Fuller as the technology team’s leader in addition to his role at Soku – an avatar-based social media platform. With 12 years of experience in developing SaaS solutions, Fuller’s appointment is expected to provide great value to the CAVR’s technology platform. As the company plans to venture into the rapidly growing metaverse industry, CAVR believes Fuller’s experience will help take GTA into the metaverse as an alternative to traditional schools.

In other news, CAVR plans to expand RenuYou’s business across the nation. Considered to be a pioneer in Neurofeedback, RenuYou is a Board Certified Clinic that has a main focus of treating, researching, and developing Neurofeedback. RenuYou aims to treat patients through advanced brain dysregulation treatments.

To advance the clinic’s business, CAVR is working on a franchise program for RenuYou to initially expand in the Southern US before expanding across the nation. With locations being added, CAVR aims to have 100 RenuYou locations in the near future and will update shareholders on the developments shortly.

Delivering on its plans to uplist to the OTCQB, CAVR appointed Grant Edwards as its CFO. Considering his experience as a corporate controller at an NYSE listed holding company and a NASDAQ listed pharma company, Edwards could provide great help to CAVR’s uplisting plans. CAVR has also retained an investment banker to accelerate the closing of 7 upcoming acquisitions. With a strong plan and a strong management team, CAVR stock could be a profitable long-term hold for investors.

Media Sentiment

@SalsTradingOTC is expecting CAVR stock to run to $.03 in light of the company’s upcoming catalysts

Technical Analysis

CAVR stock chart

CAVR stock is currently trading at $.0229 with support at .0210. CAVR stock shows the main resistance at .0240 as well as a secondary resistance at .0270. Accumulation has been on an upward trend but had a recent downtick due to profit-taking following CAVR stock’s 27% surge. At the same time, the MACD is extremely bullish and shows no sign of a crossover. The RSI is at 66 after rising from 47 signaling CAVR stock is currently overbought.

CAVR stock chart

With the company’s CEO driving up excitement on potential acquisitions, CAVR stock has been receiving investors’ attention – resulting in accumulation’s upward trend and the RSI’s rapid increase. In light of this, CAVR stock’s PPS could momentarily drop due to profit-taking after its impressive 27% run. However, a drop in CAVR stock’s PPS could provide a good entry point for investors to secure a position in CAVR stock – as the company could be profitable in the long term.

CAVR Stock Forecast

Given that the company secured a number of lucrative land deals and its efforts to secure additional deals, CAVR has the potential to emerge as a leader in the real estate industry. Considering that CAVR has a number of acquisitions approaching, CAVR stock could run upon an official announcement. With plans to uplist to the OTCQB and a solid management team, many investors are holding CAVR stock believing in the company’s long-term potential.

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