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EPAZ Stock – OTC Drone Surge

EPAZ Stock

As one of the most promising OTC companies, Epazz, Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) may be poised to run over the coming weeks given the plethora of press releases it promised to release soon. After being issued the third patent for its AI drone – ZenaDrone 1000 – the company shared that it was in talks with the US Air Force. This might indicate that one of the company’s upcoming press releases could be related to a contract with the Air Force for ZenaDrone 1000 thanks to its impressive features. Considering the potential revenues the company may realize over the coming years, EPAZ stock could be considered a noteworthy long-term investment.

EPAZ Stock News 

When it comes to drone development, EPAZ is an ace since its drone tech specializes in accumulating aerial data and applying analysis via its AI system to perform multiple tasks. This could be extremely useful to a litany of industries like oil and gas, agriculture, wildfire, and civil engineering.

Given the nature of the company’s tech, it is no surprise that the US Air Force voiced its support of its tech which led to the talks between the Air Force and the company. After sharing this development, the company promised to release multiple PRs which indicates that one of its upcoming announcements could be about the results of its talks with the Air Force as well as other topics like potential patents. Considering the scale of these potential updates, EPAZ stock may be poised to soar over the coming weeks.


The company has mentioned multiple times that it is focused on increasing its intellectual property. That said, EPAZ’s achievements prove this notion, as it has 3 patents – one of which is under review. It is also worth noting that the company is likely going to draft more patents since it is focused on increasing its intellectual property which would be future catalysts for the stock.

Patents aside, the value of the company’s intellectual property is clearly high since its lead product so far – ZenaDrone 1000 – is basically a flying supercomputer. This is mainly due to the drone being able to autonomously enter unmapped territory and collect massive amounts of quantifiable data that could be analyzed on the spot to execute a litany of functions. 

Since this tech is extremely desirable, demand for its usage is likely to be high which means that the company’s intellectual property is likely currently extremely high. It is through its intellectual property that EPAZ is seeking to garner attention from larger institutions which may lead to the company being bought out by a defense industry giant down the line. 

Charging Pad

In March EPAZ was issued a utility patent that revealed a major market advantage for the company. As is, drone charging pads that charge drones weighing less than 55 lbs are priced at around $4 thousand – $15 thousand per unit. That being said, EPAZ’s charging pads that support its ZenaDrone 1000, which weighs an excess of 250 pounds, will be priced at less than $15 thousand. This is an extremely appealing market advantage given the expenses required for high-tech drones.  

Upcoming News 

As things stand, the company is likely going to have an eventful couple of weeks. On August 10th, the company is poised to share the first of its promised PRs regarding a deal with an oil and gas company. Later on during these upcoming weeks, the company is likely to share another press release about its talks with the Air Force. Additionally, it would not be at all surprising if yet another patent-related press release is shared. All in all, it seems like EPAZ stock has an extremely promising couple of weeks ahead of it.

EPAZ Stock Financials

According to EPAZ’s Q1 2023 report, the company’s assets increased QoQ from $4.49 million to $4.82, which is largely attributed to its accounts receivables and long-term investments. Meanwhile, its liabilities decreased from $6.1 million to $5.7 million largely due to waning accrued expenses and notes payable. 

When it comes to revenue, it stayed relatively the same only fluctuating by around $2 thousand YoY from $492 thousand to $490 thousand YoY. During that same period, expenses increased from $439 thousand to $450 thousand, which caused the company’s net income of $16 thousand in Q1 2022 to become a net loss of $18 thousand.  

Media Sentiment

@AngryRed316 is bullish on EPAZ stock ahead of its upcoming news.

@Stock_Pop with the DD on EPAZ stock.

Technical Analysis 

EPAZ Stock Chart

EPAZ stock is in a bearish trend and is trading in a downward channel. Looking at the indicators, the stock is trading above the 21 and 50 MAs which is a bullish indication, however, it is still below the 200 MA which is a bearish indication. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 54 and the MACD just turned bullish.  

EPAZ Stock Chart

As for the fundamentals, EPAZ stock has a litany of upcoming catalysts as the company is preparing to release a series of press releases over the coming weeks – with the first set to be shared on August 10th regarding a deal with an oil and gas company. Given that the company may share news regarding a contract with the Air Force, going long on EPAZ stock at current levels could prove to be profitable for investors.

EPAZ Stock Forecast 

As things stand, EPAZ could be poised to soar due to its upcoming press releases. One of which will come out on August 10th and will be about a deal the company struck with an oil and gas company. Another deal will likely be about a deal with the US Air Force given the fact that the two parties have been in talks for some time now. That being said, EPAZ stock is one to keep an eye on over the coming weeks. 

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