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Most Active Penny Stocks Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

SFLMaven Corp. (OTC: SFLM) has garnered a reputation as “king of ebay” as its auction sales continue to steadily increase. In a recent review, CEO Joe Ladin discussed the company’s strategy and plan to sustain this growth. As they capitalize on events and trends within the industry, SFLM could see even bigger sales in the following weeks. With Valentine’s day coming up, SFLM could be among the most active penny stocks.

SFLM Stock News

With Valentine’s Day on the line, SFLM is capitalizing on the increase in demand for jewelry products through its weekly auction night. To promote this, the company recently announced that CEO Joe Ladin was invited to an interview with Jill Malandrino of Nasdaq TradeTalks – where they analyze the key trends around the Valentine’s Day holiday as well as in the ecommerce space in the jewelry industry.

In the interview, Ladin argued that jewelry will continue to be a lucrative revenue stream for the company as “the effects of the pandemic wear out and people start focusing on dressing up again”. Ladin emphasized the major role of the company’s growing online presence on its projected sales conversions as consumers are more engaged now than ever with graphic imagery in the jewelry space online. 

Since the beginning of the year, the company’s famous Thursday night auction sales have seen a steady increase. In January, SFLM saw its weekly auction sales grow from $201,000 to $238,000. Recently, upon closing one of its most successful weeks, the company announced it has achieved over $300 thousand in gross sales – $266,000 of which were from its latest auction night event – making SFLM one of the most active penny stocks this week. The highlight of this auction was the sale of a 1950’s platinum 23.69CT VS/F diamond ribbon brooch – which is priced at $14,000.

This impressive sales growth could be largely attributed to SFLM’s dedication to bringing its customers up to date with the newest trends. For instance, the company has focused on providing the recent “chunkier” jewelry trend that is loved by many celebrities including Megan Fox and Ariana Grande. In terms of watches, with the smartwatch trend now fading away, traditional watches are making their way back to the market – and SFLM is already gearing up to take advantage of the transition.

With this in mind, Ladin believes the company is well on its way to become an established leader in the pre-owned luxury estate jewelry and watches industry given its “unique ability to meet the needs of jewelry consumers in a context defined by supply chain issues and bare bones inventories for other jewelry sellers.”

Media Sentiment

@SpaceManTrades seems bullish on the company’s efforts to grow its web presence and auction sales.

@QuabbinR is quickly realizing SFLM’s growth potential as the company releases updates regarding its future ventures.

Technical Analysis

Currently, SFLM is trading at $.0017 with a support at .0014. The stock shows a primary resistance at .0019 and a secondary resistance at .0021. Accumulation has been fluctuating since February 4th but is starting to see an uptick. The MACD is on a recent bullish crossover and the RSI is at 52 and continues to trend upwards.

SFLM Stock Chart

With accumulation picking up and the MACD now bullish, it is clear investors are realizing the potential behind SFLM’s ventures and its steady sales growth. Given that it is trading near its support, bullish investors could find now a good entry point on SFLM ahead of its highly anticipated auction night next week.

SFLM Stock Forecast

With its consistent sales growth, many are bullish these auction nights will continue to be a major revenue stream for SFLM. As the company continues to venture into other markets and capitalize on new trends within the industry, it could be poised for major growth in the next few months. As of now, with Valentine’s Day on the line, SFLM could be among the most active penny stocks this week.

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