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Renewable Energy Stocks To Watch – DUTV

renewable energy stocks

Since appointing Mark Gaalswyk as CEO last March, Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV) has been gaining momentum thanks to the potential he and his businesses bring to the stock. After the company signed an LOI for a lucrative deal, DUTV has been in the spotlight this month and climbed by as much as 40% since announcing the LOI. Meanwhile, DUTV is set to be featured in a highly viewed TV show which could signal the closing of the EES merger. With this in mind, DUTV stock could be one of the renewable energy stocks to watch this year as it continues working to deliver on its growth plans.

DUTV Stock News

DUTV has caught investors’ attention after appointing Mark Gaalswyk as its new CEO. An experienced businessman, Gaalswyk has been named Minnesota’s “Technology Leader of the Year” and has received a number of US Agricultural Engineering awards.

As the new CEO, Gaalswyk has plans for DUTV to provide green solutions that decrease reliance on imported fuels. Looking forward, Gaalswyk intends to find acquisition and joint venture opportunities to capitalize on the growing demand for green energy sources. He also aims to bring in a number of patents and technologies through his other companies with DUTV acting as the holding company. With this in mind, investors are exploring all the potential Gaalswyk’s two companies – Easy Energy Systems and Easy Automation Inc. – offer.

Easy Energy Systems

His company Easy Energy Systems (EES) has seen huge success as it aims to become the worldwide leader in “Distributed Small Scale Biowaste to Energy Systems”. After being evaluated by 4,000 scientists, the company received the Future in Review “Fire Starter Award” – which Tesla won as a small company only a year earlier – a sign of Easy Energy Systems’ overall potential.

The company’s patented Modular Energy Processing Systems (MEPS) produces alternative liquid biofuels from organic wastes which can either replace fossil fuels or be combined with them. The technology has shown that it can economically convert various bio-wastes into ethanol at the same cost as large biorefineries. Additionally, MEPS can be easily shipped anywhere in container-sized modules with simple installation. As a result, this technology can be marketed globally.

At the same time, EES is working with Iowa State University on a bio-renewable technology project. It appears that EES is in partnership with one of the world’s largest private seed companies – Stine Seed Company – to commercialize its MEPS based on Iowa State University’s pyrolysis technology.

Easy Automation Inc.

Yet, Gaalswyk’s biggest business appears to be Easy Automation Inc. (EAI) which he first started in 1986. EAI operates in a number of industries including feed manufacturing, fertilizer controls, grain handling, as well as dairy and feedlot. Offering software, equipment, and controls for these different industries, it appears EAI has become the largest provider of feed software in North America with over 3,000 customers to date.

Aiming to make its clients more profitable, EAI’s control systems for Automated Fertilizer Blending, Feed Manufacturing, Grain Handling, and Dairy Facilities makes them more productive, safe, and effective. The company’s main software – Feed Office Enterprise – automates the numerous processes taking place at agricultural facilities but EAI also offers other feed software, such as Feed Office Pro, Feed Batch Pro, and Feed Order Pro.

Under Gaalswyk’s leadership, the company received the “Inc. 500” award as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the nation. In addition, it has also received one of only four U.S. Congress State Legislators’ awards for the top “Small Business of the Year.”

The company has clearly made a name for itself based on its service, effectiveness, and unique technology which saves facility owners time and money. For this reason, Saudi giant – Alsafi Danone – decided to install EAI’s systems to improve its production process. With more than 20,500 milking cows – producing 830,000 liters of milk per day – Alsafi Danone was named the “World’s Largest Integrated Dairy” by the Guinness Book of World Records – demonstrating EAI’s global appeal.

Given the huge size of the agriculture industry, EAI’s ability to design, manufacture, and market computerized mill automation systems for not only North America but the whole world is definitely a bullish sign for DUTV’s future. Similarly, EES could position DUTV to capitalize on the growing biofuels industry if it is brought under the company’s umbrella. With more news on the board’s structure set to be announced soon, many investors believe DUTV could be one of the best renewable energy stocks to watch and many investors are looking for a penny break as DUTV prepares to share its plans with the public.

*Updated March 25th

Joint Venture

DUTV recently announced that Easy Energy Systems (EES) has entered into a JV with Quantum Energy (OTC: QEGY) to distribute its patented MEPS technology in the EU through Raul Factor BV. Aiming to solve the world’s energy problems, Gaalswyk intends to sell the MEPS technology globally – hoping to revolutionize the green energy industry in the process. Through this JV, DUTV has the potential to capitalize on the rapidly growing bioenergy industry and achieve major revenue growth.


Gaalswyk has also assured shareholders that his main focus is providing value while earning their trust, a prime example of that has been Gaalswyk’s announcement that DUTV is not planning a reverse split since the company does not need to raise capital for its anticipated mergers. This announcement appears to have set the tone for shareholders who are seeing DUTV’s potential under Gaalswyk’s leadership.

Gaalswyk is also bringing in his brother-in-law to improve the company’s social media presence – adding his experience from managing executives’ accounts at the Bill Gates Foundation to DUTV. In the press release Gaalswyk emphasized his focus on accountability to shareholders, transparency, communication, and his own personal values. Commenting on DUTV’s character as an energy disruptor, he shared that “Anytime you reduce the timeline of a disruptive technology to a market by 20 years, your largest obstacle to sales is that you can become perceived too much as a “magician.” In this situation, having a reputation of ethics and strong values is what carries you over this hurdle so customers believe you.”

Easy Energy Finance

On this note, it appears that DUTV could be incorporating crypto into its future plans through Gaalswyk’s company Easy Energy Finance, which was “set up to promote the supply of Easy Energy Systems, Inc. clean energy waste conversion carbon capturing units by selling security tokens to cover the capital cost of its Modular Energy Production System”. EEF’s token would be sold in tranches ranging from $1 million to $40 million and, unlike other cryptos, it will be backed by a physical asset.

This approach could use the “Easy Energy Climate Token” and equipment on its balance sheet to raise capital to offer operating leases to plant operators. This means that its systems could reach end users for zero money down in some cases.

The end result would be a decentralized ‘grid’ of MEPS funded by the Easy Energy Climate Token and managed by EEF. The plant’s operators would then pay lease rental charges and a share of the profits from the MEPS back to EEF. These profits would also be returned to the token holders for the entire life of the system, meaning that as the number of installed systems increases so would the rate of return for token holders.

*Updated April 20th

First Merger

Meanwhile, DUTV has provided an important update to investors – sharing that Easy Energy Systems, Inc. will be the first merger for the company. Through this merger, EES’ patented MEPS technology will be brought under the DUTV umbrella including the $16 million initial investment which was spent developing, patenting, licensing, and testing its technologies. $12 million of this investment came from Gaalswyk’s personal finances which he accrued from Easy Automation, Inc. and his family’s 4,500 acre farming operation.

The company’s structure was also explained – clarifying that Gaalswyk will exchange controlling interest of EES in return for 100% ownership of Dakota Max, LLC. which currently owns controlling interest of DUTV.

Promising updates regarding the timing of its merger, DUTV also shared that although it will be “ramping up manufacturing, operations and sales of various Easy Energy Systems, Inc. technologies” it will take time before these revenues are fully reflected in DUTV’s quarterly reports.

Despite the lag, investors are bullish on DUTV’s potential thanks to not only its renewable energy technology but its technology’s ability to produce an organic certified liquid microbe fertilizer as well. According to Gaalswyk each unit would sell for around $1 million which its users would be able to repay in as little as 6 months. He elaborated further sharing that buyers have already tested the end product and are interested in purchasing more units thanks to its ability to replace roughly 1/3 of the fertilizer needed for 500,000 acres of corn.

Considering that demand for fertilizers is only expected to grow as the global population increases, this technology could prove to be a significant revenue stream for DUTV. However, its important to note that DUTV is likely a long-term hold for many investors who are waiting to see the company’s sales and financial growth over the next few quarters. In the short-term, investors are waiting to learn when the merger will be finalized and what companies are DUTV’s next merger targets. Renewable energy stocks like DUTV are popular investments given the current energy market, but DUTV seems ready to unleash technology with applications beyond just energy.

*Updated June 21st

Easy Modular Manufacturing Inc.

With the company looking to ramp up the production of its MEPS technology, DUTV incorporated Easy Modular Manufacturing, Inc. (EMMI) which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of DUTV. This incorporation is in line with the company’s direction under its Easy Modular Manufacturing division which will be responsible for manufacturing all technologies under DUTV’s umbrella.

Now, DUTV is set to begin manufacturing its revolutionary modules and expects to see large demand for its product. On this note, Gaalswyk is bullish that “DUTV should be showing revenue within the next two quarters”. In light of this, DUTV stock could be one of the renewable energy stocks with long-term potential.

Feed Earth Now Acquisition

To deliver on its growth plans, DUTV acquired Feed Earth Now, LLC (FEN) in exchange for 84 million restricted shares which were authorized and are currently in escrow. Over the past 10 years, FEN has been developing a soil microbe formula called Terreplenish from food waste that absorbs air and other microbes available in the soil. Through this product, farmers would be able to improve plant growth and control plant diseases. At the same time, this product releases legacy phosphorus available in the soil.

Terreplenish is unique because it generates a third of the required fertilizers for crops from the air rather than being manufactured in factories utilizing fossil fuels. Given that Terreplenish is derived from food waste, it could capitalize on the fact that a third of all food in the US is wasted. This disruptive product has been commercially available in limited quantities for several years and has been well received by customers after being applied to 100 different crops.

This fertilizer has been tested since 2012 by FEN and other third parties. But Gaalswyk saw the potential for a factory built Modular System to fully automate the entire process of making Terreplenish from green waste material. This “Fertilizer Plant in a box” can be set up all over the world and Gaalswyk believes that each plant will pay a per gallon license royalty fee back to FEN while EES monitors and optimizes the modular systems remotely.

With this goal in mind, Gaalswyk plans to integrate EMMI with EES to start manufacturing these modules in Minnesota with an aim of distributing them globally. Given that a project of this scale could be expensive to some customers, Gaalswyk intends to utilize Easy Energy Finance as a separate financing company. Through this, EEF will finance and lease the modules to customers in the form of a shared net revenue operating lease. At the same time, DUTV plans to secure a block from the $250 million USDA Government grant program to increase its production of these modules. If the company is able to secure this funding, DUTV could be set for significant financial growth. In light of this, many investors are holding DUTV stock for the long-term as it could be one of the best renewable energy stocks this year.

*Updated September 27th

Unaka Forest Products Deal

As the company is looking to ramp up the production of its modular systems, DUTV, alongside EES and EEF, entered into an LOI with Unaka Forest Products, Inc. and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. According to this deal, EES will provide Unaka with its modular system to showcase its capabilities at a Unaka site. At the same time, DUTV and Unaka will work together to raise funding in the form of grants, investor funding, or from the sale of EEF climate tokens. With this in mind, if the system is financed by the EEF climate tokens, it will be owned by EEF through the token holders and will lease it to Unaka. In that case, token holders would enter into a revenue share agreement where net profits will be shared with them. 

This system has the ability to process as much as 250 dry tons of wood residues into liquid sugar, biofuel, biochar, aviation fuel, as well as low-cost electricity. However, the system will initially operate at a 50 ton per day capacity until its completion. During the processing of dry wood, the system would be able to sequester thousands of tons of carbon per installation which would provide DUTV with extremely valuable carbon credits. On that note, the system is able to achieve these results since it comprises an auto segmentation system, a fuel generation system, an electrical generation system, a carbon sequestration unit, and a soil microbe module. In light of these capabilities, this deal with Unaka could prove to be extremely profitable for DUTV – making it one of the most intriguing renewable energy stocks.

Through these capabilities, the system would be able to showcase its ability to convert forest waste biomass into carbon negative electricity which could support local or main electrical grids. Moreover, this project intends to demonstrate the system’s ability to make low carbon aviation fuel by utilizing the plant. This system is set to cost $82 million initially to be installed with another duplicate system to be installed for $70 million. Based on this, DUTV stock has the potential to become one of the most profitable renewable energy stocks if this project shows its true potential.

TV Show

Considering EES’ substantial growth potential thanks to its modular system, the upcoming DUTV subsidiary was selected to be featured on a global TV show to showcase its disruptive technologies. Moreover, Gaalswyk will discuss an innovative method that would allow people around the world to help in funding the factory-built modular solutions. Considering the show’s global viewership of more than 40 million people, DUTV could be well positioned to build more modular systems if a significant portion of this viewership helps in the funding. 

Meanwhile, this show has led DUTV to not close its anticipated merger with EES yet since the show is about private companies with solutions to global problems. With this in mind, the show could be airing soon since it was initially scheduled to be aired on September 28, however, Gaalswyk shared that the show could be slightly delayed. Despite this, investors remain bullish on DUTV stock’s future prospects as the merger with EES appears to be on the horizon.

Climate Token

As for the EEF climate token, DUTV released the security for sale to provide operating leases to end user customers looking to install modular technologies. By issuing these tokens, DUTV expects to raise $100 million initially for EEF to purchase modular systems from EES and EMM. On that note, the tokens will be initially priced at $100 each with a minimum of $5 thousand per investor. Unlike other blockchain based tokens, the EEF climate token is backed by an actual asset and provides its holders a share revenue of 45% of the net operating profit for the entire life of the system. In light of this, this token could witness high demand which could make DUTV stock one of the most attractive renewable energy stocks.

DUTV Stock Financials

Looking at the company’s annual report, DUTV has convertible notes dating from 2002 to 2010. It also has three convertible notes with no date of issuance and maturity dates one year from its date of issuance. All together these notes total $1.6 million in outstanding balance and $2.2 million in accrued interest. The CEO – Mark Gaalswyk – does not own any shares nor the company’s CFO – Noemi Gil Espinal. However Dakota Max, LLC, which Gaalswyk would receive 100% ownership of upon the closing of the merger with EES, holds 2.2 million common shares. Currently, DUTV has $2.5 thousand in total assets and $4.1 million in liabilities. It has no revenue so far and a net loss of $214.7 thousand.

Looking at the company’s quarterly report, DUTV has convertible notes dating from 2002 to 2010. It also has three convertible notes with no date of issuance and maturity dates one year from its date of issuance. All together these notes total $1,690,127 in outstanding balance and $2,162,438 in accrued interest. The CEO – Mark Gaalswyk – does not own any shares nor the company’s CFO – Noemi Gil Espinal. However Dakota Max, LLC, which Gaalswyk has 100% ownership of, holds 2,280,584,037 common shares. Currently, DUTV has $5,135 in total assets and $4,116,478 in liabilities. It has no revenue so far and a net loss of $66,548.

Media Sentiment

@Yenom99 is confident in DUTV stock’s future prospects.

@JohnRSpano1 is bullish on DUTV’s potential to run.

Technical Analysis

renewable energy stocks DUTV stock chart

As one of the most promising renewable energy stocks, DUTV stock is currently trading at $.014 and shows resistances near .015 and .0175. Meanwhile, the stock has supports at .0129, .0103, and .008. Since announcing the LOI with Unaka, DUTV stock surged 40% as this deal could provide the company with as much as $152 million. Moreover, DUTV could further run when the TV show airs since it would signal that the merger with EES could be around the corner. For this reason, DUTV could be one to hold in anticipation of its upcoming catalysts.

DUTV recently broke through its MA resistance which has since turned into a support. With this in mind, DUTV could be on track to retest its resistance near $.015 in the near future on high volume. For this reason, bullish investors could find a good entry point at the current price level.

renewable energy stocks DUTV stock chart

With many investors bullish on DUTV’s long-term potential, accumulation is trending upwards and the MACD is bullish. Meanwhile, the RSI is holding at 53 which could indicate a strong run on enough volume. As for its share structure, DUTV has an AS of 7 billion, an OS of 3.5 billion, and a float of 1.2 billion.

DUTV Stock Forecast

A communicative CEO, Gaalswyk continues to gain investors’ trust as he delivers on his promises, increases transparency, and brings his promising companies and technologies under DUTV’s umbrella. Considering the company’s recent deal with Unaka, DUTV could be well-positioned to secure additional lucrative deals with other companies if the system shows its capabilities. Meanwhile, the EEF climate token could attract new investors to DUTV since the token is backed by a physical asset and provides its holders with a revenue share throughout the systems’ lifetime. However, many investors are anticipating the closing of the merger with EES since it could add substantial value to the company’s financials. As the TV show could be aired soon, DUTV stock could be one of the renewable energy stocks to watch this year in anticipation of the merger.

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