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Early Stage Lithium Stock with Buyout Offer

The mining exploration company, Tamino Minerals, Inc. (OTC: TINO) has been refocusing its efforts on mining lithium for the electric vehicle industry. Earlier this year, the company acquired substantial Lithium claims located in Sonora, Mexico which gave the company access to 50,000 hectares. This pivot towards becoming a lithium stock is part of Tamino’s overall transition towards Metals Important for Future Technologies (MIFTs) which are considered the FAANGs of the commodity market. However, TINO stock has seen a roughly 85% increase on the company’s announcement of a buyout offer. Although the company is currently doing its due diligence on the offer, it believes that its terms are favorable to shareholders. 

TINO Stock News

Prior to its transition to Lithium, TINO had diversified its business to include both gold and copper explorations in Sonora. Through exploration of its three gold focused mining projects, TINO determined that one of its mines was Copper-Gold Porphyry which led it to explore the opportunities for copper mining due to rising global demand for the metal. 

The company also has exposure to Peruvian claims which are prolific for lithium and copper. As of September, the company had geologists in Peru staking claims for potential Lithium projects. TINO’s management believes that it could fully fund a Lithium project there and has a term sheet in place to cover the initial unsurfacing of the lithium. As is, the company anticipates budgeting for sampling, mapping, geophysics and drilling over the course of the project.

To drive its business forward, TINO’s team of geologists have been developing an Environmental Impact study for the company’s gold project – El Volcan – for some time. But since the company is eager to begin exploration for its lithium projects as well, the company has retained a qualified geologist to create its technical report.  

The company has also brought the private company – Minera El Mundo SA de CV – on board to provide technical data and drive business development across TINO’s lithium projects. The company’s expertise related to Lithium properties in Mexico and Peru is expected to help the company venture further into the lithium mining industry. 

Much of this was achieved using the large, non-dilutive financing TINO secured at the beginning of the year which allowed it to enter this new market. However, the company shared in March that it would need to raise funds in order to recruit industry experts moving forward. Additionally, TINO believes it will need to issue equity to secure the funding necessary to finance its projects.  Given the current prices for precious metals, the company’s management believes that this is a good year for raising capital. However, TINO is expected to clarify its aforementioned dividend which was intended to reward shareholders and reduce the impact of this dilution according to the company. 

TINO has also outlined its plans to expand its Mexican office, establish a facility in Canada, ramp up drilling, and resolve outstanding debts with several individuals who owe the company money. This expansion appears to be  a result of what its CEO – Pedro Villagran Garcia – described as the company’s “explosive growth due to the notorious increase in the price of gold and the Company’s recent involvement in exploring for lithium”. 

Currently, Here to Serve Holding Corp (OTC: HTSC) owns 65 million shares of TINO stock which it was awarded in exchange for its services. The company added to its position in July when it was given 45 million shares, bringing its total position to 65 million. 

In this way, HTSC and TINO shareholders may be rewarded if the buyout offer for Tamino Minerals, Inc. comes to fruition. According to the company, the offer was made on September 30th and the company has been in the process of vetting the offer with various counsel. It appears that TINO is negotiating for an offer of $.10 per share which would offer a considerable premium from the current share price of $.0063. 

Media Sentiment

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Technical Analysis

lithium stock

TINO stock tested its resistance at .007 on news of the buyout offer but has dipped down with some profit taking. Some long-term holders of TINO stock likely sold on the news, but accumulation is showing an uptick in anticipation of more news regarding the buyout offer. If the stock continues to trade above its .005 support, it will be in a good position to break through its resistance level and run further once the company’s management releases more details.

However, the longer the negotiation process takes the more likely momentum will die off, offering investors the opportunity to take a position closer to the .003 support.

lithium stock

According to the company’s quarterly report in March, TINO stock has a public float of 149 million shares. The stock has an OS of 517 million of which 367 million shares are restricted.

TINO Stock Forecast

The potential buyout offer for TINO stock could be a major catalyst for the stock depending on the determined price offered per share. While the company is pursuing mining ventures in the Lithium industry, the company is still in the early stages of this venture. Therefore, TINO likely has a long journey before it is able to actively participate in this lucrative industry. Considering that one of the company’s earlier exploration projects has been delayed for more than 10 years due to governmental complications, the company may face a similar timeline for its Lithium projects. However, as an early stage lithium stock TINO may have long-term potential if it proves successful in this industry.

In the short-term, if the buyout offer is confirmed and settled TINO stock could run to test March’s high of $.01 thanks to its low float.

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