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IQST Stock – On the Road to the NASDAQ

With ventures in a number of lucrative industries, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) continues to pursue acquisition and merger opportunities to facilitate its growth. Despite trading at a dip, IQST stock has a number of upcoming catalysts including two acquisitions, uplisting to the NASDAQ, and a solid annual report behind it – making this dip a possible opportunity for investors bullish on IQST stock.

IQST Stock Catalysts

Currently in a transformative phase, IQST boasts four different divisions targeting different high-growth spheres as part of its strategy to become a provider of technological solutions and services for the telecommunications, EV, liquid fuel distribution, chemical, and financial services industries. In pursuit of its plans to list on the NASDAQ, IQST uplisted to the OTCQB, established an independent Board of Directors, and has been debt free since February of 2021 – all while undergoing a merger and acquisition campaign.


The company now has seven subsidiaries which tie into its different business divisions and recently acquired Smartbiz Telecom – a profitable telecom operator. As for its business divisions, IQST operates in the telecom sector through IQS Telecom which is made up of its USA, Swisslink Carrier AG, Qglobal SMS and SMSdirectos subsidiaries.


In addition to IQS Telecom, IQST’s B2B umbrella includes IOT Labs – specializing in IOT solutions for startups and enterprises – and itsBchain which focuses on blockchain platform solutions. IOT Labs has already created the first smart tank adapter which can be used for any industry. This “IoT Smart Tank” turns any chemical, liquid, or gas industrial storage tank into “a secure IoT capable device and platform with active state reporting”. This enables users to collect real-time data for analysis and asset tracking for automatic fulfillment and scheduling.

Similarly, IOT Labs offers another service which monitors the amount of liquid – including beverages, beer, milk, gasoline, chemical products, and gases – in a field tank for automatic truck refillment. IoT Smart Gas features a predictive software which estimates the amount of time before a tank runs out, helping users monitor their usage.

Electric Vehicles

IOT Labs also develops solutions for IQST’s EV division which appears to be made up of EVOSS and IoTSmartEV. The latter offers smart connection technology for custom electric vehicle fleets with a target market of Latin America and Spanish speakers in the USA. IQST has partnered with Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC: ALYI) and Modus to create a pilot program for its smart technology that helps level the playing field for newcomers to the EV arena.

IoT aims to revolutionize the EV industry by introducing a device which reduces “the overhead and expertise needed for companies to launch top of the line EVs”. The IoTSmartEV module device allows any EV to connect to IQST’s servers providing all the features consumer’s expect of top-line EVs without the cost and time required for traditional, internally developed tech.

In this way, IQST offers EV manufacturers connectivity and smart features while reducing their Go-To-Market timeline and overhead. The IoTSmartEV module device features GPS, security sensors for crash and theft detection, app connectivity indicating battery level and expected mileage, as well as roadside assistance and remote tracking.

IQST is well-positioned to leverage this technology while developing its EVOSS EV motorcycles as well. With positive feedback on the bike’s look and performance, EVOSS is expected to achieve great sales in Latin America. At the same time, EVOSS is starting to receive interest beyond Latin America as a Nigerian dealer showed interest while evaluating the bike’s design in Miami. 

Given that Nigeria has a population of over 200 million, EVOSS could unlock a major market for the sale of its EV bike. As the bike is receiving much interest, IQST plans to report the first EVOSS pre-orders and sales projections soon. In light of this growing interest in EVOSS, many investors are bullish IQST stock could witness a run upon the release of these projections.


Whereas, IQST’s other B2C enterprise is Global Money One (GMO) which focuses on FinTech services ranging from its Visa/Mastercard Money One program to remittances, mobile top up, and services for cryptocurrency exchange. IQST’s Global Money One offers control and security in payment transactions at lower costs than competitors – allowing users to make online purchases as well as transfer money to over 80 countries. The service is currently focused on the Latin American market and could capture a larger market share thanks to users ability to deal in crypto as well.

Aiming to expand these services in Latin America, IQST partnered with COOITZA RL – one of the largest cooperatives in Guatemala. According to this partnership, GMO will provide COOITZA with its technology to develop a platform similar to its FinTech ecosystem MAXMO. Having already established a secure customer base in Guatemala and abroad, COOITZA currently offers its members with financing options for home buying, working capital for businesses, and micro-loans.

Considering cooperatives’ popularity in Central America and the US, IQST believes its possible to meet its fintech services forecast for 2022 through this partnership only and the two are preparing to launch a co-branded fintech service offering by April 30th.


Meanwhile, IQST is also capitalizing on the growing demand for blockchain services through itsBchain. With a focus on the telecom sector, itsBchain developed a method for carriers to transfer mobile phone numbers easily. In this way, carriers are able to transfer retail users from one mobile carrier to another instantly.

It is also in the final stages of developing a settlement and payment marketplace to facilitate payments between carriers – enabling instant payment settlement and cutting down on fraud between carriers. Considering IQST’s vast experience in the telecom industry, itsBchain is well-positioned to develop its telecom targeted solutions.

IQST Stock Financials

Given that IQST plans to uplist to the NASDAQ in the near future, many investors are bullish on the potential for IQST stock to reach the $2 or $3 minimum for its NASDAQ listing. This seems increasingly possible now that IQST is debt free.

On that note, IQST reported notable progress in its financials – increasing its revenues 44% YOY to achieve $64.7 million in 2021. While this yielded a gross profit of $1.53 million, the company still reported a net loss of $3.83 million – a 42% reduction from the previous year. As is, it has $3.33 million cash on hand and $9.06 million in assets with only $2.64 million in liabilities.

With this ahievement already behind it, IQST appears to be on track to reach its goals of $90 million in revenue, uplisting to the NASDAQ, and becoming net income positive in 2022. Commenting on its financial achievements, IQST’s CEO Leandro Iglesias shared that, “In light of our ongoing top and bottom-line growth, I am more optimistic than ever that the iQSTEL share price will organically reach the required minimum Nasdaq listing price” adding that he feels “iQSTEL’s share price is like a wound-up spring waiting for the overarching market uncertainty resulting from inflation concerns and the Ukraine war to clear and unleash our wound-up potential.”

Already promising to close three acquisitions by the end of April, investors are anticipating the remaining acquisition after closing the deal with COOITZA. As it delivers on these plans and more, IQST will be regularly updating shareholders and is already in the process of creating its code of conduct and ethics required by Nasdaq. Given its significant accomplishments and plans for this year, IQST stock will be one to watch.

Media Sentiment

@og_tigress is anticipating IQST stock to reach $2 as it works to uplist

@GraniteGods sees major potential for IQST given its low float of 144 million

Technical Analysis

IQST stock forecast

IQST stock price is currently $.50 after following a steady downtrend since the start of April. IQST stock shows a support at .49 and a secondary support near .46. It has a resistance at .58 and a higher resistance level near .64. Accumulation has been dropping steadily following its almost 60% climb in March. Meanwhile, the MACD is bearish but approachig a crossover and the RSI is close to oversold territory at 39.

IQST stock forecast

Given that the company intends to announce additional acquisition and is proceeding with its NASDAQ uplisting, IQST stock could be set for a rebound off of this support level soon. IQST has a low float of 144 million, which is equal to its unrestricted OS, and a market cap of $74 million. Although the stock could fall lower to August’s low of $.37, IQST stock is bottomed out at these levels and now could be a suitable entry point for investors bullish on IQST’s NASDAQ plans.

IQST Stock Forecast

As the company continues to show its revenue generating capabilities, IQST is proving its dedication to its uplisting plans. With time, IQST will continue to meet the NASDAQ uplisting requirements such as submitting its code of conduct and ethics. This and other catalysts will help raise investor awareness of the company’s potential – possibly leading to a run up in advance of its NASDAQ listing.

Considering its ventures in these lucrative industries, IQST could continue to generate major revenues and potentially reach its projected revenues of $90 million in 2022. With no reverse split planned and the launch of its co-branded fintech service planned for the end of April, there are many catalysts which could help propel IQST stock out of this dip.

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