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CLNV Stock – Turning Plastic Into Clean Energy

CLNV Stock

Potential funding could be coming soon for Clean Vision Corporation (OTC: CLNV) after its representative teased a $250 million funding deal on Twitter. CLNV stock is up 29% since this news dropped and could further run – especially after the company’s representative shared that news is imminent. Considering that this funding is more than 10 times the company’s market cap, the stock may be well-positioned to soar from current levels if the company announces such funding.

CLNV Stock News


As the company’s main subsidiary, Clean-Seas, Inc. is looking to reduce plastic pollution by implementing carbon-negative technologies throughout the world. To achieve this vision, the company is developing its patent pending Plastic Conversion Network (PCN) which aims to convert plastic waste into branded clean hydrogen – AquaH. Looking to expand this network’s reach, Clean-Seas has binding term sheets in place with companies across the world to develop commercial scale waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plants including Puerto Rico, Morocco, Turkey, and France – with ongoing operations in India.

With this in mind, the Moroccan plant is the most advanced out of these deals as it started operating at the beginning of November. This plant was established as a result of Clean-Seas’ agreement with ECOSYNERGIE (ESG) which already owned two 10 ton per day pyrolysis units. As the plant is now operating, it managed to generate $50 thousand in revenues while using only 1 pyrolysis unit. Since the second unit is expected to be installed in the coming weeks, the plant could double its revenues with the expanded capacity. Given the potential profitability of this facility, Clean-Seas is working extensively to acquire a majority stake in the facility to become compliant with Moroccan laws. Based on this, CLNV stock could be one to watch in anticipation of this deal to be completed.

As for its other facilities, CLNV is currently exploring non-dilutive financing options to raise the required capital to bring in and install the equipment to operate these facilities. With this in mind, CLNV is currently in talks with ESG funds interested in financing the company’s entire portfolio of facilities in exchange for a share in each project. If the company successfully raises the required capital, CLNV expects to realize $60 million in revenues within 12 months of receiving the funding while projecting revenues of $576 million after 5 years. In light of this, CLNV stock could be one to hold onto for the long-term as it could be poised to explode in the future.

Meanwhile, Clean Seas has been showing its potential in the US market as the subsidiary signed an MOU with Arizona State University’s Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service (RMWSSS). According to this agreement, Clean-Seas will establish a waste plastic to clean hydrogen conversion facility in Phoenix, Arizona. At the same time, RMWSSS will provide Clean-Seas with a $50 million investment to develop the facility in addition to scholarly, technical, and sustainability advisory services as well as relationships to advance the venture. Given that this facility is expected to convert more than 850 thousand tons of plastic over its 25-year life span, CLNV stock could be a profitable investment in the long-term.

Since this deal could be pivotal for the company’s future prospects, CLNV is looking to close this deal as quickly as possible. Based on this, the company is working to finalize a draft of a PR this week for RMWSSS and ASU to announce the MOU from their end. As the company is looking to enter a final agreement by December 15, CLNV stock could witness an influx of new investors given the significance of being associated with the Walton Family and ASU. For this reason, CLNV stock could be poised to surge once this deal is finalized. 

In addition to this MOU, Clean-Seas entered into an LOI with MacVallee LLC. to establish a co-located facility in Massachusetts to convert post-industrial and ocean-bound plastic from landfill and incineration. This plastic would then be converted into AquaH, precursors for new plastics, ultra-low sulfur fuels, and pyrolysis oils. Through this deal, Clean-Seas expects to process 50 tons per day initially with the potential to expand the facility to convert 500 tons per day of waste plastic. To facilitate this project, CLNV expects to raise $20 million in equity and debt to support projected revenues of $7 million annually. As the company expects to begin operations in this facility in early 2024, CLNV stock could be a smart long-term investment at its current PPS.


In addition to the Clean Seas subsidiary, CLNV is operating in the lucrative hydrogen generation market through its subsidiary EcoCell. CLNV has been able to venture into this promising business line through the technologies available at its India plant. Through this subsidiary, CLNV is looking to convert mixed plastic waste to produce hydrogen and store it within its advanced fuel cell technology. With this in mind, CLNV optioned this technology from Kingsberry Power to showcase its ability to store AquaH which further enhances the company’s potential in the green economy.

Through its partnership with Kingsberry, EcoCell completed the architecture design for its hybrid hydrogen-based fuel cell electric power system which aims to provide clean multi-fuel hydrogen power. This fuel cell has several applications in various industries including marine auxiliary mobility, EV charging stations, electronic data centers, as well as primary and backup power for consumer and military deployments. Based on this, EcoCell could provide CLNV with major revenues thanks to the various uses of the fuel cell.

Currently, the fuel cell is in prototyping which the company expects to be completed by late December or early January.  After the prototype is ready, CLNV intends to bring it to India where it has lined up a contract manufacturer who will start scaling its production to offer the fuel cell to customers in India. Since the fuel cell could witness high demand in the Indian market, CLNV could be poised to bolster its financials once the fuel cell is available in markets.

Potential Deals

Meanwhile, CLNV could be prepared to announce a number of lucrative deals in the future thanks to the presence of its board member Michael Dorsey in the COP 27 representing ASU and the Walton Foundation. With this in mind, CLNV’s CEO Dan Bates hinted that there could be news on the way in a recent interview, however, he could not share the news as the information is not public yet. If the company has truly secured a deal through Dorsey’s presence in COP 27, CLNV stock could be poised to soar as such a deal could be extremely profitable.

Uplisting & Dual Listing

Given that the company has substantial growth potential, CLNV is working to uplist to the NASDAQ by late Q1 or early Q2 2023 to attract institutional investors to the company. In this way, CLNV would be able to raise capital without diluting its shares which is a bullish sign of the company’s focus on adding value to its shareholders. As an uplisting to the NASDAQ holds major benefits for the company, CLNV is currently working to file a Form S1 with the SEC to become fully reporting to make an uplisting possible. 

However, since CLNV’s PPS is short of the NASDAQ minimum listing requirement of $4, the company intends to increase its PPS organically before effecting a small reverse split to allow it list on NASDAQ. In light of the company’s commitment to increase its shareholders’ value, CLNV stock could be one to buy now before its upcoming catalysts take place. 

At the same time, CLNV is working to dual list on a blockchain exchange to combat the short selling activity the stock is witnessing. In this way, CLNV’s shares would be put on a ledger enabling it to reduce the impact of short selling on its PPS. With this in mind, CLNV would have to become a fully reporting company first to become an eligible candidate for dual listing on a blockchain exchange. As the company is already committed to becoming fully reporting to facilitate its NASDAQ uplisting, CLNV stock could be poised to explode in 2023 – making its current PPS an attractive investment opportunity.

*updated June 19th, 2023

RMWSSS Partnership

CSA’s primary function is to divert thousands of tons of plastic away from landfills, incinerators, and the ocean in order to convert it to hydrogen energy. By doing so, CSA could rake in substantial revenue for both CLNV and Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service. In order to do that, however, a large quantity of capital is necessary in order to construct CSA’s 100 TPD facility. 

Normally micro caps are not able to execute major industrial projects like the construction of a hydrogen energy facility worth 50 million, however, CLNV’s partner makes it feasible. Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service is backed by the University of Arizona which is known for providing endowments north of $1 billion annually. Additionally, the terms of the agreement provide support by placing a lot of the heavy fiscal lifting on Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service will be charged with contributing the infrastructure required for this project, which is an extremely sizable chunk of the expenses required for any industrial facility. In exchange (C-S) will be charged with financial oversight, sight management, and providing a license for the use of CLNV’s intellectual property, which is ‌the tech required to make this project possible in the first place.

Nearing The End Of Dilution

In the meantime, investors are anticipating the end of the ongoing dilution for CLNV to run as the dilution is mounting pressure on the stock price. With that in mind, the dilution could be over this week as CLNV’s IR – Frank Benedetto – shared that there are only 6.5 million shares remaining to be diluted. In this way, CLNV could announce new updates regarding its projects once the dilution is over which could send CLNV stock on a major run considering that it appears to have found a bottom near .024.

*Updated September 24th, 2023

Potential Funding Soon

$500 million is the amount CLNV needs to fund all projects in its deck. That said, the company may announce a funding deal soon as its representative – Daniel Borders – shared that he would not be surprised if the company announced $250 million in non-dilutive funding from an unexpected source, after which he shared that news is imminent. 

The reason why the upcoming news could be related to funding is that the company’s CEO Dan Bates was in Chicago in early August to meet with Huntington Bank clients. This meeting could have been to discuss receiving financing from a consortium to fund the company’s projects. With this in mind, the company’s IR – Frank Benedetto – confirmed this when he shared that Bates was in Chicago to secure funding. 

Another possible announcement could be regarding a financing tranche from Roselle Capital for its Southeast Asia plant in Malaysia. Roselle is expected to secure the $500 million required for the first phase of the project which was waiting for state and federal final approval. On that note, Benedetto previously shared that the elections in Malaysia went how the company hoped, which is a positive sign that the company can move forward with the project now. 

All in all, if the company shares any news regarding non-dilutive funding, CLNV stock may witness a strong run given that the potential funding may be worth as much as 10 times its market cap of $20.1 million. As a result, investors may find the stock a lucrative long-term investment given the potential of the company’s business.

CLNV Stock Financials

Q3 2022 Earnings

According to its Q3 report, CLNV has $1.1 million in assets including only $2.8 thousand in cash. Meanwhile, CLNV has $1.3 million in liabilities – all of which are current. Since the company is yet to reach a definitive agreement for any of its ventures, CLNV has not reported any revenues. However, the company incurred operating costs of $846.4 thousand – leading CLNV to report a net loss of $869.2 thousand. Despite these poor financial results, CLNV appears to be poised to receive a major boost in its revenues and cash balance once it manages to receive the capital it needs to advance its various plants throughout the world.

Q1 2023 Earnings

According to its Q1 2023 report, CLNV’s assets sharply increased QoQ from $377 thousand to $1.8 million. Its cash also increased from $10.7 thousand to $350.9 thousand. Meanwhile, liabilities increased as well from $1.95 million to $3.59 million.

Operating expenses increased YoY from $903 thousand to $1.4 million, which ‌caused net loss to skyrocket from $1.06 million to $2.7 million.

Q2 2023 Earnings

According to the company’s Q2 2023 report, its assets grew substantially from $377.1 thousand at the beginning of the year to $9.3 million. This increase is mainly due to its goodwill resulting from its JVs to operate plants for cleaning the environment. On that note, the company’s 51% stake in Clean Seas Morocco increased its property and equipment from $241.7 thousand to $1.3 million. 

As assets increased as the company started to upscale its business, its liabilities also increased from $1.9 million at the beginning of the year to $11.4 million. This is due to $1 million in convertible notes payable, $5.4 million in debts payable, and $2.5 million in derivative liabilities. 

Looking into the company’s income statement, CLNV reported its first revenue of $161.2 thousand generated from Clean Seas Morocco. Meanwhile, its operating costs increased slightly YoY from $1 million to $1.1 million. That said, the company incurred $1.2 million in interest expenses which led its net loss to widen YoY from $1.1 million to $2.7 million. This shows that the funding the company is set to receive may be pivotal as it would allow CLNV to repay all of its debt – improving its bottom line in turn.

Media Sentiment

@SuperRobotOTC is bullish on CLNV’s expected funding.

@QuabbinR expects CLNV stock to break $.04 soon.

Technical Analysis

CLNV stock chart

Looking at the hourly chart, CLNV stock is in a neutral trend as it is trading in a sideways channel between $.0327 and $.0396. Looking at the indicators, the stock is above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs which is a bullish sign. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 60 and the MACD is bearish but is starting to curl bullishly.

CLNV stock chart

As for the fundamentals, the company is expected to share news soon as per its representative Daniel Borders. Given that the news could be related to a $250 million non-dilutive funding agreement, CLNV stock could witness a substantial run since the expected funding is more than 10 times its market cap. For this reason, bullish investors could wait for the stock to cool down from its recent run by testing the $.0327 support to enter long positions ahead of the news.

CLNV Stock Forecast

This may be the optimal time to go long on CLNV stock given the potential of its upcoming news. As is, the company has a market cap of only $20 million and has the potential to secure $250 million in non-dilutive funding which is more than 10 times its market cap. If the company successfully secures such funding, any fears of dilution could be over as the company could repay all of its debt while working on the projects in its pipeline. In light of this, CLNV stock may prove to be a profitable long-term hold as it may start realizing its full potential soon.

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