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TTCM Stock – Preparing for an AR Future

As an internet application developer, Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC: TTCM) is developing technologies related to Augmented Reality and blockchain as well as videos and images. Through its patents and licenses related to image authentication, TTCM is pursuing growth opportunities in imaging technology, blockchain technology, and its patent pending ARk technology. Based on these technologies, TTCM is developing a unique Fintech ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency. With plans to list on a foreign exchange, TTCM stock could emerge as a promising company as it develops this ecosystem.

TTCM Stock News

KlickZie App

One of TTCM’s assets is its KlickZie application which is based on the company’s patented trusted imaging technology and trusted image-based social interactions. By using this app, users will be able to verify and monetize their images which are invisibly marked and verified as original. In this way, KlickZie is working to become the world’s first imagery-based social portal network.

One advantage of this is that KlickZie’s technology can help address problems related to verifying images and videos online. Since there are trillions of online images and videos on the web which cannot be trusted, TTCM’s technology could be used for this purpose. For this reason, TTCM believes that its ability to offer universal trustability for ordinary images has substantial value.

Another feature of the platform, is that KlickZie users are also able to engage with images and videos on the platform. By clicking on the image, users are able to start a discussion with the owner and other people looking at the same image. The company’s reasoning behind this feature is that more users will be able to exchange information about the image itself rather than search independently for the same information. Since many people stumble across images on the web but do not know where they are from or who created them, KlickZie could potentially meet that need.

While there are other apps that mark, store, and track digital imagery, KlickZie is the only app that turns smartphones into trustable imagers while allowing image-based communication. The company is looking to build upon this by using its own blockchain – the zChain for short – which would allow KlickZie users to create smart contracts that would allow others to use the KlickZie images they own. These transactions would be facilitated by the company’s cryptocurrency – KLK.


TTCM is also developing ARknet technology – a Fintech patent pending technology – which is capitalizing on “ARks”. These are floating interactive pictures that are only visible to users of the ARKnet app which show the symbols floating around them using Augmented Reality. Currently, this service is targeting the global household goods and services market. The intention is to draw in customers using the symbol. Users could then click on the symbol to see the store’s Ark page containing information, pictures or videos of its specials, in-ARk purchase and checkout features, reviews, links, menus, social media profiles, etc. As is, TTCM intends to profit from businesses and advertisers which would pay to feature their customized ARk symbols based on their geolocations.

While TTCM envisions a future where all of this is made possible using Augmented Reality glasses, it is designing this system for phones using an app in the meantime. The app is already available in the Apple Store and is designed for virtual shopping, quickchats with store owners, and exploration using a catalog of ARks and a map featuring all ARk locations. The same system can be applied for tourism by mapping out local landmarks, real time game stats at sporting events, advertising, or even transportation.

TTCM has promoted the ARknet app a nationwide Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt and an official Guinness World Records attempt for the largest augmented reality scavenger hunt. Now it has even added a special feature for Bigfoot sightings after teaming up with “Matt Moneymaker” from Animal Planet’s “Finding BigFoot”. Considering the success of Pokemon Go! ARknet could find a similar niche for its technology.

Fueling this ecosystem is XAR – TTCM’s cryptocurrency. Users can earn XAR by performing different actions in the ecosystem like using the app, contributing to the community, viewing ads, or trading ARks which are minted as NFTs – this means people could potentially own ARks representing locations. This is one reason why TTCM sees its technology as a portal to the Metaverse and all the opportunities it brings with it.

Dual Listing

As the company works towards its project development milestones, TTCM is considering a dual listing with the Australian Stock Exchange or a European exchange. This is intended to increase transparency and shareholder sentiment as reflects in the price of the stock. However the dual listing committee leading this research was under the direction of TTCM’s Chief Advancement Officer – Micheal Nugent. It appears that Nugent has since become a former officer of the company and has already infringed upon TTCM’s patents since leaving the company.

However, if TTCM follows through on its listing plans the stock could see higher trading volume and the stock would benefit from additional liquidity from new investors.

TTCM Stock Financials

In terms of its financials, TTCM reported $61.6 thousand in assets for Q1 – declining from $144.8 thousand in the previous quarter – due to the company’s cash on hand decreasing from $119.4 thousand to only $39.9 thousand. The company also increased its liabilities to $5.1 million compared to $4.7 million. Meanwhile, TTCM reported only $31 in revenues – a decrease from $130 reported in Q4. Despite this, the company improved its net loss as it reported a net loss of only $491.7 thousand after reporting $2.6 million in the previous quarter. The company has debts related to its convertible notes and given its heavy operating expenses the company will need to find a new way of generating revenue until its technology is widely adopted.

Media Sentiment

@ChairmanOtc expects TTCM stock to break the penny mark.

Based on @DemolishStocks DD @WhalePenny is watching TTCM for a move up

Technical Analysis

TTCM stock chart

TTCM stock is currently trading at $.0014 and has a strong support at .0013. Meanwhile, TTCM has resistances at .0015, .0017, and .0019. TTCM has been witnessing a higher trading volume over the past three days – with over 205.9 million shares traded on June 7th. As a result, TTCM stock climbed 23%. However some have noted that the unrestricted shares have been increasing while the restricted shares decrease. This could add additional pressure on TTCM stock making it harder to run on these catalysts.

TTCM stock chart

Accumulation is trending downwards since the stock’s run to $.0017 and the MACD is bearish. The RSI is currently holding at 49. Given that the stock shows a strong support at $.0013, investors could watch to confirm TTCM holds its support after the drop in accumulation.

On that note, TTCM stock is trading below its 50 MA and 200 MA which could signal a drop near its support soon. TTCM’s share structure shows an AS of 6.4 billion and an OS of 5.9 billion. As for its float, it has not been updated since 2021, but it could be close to the 3.6 billion held at DTC.

TTCM Stock Forecast

With patented and licensed technologies, TTCM’s platforms – especially ARknet – are in a prime position to attract a large number of users. Given the potential of ARknet’s fintech ecosystem, TTCM could witness major growth once this platform is fully developed. Meanwhile, the KlickZie platform has the potential to introduce a new style of social networks while authenticating images and videos. While TTCM’s patents are potentially very valuable as the world moves towards wide-spread adoption of the Metaverse, the company faces the costs of developing and marketing its technology which appear to have held it back so far and in some cases hurt its long-term shareholders.

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