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NIHK Stock – Metaverse Landlord?

After spinning off its specialty real estate holding business into an operating subsidiary, Video River Networks (OTC: NIHK) – now Tytan Cybernetics – has pivoted back technology with a commitment to enhancing consumers’ cybernetic experience through revolutionary technology. One of the company’s most prominent acquisitions to date is Drone Guarder Inc. (OTC: DRNG) – which allowed NIHK access and control of DRNG’s drone and AI technology. Embracing the exciting possibilities of the metaverse, NIHK has announced a new subsidiary – Tytan Metaverse – which has brought new eyes on NIHK stock.

NIHK Stock News

As a holding company, NIHK has a wide scope of interests and expertise. Orienting itself towards emerging technologies, the company manages a portfolio of electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and CBD related operations in North America. Drawing on its years of experience with battery technology and electric vehicles, its acquisition of DRNG signifies NIHK’s venture into the security and surveillance industry. Since DRNG is an established surveillance and security company, its concentration on delivering drone and AI-enhanced security systems to the residential sector was a huge step forward for both parties. 

With NIHK’s varied experience in the technology sector and control of all DRNG assets, this acquisition paved the way for further progress. But more recently, NIHK has formed a wholly owned subsidiary – Tytan Metaverse – which will use NIHK’s reputation in real estate to take advantage of bargain prices on Metaverse properties. By acquiring virtual land in Decentraland, Sandbox, Somnium Crytovoxels, and Upland, NIHK will generate income through rent as well as from long-term holdings as demand is expected to increase for Metaverse properties.

Targeting the Sandbox first, NIHK is exploring the remaining 166,464 LANDS for investment opportunities. At the moment LAND typically sells for more than $10,000 despite going for around $40 at the start of 2021. This drastic price hike is a good sign for NIHK which will also have the opportunity to host events, create games, vote in the metaverse’s governance, and monetize assets by holding LAND. The platform offers various revenue streams as well by hosting, staking, renting, selling NFT assets, and advertising as well. The SAND network continues to develop its platform by offering new use cases as well as exclusive NFTs to its community – all of which could make NIHK’s digital assets in the metaverse extremely lucrative in the long run.

Aside from virtual real estate, NIHK has expanded on its EV venture with the release of its first generation Tytan Electric Vehicle. Under a Joint Venture agreement with Lingstar Co, NIHK announced the completion of its EVs ahead of schedule and has assured investors that its cars will be displayed in showrooms very soon. CEO Frank Igwealor celebrated this milestone saying that this is “one of the main goals of Tytan Cybernetics and we look forward to the next steps ahead!”

As part of its EV plans, the company announced that it will conduct a S-1 registration for its Drive-Crypto-EV Token. Currently under development, NIHK’s Drive-Crypto-EV program is designed to connect EV owners with a crypto wallet through a secure App which will allow car owners to generate crypto as long as their electric vehicle is running. A revolutionary idea in itself, Tytan Cybernetics is facilitating the expansion of its EV division by building charging-stations across the country through its subsidiary – American Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology, Inc.

NIHK expects to release its first charging station by Q2 of 2022 and hopes that the stations will help drivers use their Drive-Crypto-EV Token. As part of this environmental initiative, NIHK is redesigning its website to reflect its role as an emerging technology leader in the Metaverse, EV, and Crypto spheres.

It appears that NIHK’s CEO is bullish on the company’s new direction after purchasing 1,175,574 shares at a PPS of $0.15 for a total of $176,336. This is part of his ongoing 12 million share buy-back plan to ease shareholder’s dilution concerns. The company has also shared that its share repurchase program is 72.85% complete after purchasing a total of 8,742,359 shares so far. The remaining 3,257,641 will be purchased throughout 2022. Given the CEO’s crusade for shareholder’s rights and successful turnarounds for many companies, investors are bullish on what this could mean for the company going forward.

Currently, the company is in a strong financial position to pursue this new direction having secured $3,276,411 in total assets and a total revenue of $1,998,489 – a significant increase from the $19,035 in the previous year.

With car sales, drone technology, digital assets, batteries, and more, NIHK is ready to prove itself as a leader of revolutionary technology this year.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @WishfulTH1NKin are feeling bullish on NIHK’s metaverse plans and the market may reflect that soon

@Cole24_Trades highlights the technical play for NIHK stock as its catalysts build up

Technical Analysis

NIHK stock chart

Following a build up throughout December, NIHK stock has slide back to its earlier levels and is now trading at $.105 with a support at .0103 and and secondary support at .094. The stock is showing a resistance at .153, but the RSI is significantly oversold at 33 and the MACD is bearish. However, accumulation has remained steady.

Given how oversold NIHK stock currently is, investors could make a technical play hoping for a rebound for the stock with positive news considering its relatively low float of 144 million.

NIHK Stock Forecast

The company’s plans for the future have made NIHK and its CEO some of the most well-known figures on the OTC. Investors are bullish about the company’s plans moving forward thanks to its expertise across various tech spheres. As Igwealor continues his share buyback, NIHK stock could see a rebound. But the company’s plans to continue developing its metaverse holdings, EV car line, drone technology, crypto, and more will likely position the company for more success throughout the year.

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