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RDAR Stock – The Anti Bullying App

RDAR Stock

Using its parental monitoring app, Raadr, Inc. (OTC: RDAR) is actively attempting to prevent cyberbullying. Considering the growing trend of cyberbullying, RDAR’s app is positioning the company to become a pioneer in preventing cyberbullying thanks to its disruptive features. With this in mind, RDAR stock could be one to watch as the company prepares to announce news this week.

RDAR Stock News

While social media has helped people connect and share information, there have been downsides arising from using social media for the wrong reasons. One of these downsides is cyberbullying which is affecting several people – especially children and young adults. Recent studies found that 16% of students in grades 9-12 reported being cyberbullied in 2019. The impacts of these acts on these students can be severe as they can affect these student’s social and academic success at school.

As parents are becoming more worried about the prospects of their children facing cyberbullying, RDAR is emerging as a permanent solution to parents’ fears through its RAADR app. Utilizing AI technology, this app has the potential to prevent cyberbullying since it notifies parents about inappropriate and threatening behavior their children receive on social media in real time. At the same time, RAADR has other revolutionary features including keyword tracking and site filtering. However, the most notable feature is face recognition which alerts parents each time their child’s image appears on a social media site.

To facilitate these disruptive features, parents are able to upload their child’s images and social media addresses after downloading RAADR. Based on this, parents would be able to protect their children from cyberbullying. With this in mind, RAADR’s interface was designed to be easy to use by parents so that they can only focus on protecting their children rather than learning new technologies. Meanwhile, the app is not required to be installed on a child’s phone or computer. As a result, parents would not have to worry if their child uninstalls the app from their devices. 

Although the app’s features are already advanced, RDAR’s engineering team is continuously monitoring new trends to improve RAADR’s efficiency as the threat of cyberbullying continues to evolve. In addition, RDAR’s customer service and marketing teams will interact with parents to gain more insights and data to integrate into RAADR. This would be possible through machine learning which RDAR is already looking to use in developing its app like other advanced tech companies. 

In light of this, RDAR expects its app’s algorithms to adapt to new trends, as well as unknown and unidentified trends over the coming 18 months. As the company appears to be planning for the long-term, RDAR stock has the potential to become a profitable long-term hold considering its low PPS. 

In addition, RDAR offers parents a community where they can efficiently communicate and share new threats and issues. Through these interactions, RDAR intends to integrate parents’ raised issues into the app to ensure maximum protection from cyberbullying. Based on this, RDAR has a major competitive advantage since other anti-bullying apps do not have such features as RAADR. As a result, RDAR stock could be a bargain at its current PPS considering its growth potential in the anti-bullying apps market.

Considering the increased focus on cyberbullying by school districts and government agencies, RAADR has another competitive advantage allowing the company to capitalize on this focus. Since the app can be used by parents, school administrators, or law enforcement, RAADR is the only anti-bullying app that is able to serve all these groups effectively. Based on this, RDAR could potentially secure contracts with the government or school districts to utilize its app in combating cyberbullying. In that case, RDAR could be positioned for a major boost in its financials allowing the company to grow financially.

Despite the company’s long-term potential, RDAR stock is one to watch this week as the company’s CEO Jacob DiMartino shared that the company is finalizing a number of material initiatives. With the first announcement planned for this week, RDAR stock could be a smart investment in anticipation of the news as it could soar on major news. 

Technical Analysis

RDAR stock chart

RDAR stock is currently trading at $.0004 and has a strong support at .0002. RDAR also shows resistances at .0005 and .0007. With the company promising a major update this week, RDAR momentarily retested its resistance on a 55.1 million trading volume. With this in mind, RDAR stock could be a profitable hold in anticipation of the news.

Meanwhile, the stock is currently trading above its MAs which could be a bullish sign of a run in the near term especially if the company shares positive news. Considering the company’s relatively cheap PPS and long-term potential, RDAR stock could be a profitable long-term hold as the company continues to market its app.

RDAR stock chart

Accumulation is relatively stable after spiking in late June after the company shared its intention to release an update this week. Similarly, the MACD is bullish to the upside in anticipation of the news. The RSI cooled off from 65 to 54 which could be a signal of a run as the RSI has reset. With this in mind, RDAR has an OS of 5.2 billion and a float around 3.8 billion so the stock could require a high trading volume to run.

RDAR Stock Forecast

Given that cyberbullying cases are rising especially among children and young adults, RDAR is well positioned to become a pioneer in preventing this phenomenon using its advanced app RAADR. Through its unique features, RAADR has a major competitive advantage in the anti-bullying app market since it is easy to use, does not require installing on the child’s device, and can be used by parents, school administrators, and law enforcement. In light of this, RDAR has the potential to grow financially in the future if it manages to secure contracts with government agencies and school districts to prevent cyberbullying. Meanwhile, RDAR stock could be one to watch this week as the company prepares to share a major announcement.

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