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Starting 2022 on a high note, United Communications Partners (OTC:UCPA) – a communication agency network with multiple subsidiaries throughout Europe – is one of the most active social media stocks this week. After UCPA’s subsidiary Tre-Konor, a full-service media agency with offices all over Europe, was acquired by Making Science – a leader in the digital marketing industry – UCPA witnessed a massive 212% increase overnight. In light of this promising acquisition, investors are bullish UCPA and its subsidiary could witness steady growth this year.

UCPA Stock News

Headquartered in Spain, Making Science operates in the digital advertising, data analytics and cloud industries – all of which are seeing rapid growth in 2022. As the first fastest-growing European company in the marketing and sales sector, Making Science is well-known for its partnerships with industry leaders such as Google, Meta and Amazon. As a part of its expansion strategy, Making Science recently acquired a 70% interest in UCPA in a transaction valued at 1.13 billion of the company’s OS.

Given its history of partnerships with various companies, Making Science’s acquisition of UCPA was no surprise. In fact, the company’s CEO – Jose Antonio Martinez Aguilar – has highlighted the company’s previous collaborations with Tre-Kronor along with its proven track record of excellent results.

In light of this, Aguilar believes this “partnership with the Tre-Kronor Media team will strengthen their position as a leader in Digital Marketing and AdTech in the region.” With this in mind, shareholders believe the acquisition could position Making Science for expansion in the US market – potentially leading to rapid growth for both companies.

Awarded the Best Media Agency in Sweden eight times in the past decade, Tre-Kronor has already achieved major success in Europe as Sweden’s first performance-based marketing agency. With various partnerships established with renowned companies such as Pfizer and BMW, shareholders believe the recent acquisition could prompt even more growth for Tre-Kronor in the months ahead.

On that note, Niclas Fröberg – Chairman of UCPA – believes that “Making Science offers UCP and Tre-Kronor Media an ability to strengthen the current service portfolio and improve the strength of the UCP group.” As of now, the company’s latest quarterly report highlighted impressive revenues of over $32 million along with over $3 million in cash. Additionally, UCPA reported zero debt and convertible notes.

Given UCPA’s solid financials and market cap of only $22 million, this acquisition could allow the company to grow even further in the industry – placing it among the promising social media stocks.

Media Sentiment

@JohnRSpano1 is bullish on UCPA given its long list of catalysts and latest PR

@BinDaddys highlights the company’s solid financial ground ahead of the acquisition..

Technical Analysis

Social Media Stocks - UCPA Stock Chart

Currently, UCPA is trading at $.0148 with a primary support of .0112 and a secondary support at .0046. Following its run-up on February 11th, the stock formed a new resistance at .0156. While accumulation is witnessing a steep downtrend, the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI is at 68 and continues to trend upwards – indicating the stock is overbought.

Social Media Stocks - UCPA Stock Chart

The steep fall in accumulation could be due to the increase in investors cashing out for profits. however, investors’ bullish sentiment is evident given the rising RSI – indicating the stock is extremely oversold – complemented by a bullish MACD. Given that the stock is trading near its resistance, bullish investors could secure a starter position on UCPA and average down on their investment as the RSI cools off.

UCPA Stock Forecast

With no debt and solid revenue, UCPA is well-positioned to capitalize on its recent acquisition. Investors are bullish on the company’s potential in 2022 in light of Making Science’s prominent presence in the European market. Investors’ anticipation is already driving the stock to new highs and could push it past its resistance sooner than expected. As the company expands further and ventures into this new market, it is well on its way to become one of the best social media stocks in 2022.

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