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Vegan Stocks To Watch Closely: Next Meats Holdings

Vegan stocks

With its ahead of the curve thinking and plans to expand its presence in more than 9 countries as well as plans to uplist to the NASDAQ, Next Meats Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NXMH) is one of the top vegan stocks on investors’ watchlist in 2022. Based in Tokyo, Japan, NXMH is a food-tech venture company developing and marketing Japanese-style meat alternatives in anticipation of a global shift in dietary preferences. With this in mind, its current PPS of $1.99 is highly undervalued.

NXMH Stock News

NXMH has been proactively developing and marketing the next generation of meat substitutes in anticipation of a global, dietary shift. Beginning its R&D in 2017, this food-tech venture company was listed on the OTC market earlier this year after partnering with the Toyota-Tsusho Corporation at the start of 2020. 

A trailblazer in its home-country, NXMH was the first alternative protein company to air a commercial in Japan. Thanks to a collaboration with the Japanese barbecue chain restaurant, Yakiniku Like, Next Meat’s plant-based Yakiniku will be regularly served throughout the country. Similarly, NXMH continues to introduce its products through event collaborations, namely with Wayback Burgers at the Sacramento Vegan Food Festival and IKEA Japan’s Sustainable Food Fair.

Wisely selecting the L.A. area for the launch of its e-commerce shop, Next Meats was warmly received in an area known for plant-based lifestyles and fusion cooking. As creator of the world’s first plant based Japanese barbecue meats, NXMH has already launched in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

However it’s selection of products – Next Burgers, Next Gyudon, Next Yakiniku, and Next Egg 1.0 – are intended to make the Next brand universal. With ambitious plans to reach consumers in the US, China, India, Russia, and parts of Europe, NXMH continues to grow its hold on the Japanese market as well by launching its egg alternative where egg consumption is surprisingly the world’s second highest after Mexico.

This quickly accelerating company has already announced plans to apply to the NASDAQ in the near future. But achieving these growth goals will require considerable infrastructure. In the past, speculators noted the connection between WB Burgers Asia, Inc. (WBBA) whose CEO, Koichi Ishizuka, is CFO of Next Meats.

This connection was confirmed when Wayback Burgers – one of America’s fastest growing burger franchises – signed a master franchise agreement with Wayback Burgers Asia Inc. (WBBA). Wayback Burgers has already announced its partnership with Next Meats Co. following their collaboration at the Sacramento Vegan Food Festival this summer. According to the agreement, WBBA will open 60 Wayback Burgers locations within the next 20 years and expects to open its first in the Tokyo area by early 2022.

Clearly impressed with NXMH’s Next Yakiniku, Wayback Burger’s CDO – William Chemero – shared that its “latest international partnerships with WBBA and Next Meats Co., will create a tremendous opportunity”. Together, Wayback Burgers and Next Meats Co. will collaborate closely to develop alternative meat offerings for the Asian market and given NXMH’s already well established brand there – the partnership will likely take NXMH to the next level.

Constantly innovating, NXMH released an upgrade to its signature barbecue meat – the “Next Yakiniku” – which has since become the “Next Yakiniku Short-rib 2.0“. The company also announced three new products – Next Pork, Next Tuna, and Next Milk – all of which were released in October after its successful launch of the Next Egg 1.0.

Considering that pork and seafood are staples of the typical Japanese diet, Next Meats products are specifically designed to appeal to its consumer base in Japan and help NXMH to take a healthy share of Japan’s market for alternative foods. Currently, the company sells many of its products via its e-commerce website for Japan whereas its recently launched US website offers a variety of starter and value pack deals for its plant-based steak, beef bowl, and ribs products.

The company also has plans to construct a new eco-friendly factory by the summer of 2022 which will include an R&D lab and production line to lower production costs. NXMH shared plans to construct a production facility in Singapore as well. Both of these facilities together could help NXMH create the cornerstone of an effective supply chain capable of meeting the increasing demand for plant-based meats.

The company has already broke ground on this factory which is an exciting step forward for the brand.

NXMH is preparing to launch in the US, China, India, France, Italy, Spain, and Russia. But has already tested the market for its products in the US with its e-commerce store launch. As the company continues its plans for expansion, NXMH could be one of the penny stocks to buy in 2022 – particularly in light of NXMH’s plans to uplist to the NASDAQ which seems increasingly probable.

Currently, the meat substitute market is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% for the period between 2018 and 2026. If correct, the market will have almost doubled by 2026 surpassing $6.5 billion in the process. Driven by growing veganism and food security concerns, this industry is one to watch as current trends are only likely to grow stronger.

Media Sentiment

With vegan stocks getting more popular, investor @warrior16win is confident that NXMH is not one to miss. Especially after this smooth landing.

Technical Analysis 

NXMH stock vegan stocks chart

Despite its strong fundamentals, NXMH has been caught in a down trend for the last two weeks. Currently trading at $1.99 with a support at 1.59 and a resistance around 3.11 and 2.38, NXMH’s RSI is showing at uptick at 50. The MACD has just become bullish and accumulation continues to trend upwards.

NXMH has a very appealing share structure with an AS and OS of 500 million – preventing dilution and locking the float. While 493 million shares are restricted, only 6 million are unrestricted. With the global demand for meat alternatives rising by the second and NXMH plans to uplist, NXMH could reach May’s high of $8 again in 2022. 

NXMH Stock Forecast

Upon listing on the OTC, NXMH reached $13 but has since gradually decreased to $1.99. Given this company’s strong fundamentals and accelerating brand, this stock’s undervalued PPS is a good entry point for anyone looking to get in before its uplisting plans. With more filings dropping, the potential of uplisting, increased brand recognition, and industry growth, NXMH could become one of the best vegan stocks out there. A high conviction play and long-term hold for many FinTwit influencers with growth potential that few OTC stocks can boast, NXMH is definitely the stock to watch going into 2022.

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