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VNTH Stock & Change in Management

With a new management in place, Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. (OTC: VNTH) is grabbing investors’ attention after the new management shared its intention to venture into a lucrative industry. Following this announcement, VNTH stock soared by as much as 280% before slightly cooling down. With this in mind, VNTH  stock is one to watch this month as the company promised to share more news regarding its business direction in the future. Meanwhile, many investors are confident VNTH could be undervalued at the moment considering the growth potential of its new business venture.

VNTH Stock News

VNTH has been on investors’ radar for a while now in light of its ongoing management dilemma. Last October, Frank Igwealor presented David Noah Kittle as VNTH’s President and CEO. Upon his appointment, investors’ apprehension was heightened given Kittle’s lack of management and leadership experience.

Following a series of events, the company recently announced Kittle has stepped down and continues to scout for a prominent CEO who is well-positioned to unleash VNTH’s true growth potential. The company assured investors that Kittle’s departure was not because of “any dispute or disagreement with the company or its BOD”. Instead, this change in management would facilitate a business redirection where VNTH could capitalize on opportunities in other growing industries.

However, Kittle’s step down was anything but ordinary. Upon his discharge, Kittle took to Twitter with a video detailing Frank Igweralor’s inability to deliver on his promises of providing the company with capital needed for a successful merger. Denying these allegations, Igwealor is implementing an aggressive growth strategy for VNTH.

Starting off, Igwealor plans to undergo a massive share reduction which could potentially lower the company’s AS from 100 billion to only 4 billion – leaving little to no room for dilution. Additionally, investors are speculating VNTH has multiple profitable mergers and acquisitions lined up within the Web3, Gaming, Crypto and Metaverse industries.

With this in mind, investors are bullish on VNTH’s future given Igwealor’s history of successful turnarounds of inactive companies such as JPEX, ILIM, and ICNM. With years of experience across the technology, education, and engineering industries, Igwealor is well-equipped to position VNTH for growth. As the company announced its ongoing search for a prominent CEO, investors are bullish that news is imminent and could prompt another run-up.

*Updated September 19th

With the company looking to appoint a new CEO, VNTH’s search is finally over as the company appointed EV charging stations entrepreneur Adam Matruski as president and CEO. Under Matruski’s leadership, VNTH is set to operate in the rapidly growing EV charging stations industry which is witnessing high demand thanks to the increasing adoption of EVs. While the company promised to share more news in the future, many investors are bullish on the VNTH’s long-term potential since the company shared its intention to grow the business through mergers and acquisitions. As anticipation continues to build up for these transactions, VNTH stock could be one to hold in anticipation of more news.

In addition to VNTH’s growth potential in its new business, investors are excited about the company agreeing to Alpharidge’s stipulation of no reverse split or unnecessary dilution for 24 months to protect shareholders’ value. For this reason, VNTH could be a relatively low risk investment especially since the company has no convertible debt. Considering the strong bullish sentiment surrounding the company, VNTH stock could be one of the most profitable holds this year if the company delivers on its promises. 

Media Sentiment

@ChaseMacTrades expects VNTH to continue running this week.

@slfairless is bullish VNTH could further run as more updates are shared by the company.

Technical Analysis

VNTH stock chart

VNTH stock is currently trading at $.0016 and has supports at .0012 and .0007. The stock also shows resistances near .0027 and .0045. After announcing its new president and CEO, VNTH ran by as much as 280% as investors are bullish on the company’s new business direction. With this in mind, VNTH has the potential to further run as the stock is receiving increased interest from Fintwit investors. 

Following the stock’s run to $.0027, VNTH dropped below its VWAP which could signal a retest of the $.0012 support. For this reason, bullish investors could find a good entry point on retests of this support if it holds. However, if VNTH breaks through this support, the stock could drop near $.0007 which has shown to be a strong support level. Despite this, VNTH could continue running if the company shares news regarding its new business direction.

VNTH stock chart

Accumulation plunged after VNTH’s impressive run mainly due to investors taking profits. Meanwhile, the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI cooled off significantly from 86 to 64 which could signal a run in the near future. VNTH has an OS of 3.2 billion and a float near 2.9 billion.

VNTH Stock Forecast

With the new management looking to pivot the company into the EV charging stations industry, VNTH is well-positioned to become profitable once the management delivers on its plans. While the management is yet to share news about this new business direction, investors are bullish any update could send VNTH stock on another run-up. Considering the rapid adoption of EVs across the nation, VNTH has major growth potential once it becomes operating in this industry. With this in mind, VNTH is planning for a series of mergers and acquisitions to kick start its venture into the EV charging industry. In light of this, VNTH stock could be a profitable investment for investors bullish on the EV industry especially at its relatively cheap PPS.

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