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Low Float Stocks With $10 Million In Revenue

With bullish financial projections and prominent partners, Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (OTC: TQLB) is among the low float stocks positioning itself as an emerging leader in the premium nutritional supplements industry. While 2021 was a year of major success for TQLB with a lucrative production facility and exclusive manufacturing deals with some of the fastest-growing brands in the US, 2022 is looking even more promising. As of January 11th, TQLB announced the rollout of its product line as it launches the first production run from its JV – Zero Torque Manufacturing. In light of this, investors are more bullish than ever on TQLB’s $10 million revenue projections for the year.

TQLB Stock News

Despite forming its Joint Venture partnership – Zero Torque Manufacturing – only a few months ago, the company has already achieved $5 million in orders and is on track to record $10 million in revenue in 2022. Given its advanced technology and spacious facility, the JV is now the main manufacturer for two renowned nutritional supplements providers – Glaxon and Storm Lifestyles. The JV’s CEO – Leonard K. Armenta Jr – is confident the company is well-positioned to deliver on its “$10 million revenue projection from production for these two customers alone”.

The company has been preparing for the important launch of Storm Lifestyles’ ‘Focus’ and ‘Pre-Workout’ product lines since Q4 2021. To ensure its success, TQLB has previously implemented new sachet packing equipment that will allow it to deliver on its inventory requirements. The company’s efforts are clearly paying off as it announces the release of its first production run just two weeks into the year.

Following the delivery of the “first production run of Storm”, Armenta is bullish on the company’s growth in 2022 as he assures investors of TQLB’s plans to expand its range even further in the upcoming months. Through Storm Lifestyles, TQLB is targeting a younger demographic with a range of sports nutrition and fitness products. 

Storm Lifestyles recently rebranded itself to focus on 3 supplements – each designed to serve the different categories of weight loss, pre-workout, and nootropic. Since the weight loss supplements industry is projected to reach $128 billion by 2026 and the pre-workout supplements market is forecasted to surpass 22.7 billion, Storm Lifestyles’ pivot could allow it to capitalize on this substantial increase in demand. Given that TQLB is increasingly positioning itself as Storm’s product manufacturer, the company could also see major growth as a result.

Aside from its partnership with Storm Lifestyles, TQLB has also become Glaxon’s exclusive manufacturer resulting in a $4 million purchase order. In December of 2021, Glaxon put its initial purchase order with Zero Torque manufacturing and will space out the delivery over the months leading up to May. Given Glaxon’s strategic partnership with a leading global health and wellness brand – GNC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GNC) – Armenta is bullish that this $4 million order could position TQLB for mass production with other major industry players in the future.

To meet this anticipated demand, Zero Torque manufacturing is working to improve its production by implementing a new dual-head powder filling line. According to its COO Michael Bischoff, “the new production facility will have new sachet packing equipment which can service 20,000 packs and stick packs per day as early as 2022”. In turn, the facility could increase production capacity to fill up to 10,000 units of product daily – which could position it as a monster producer of pills and powders for the industry. 

Ever since Glaxon’s massive purchase order, the company has enjoyed a solid financial position and is expecting growth at a much higher rate than before. The company’s latest quarterly report is already showing notable improvements with an approximate increase of 329% in assets along with an impressive 350% increase in net profits from the previous quarter. 

It’s also worth noting that the latest quarterly report was the first to show a net profit, however, this huge milestone for a company was achieved after less than two years. With this in mind, the company is well-positioned for further financial and operational growth – which will allow it to deliver on its promises and achieve – or even exceed – its $10 million revenue projections for this year.

Media Sentiment

Among the low float stocks, @QuabbinR believes TQLB is a monster in the making and given all these catalysts, it’s easy to see why.

Technical Analysis

Low Float Stocks TQLB Stock Chart

TQLB is currently trading at its support of $.0465 with a weak resistance at .0641. The stock also shows another support at .0399. Its accumulation is starting to see an uptick following a downward trend following its end of the year spike. The MACD is bearish and the RSI is at 44. 

Given its many catalysts and solid financial growth, TQLB could be severely undervalued. With this in mind, TQLB might be among the low float stocks that move on updates and this entry point could be suitable for investors bullish on the company’s progress so far.

TQLB Stock Forecast

TQLB is also one of the few OTC companies that are reporting millions in revenues and net income which helps it stand out from its competitors. Given its history of success, TQLB could be among the low float stocks that show the real potential this year. As the company continues to report advancements and developments, investors could find a suitable entrance into this growing industry by investing in TQLB.

Given that the stock is currently trading at a slight dip this might be a good entry point for bullish investors ahead of its impending catalysts. If the company reports further news, the stock could witness another major run as it did at the end of 2021 – possibly breaking through its current resistance and retesting $.070.

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