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CIVX Stock & Coke Hunter Hospitality Group

CIVX Stock

As a shell company, CTR Investments & Consulting, Inc. (OTC: CIVX) has been under the custodianship of Alpharidge Capital, LLC as the company sought a merger or acquisition. After searching for the right merger candidate, Alpharidge has found the opportunity for a business combination which will result in CIVX becoming a holding company for an already profitable company. Based on this news, CIVX stock moved on high volume and could see more action as its merger candidate releases more updates.

CIVX Stock Catalysts

After reaching an agreement to merge with Coke Hunter Hospitality Group, CIVX stock landed in the spotlight thanks to the potential this deal brings to the table. According to the agreement, CIVX will act as the holding company for Coke Hunter and all of its restaurants and subsidiaries.

As a hospitality group, Coke Hunter is well-known for its engagements with travel centers, gas stations, convenience stores, as well as diners and fast food places. As is, Coke Hunter operates its own brands in addition to national brand franchises. While Coke Hunter plans to continue pursuing opportunities with national brands, the company’s main focus is on growing its own brands. 

According to this deal, CIVX will initially acquire two WAYBACK Burgers restaurants with 100% and 40% ownership stakes. Following these acquisitions, CIVX will acquire three additional restaurants. The first one is a national brand dining place, while the other two will be restaurants under the HOT WINGS brand. At the same time, CIVX will acquire a number of travel centers, gas stations, and convenience stores that provide fast dining locations. In light of this, CIVX stock could be one to watch in anticipation of these acquisitions. 

Considering the scale of these acquisitions, CIVX expects to realize from $750 thousand to $1.5 million from each dining location annually, as well as $2 to $4 million from its travel centers and convenience stores per year. In this way, CIVX is projecting $20 million in revenues over the next 2 years. If the company is able to achieve these projections, CIVX stock could be extremely undervalued at its $3.9 million market cap.

The company highlighted that there is currently no limit to the number of units ie. travel centers and casual dining locations it plans on rolling up over the next 24-48 months. But depending on its capital, the company projects that it will roll up at least 15-20 units.

While the company is clearly focused on the hospitality segment, CIVX is expected to continue pursuing additional acquisitions in other industries unrelated to the food and beverage industry. Given that this agreement is expected to close in Q2, CIVX stock could push back to $.005 or higher with the roll out of its solid plans.

It is worth mentioning that Pete Iodice is set to become CIVX’s new president upon the closure of the deal. As the chairman of Artemis Acquisition Corp, Iodice has been a convenience store developer since 1978 developing and operating more than 75 travel centers and convenience stores over the last 25 years. 

Over the last 10 years, Iodice has been engaged in integrating a quick serve restaurant group into Artemis’ business model. Through this, Artemis holds the franchises for several major national brands in the nation. In light of this success, Artemis founded Coke Hunter in 2021 to include its casual dining operations under one umbrella. Considering Iodice’s vast experience, many investors are bullish CIVX stock could could continue to grow under Iodice’s management.

With this in mind, CIVX agreed with Coke Hunter to approve a new board list with at least two independent directors to become compliant with OTC uplisting requirements. Additionally, CIVX agreed with Alpharidge that it would not pursue a reverse split for the next 24 months in order to maintain shareholders’ value. Based on this, CIVX stock has a number of upcoming catalysts and lucrative plans which could make make it one of the best performing OTC stocks this year.

CIVX Stock Financials

Although the company has not reported any revenues or assets given its status as a shell  company, CIVX could witness major financial growth in 2022. Considering the company’s revenue projections of $20 million over the next 2 years, CIVX could potentially be in a strong financial position to pursue more growth opportunities in the future.

As is CIVX has no convertible notes and its only new issuance were 50 restricted, preferred shares to Community Economic Development Capital, LLC. due to the custodianship.

Media Sentiment

@WhalePenny has a good feeling about CIVX

@WishfulTH1NKin is bullish on CIVX given that Travel Center Partners already makes $22 million per year through its 5 locations.

Technical Analysis

CIVX stock

Currently CIVX stock is trading at .0018 after dipping. It shows a resistance at .0028 and .002 with a support at .0016 and .0011. The RSI is resting at 47 while accumulation has continued to climb with some ups and downs since March. The MACD is currently bearish but could see another crossover soon.

CIVX stock

While CIVX saw 27 million in volume on the 18th that dropped to 3.5 million on the 19th. With more announcements from the company which will likely come from CIVX’s new Twitter account the stock could push through its resistance on volume.

As is CIVX has an OS of 2.19 million with 1.9 million unrestricted. Its float has recently been updated to 1.9 million.

CIVX Stock Forecast

While many shell companies end up with underwhelming mergers, CIVX has the potential to become a highly sought after stock thanks to its deal with Coke Hunters. Given Coke Hunters’ various franchises and brands, CIVX could be well-positioned for major growth in the future.

According to its plans, the company will be diving further into the casual dining business by acquiring two WAYBACK burgers locations, two HOT WINGS restaurants, and another casual dining restaurant tied to a national brand. With the company planning to appoint two independent directors to meet uplisting requirements, a future uplisting could be on the table.

Considering the impressive growth achieved under Iodice who is set to become CIVX’s new president, CIVX could witness similar growth thanks to his experience in this space. As more details are shared with the public CIVX stock could easily pick up steam making CIVX one to watch for more news.

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