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Metaverse Stocks Taking Off – AppSwarm

As a software development company, AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC: SWRM) has been creating, testing, and programming application software for years. Recently, the company has been partnering with developers as well as acquiring dynamic applications and technologies in order to help market their applications. Since Q4 2021, SWRM has been gaining traction as it announces plans to venture into the Metaverse through a number of NFT projects. SWRM has hit the ground running in 2022 with a 52% increase over the last 5 days. Given its plans, SWRM could be one of the cheapest metaverse stocks currently in play and SWRM will be one to watch this month as momentum builds across the OTC.

SWRM Stock News

SWRM has only recently become one of the metaverse stocks on the run thanks to the work done by its TulsaLabs subsidiary. As a technology research lab, Tulsa Labs is focused on the lucrative areas of blockchain, AI, and aerospace. By targeting application developers, the company aims to develop different blockchain protocols using innovative technologies which led it to partner with Touchpoint Group (OTC: TGHI) and GTX Corp (OTC: GTXO) in Q4 of 2021.

As a media and digital technology acquisition company, TGHI is focused on developing different types of new urban transportation technologies while exploring metaverse possibilities. As the owner of AIR RACE World Championship – a global racing event formerly hosted by Redbull – TGHI is at the forefront of new urban transportation technologies. This led the company to partner with SWRM to develop different forms of transportation such as drones and jetpacks.

Apart from NFTs, SWRM has been in collaboration with AI Venturetech for the development and launch of space technology research labs in both New York and Tulsa, Oklahoma – both areas of rapid growth in the aerospace industry. AI Venturetech is a network of investors focused on start-ups in the areas of A.I., Robotics, IoT, and Machine Learning that will act as a strategic advisor to SWRM in the quest to develop an Aerial Mobility Research Lab for next-generation transportation technologies. 

These joint research labs will focus on the development of commercial space-related technologies by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and edge computing. The goal is to deliver high-performance computing micro-cloud applications in orbit that will allow for processing and analysis of the huge amounts of data created in space. Additionally, these technologies will allow for plant and hydroponics analysis that will support food growth and life sciences in space as well as weather modeling of dust storms – consequently, enabling future modeling for Mars missions.

The two companies have also joined together to develop metaverse projects for virtual gaming and NFT markets. Given that gaming is already the metaverse’s largest sector with hundreds of millions of active players building communities daily, TGHI and SWRM are working to capitalize on this new frontier. Considering TGHI’s focus on aerial entertainment, it seems likely that this partnership will yield exciting aerial products for both industries.

Meanwhile, AppSwarm is setting off on its own to discover other Metaverse opportunities related to the hardware and software necessary to create it as well as the businesses operating within it. With this in mind, Tom Bustamante, CEO of AI Venturetech, Inc. – SWRM’s partner – shared that “The goal now for AppSwarm is to seek out new opportunities, like theirs with Touchpoint Group, and begin staking out initial market share on which to expand out into 2022.”

He also emphasized the importance of Tulsa labs’ partnerships as a “cross-network of technology partners who can work across different projects leveraging their own technology to expand TulsaLabs reserve pool of expertise through collaborations.” Given SWRM’s interest in leveraging the power of blockchain, this partnership has brought the company one step closer to delivering on its own metaverse initiatives.

In December, the company announced the launch of its first-ever NFT marketplace – NFT Madness. Based on the Ethereum network, NFT Madness allows users to trade virtual collectibles, gaming products, artwork, and real estate as well as resell virtually owned products on other secondary marketplaces. Following the initial launch, SWRM declared its intention to continue developing its NFT marketplace as well as integrate other marketplaces.

In order to capitalize on Polygon‘s lower gas fees, SWRM launched ‘NFT Madness’ on the network. Lower gas fees will allow for a more robust trading platform and open the door for NFT products in a wide range of prices. As SWRM sets out to make ‘NFT Madness’ one of the top Metaverse marketplaces, the company has also launched on the Binance Smart Chain for greater exposure.

To position itself as a leader in this market, SWRM also announced the launch of NFT DogeHub – an NFT marketplace where Dogecoin holders can purchase NFT and various products across the metaverse. Given that Dogecoin ranks 12th in terms of holders, SWRM could capitalize on a wide audience. Currently, the company is building its marketplace to house many NFT products by collaborating with other NFT creators and art galleries.

SWRM’s recent project – Bored Alien Yacht Club – is one such example. Following the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT Madness has launched a collection of thousands of Bored Alien NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. This NFT comes with a “planetary membership card” giving access to member-only benefits which will be unlocked “as we occupy new planets in the Metaverse”. With a floor price of $449, this project could prove to be a major success. However, TulsaLabs has also launched an Alpha Pass NFT which grants access to exclusive VIP virtual events, special discounts, and technology opportunities within the lab.

To deliver on both its space and cryptocurrency ventures, TulsaLabs also signed an advisory agreement with Data Syndicate, LLC. to develop next-generation technology. Part of this agreement includes an initial cryptocurrency mining operation for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. SWRM has already purchased Scrypt ASIC miner rigs for mining Litecoin and Dogecoin but is reviewing its options for purchasing Bitmain Antminers with Data Syndicate’s help.

As a fintech mechatronic accelerator focused on the intersection of cryptocurrencies and supply chain technologies for space markets, Data Syndicate has also worked with SpaceX which is a very bullish sign for SWRM’s potential to grow in the space exploration industry.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, TulsaLabs is in the ideal location to capitalize on the state’s aerospace and defense industries which employ more than 120,000 people and produced over $27 billion in sales. As a commercial space applications research firm in this state, TulsaLabs is researching Space Debris Tracking, Satellite Data Processing, Astronaut Assistants, Navigation Systems, as well as Robotics and Autonomous Rovers.

For this reason, AI Venturetech’s CEO – Tom Bustamante – is bullish that “TulsaLabs’ location around some of the largest aerospace players, Data Syndicate’s developer expertise, as well as access to institutional funding” will equip the company with the necessary resources to expand into space application research. This will tie into both groups’ goals of establishing a spaceport in Western Oklahoma for low Earth orbit research, testing, and future space tourism. The “DeepSkyOne” would be one of only 12 spaceports in the nation and as a Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) launch site it could be an alternative landing site for the US Space Shuttle program.

With that in mind, SWRM’s management is continuously seeking out new opportunities, like theirs with GTX Corp, Touchpoint Group, Renavotio, KYN Crypto Group, AI Venturtech, and the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority. It appears that the company plans to reward shareholders with a dividend in the future if TulsaLabs becomes publicly listed. The company is also preventing dilution through its partnerships because every public company partnered with TulsaLabs provides a combination of cash and stock to SWRM. After a holding period, these shares can be sold on the market which helps the company boost revenues.

Media Sentiment

@ChaseMacTrades compares SWRM to some of the biggest metaverse stocks like OWUV and AXXA.

Special thanks to @HawkHoldings for the in-depth DD on SWRM

Technical Analysis

metaverse stocks SWRM chart

SWRM is currently trading at $.0092 after its 52% increase which formed a new resistance at .01. SWRM has a new support at .009 and a secondary support at .0075. The RSI became extremely overbought on January 4th but has moved down to 64. The MACD is bullish and climbing on the upside while accumulation continues to increase.

The RSI indicates that the stock is still overbought, but investors that are bullish on SWRM’s chances of a continued run could begin with a starter and average up if it continues to increase. But given the popularity of metaverse stocks, now could be a good entry point for SWRM as momentum picks up.

SWRM Stock Forecast

A one of a kind OTC company, SWRM has garnered interest across the market for its wide range of ventures. Exploring possibilities in aerial transportation, NFT’s, crypto mining, gaming, Metaverse opportunities, and even space travel, SWRM has the partnerships and tools at its disposal to make at least some of these a reality. Investors are anticipating major updates from the company in January and some are even predicting that the stock could reach its 52-week high of $.04 as it executes on these plans. Many are calling SWRM another deep value NFT and metaverse play which has been flying under the radar compared to other metaverse stocks like OWUV and AXXA. Considering the company’s great partnerships and potential, SWRM will be a company to watch this year.

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