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Top Penny Stocks To Hold In 2022

Historical data has proved that a long-term, buy-and-hold investment strategy tends to be more effective relative to shorter-term, active techniques. However, at Penny Stocks Today, we realize the time and research it takes to come up with a successful long-term investment strategy. With this in mind, we are bringing you our picks for the top penny stocks well-positioned for long-term growth potential. From the technology to biotech industries, this article lays out everything you need to know about emerging leaders – CYBL, RGBP and INTK.

1. CYBL Stock News

First off, CYBL! As a trusted provider specializing in designing, developing, and marketing portable lighting products, Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) has always been among the list of top penny stocks for investors.

2021 was a year of remarkable growth for CYBL owing to the company’s numerous investments in the growing spaces of unmanned aircraft systems, renewable energy, and high bandwidth infrastructure. In light of these efforts, the company ended the year on a high note with a whopping 27% increase that pushed the company’s year-end revenue from $5.2 million up to $6.6 million. This growth was mostly stimulated by the company’s acquisition plans of renewable energy financing company – HAVAS Group S.A.S and global telecommunications provider – FBD Group SHPK.

Taking note of this success, investors have kept CYBL on their watchlist as the company anticipates a net income of $44.8 million in 2022 – a substantial 47% increase from last year. This anticipated growth could be attributed to the company’s efforts in Operation Alpha 2021 Plan which is designed to drive growth, address target markets, and gain business velocity. CEO Mark Schmidt highlights Operation Alpha’s major success saying: “Only six months into the company transformation with the launch of Operation Alpha, and our revenue growth is almost 50% higher than we initially imagined for 2022.” In light of these factors, CYBL could be a profitable stock to hold throughout 2022. For a more in-depth dive into CYBL stock, you can read our article.

Through their official twitter account @CyberluxC , CYBL has been updating investors on its 2022 Roadmap. Read more about Cyberlux here…

2. RGBP Stock News

As an emerging biotech company, Regen BioPharma Inc. – (OTC: RGBP) and (OTC: RGBPP) – has been making notable contributions to the overall industry and particularly in immunology and immunotherapy spaces. For years, the company has been developing its portfolio of patented treatments to position itself as a leader. 

RGBP’s management expects major growth for the company in 2022. To prepare for this, the company has made it a priority to clear its balance sheet throughout 2021. By issuing roughly 706.4 million common shares and 23.7 million Series A Preferred shares, RGBP managed to pay off debts equivalent to $539,392 as well as settle convertible notes amounting to $1,023,454.

Entering 2022, the company reported a total of $727,162 cash on hand along with $171,194 in revenue and $1.2 million in assets. Even though the company continues to operate with a net loss of $6.7 million – it is not unusual considering that biotech companies tend to move on binary events. 

Additionally, the company’s latest 10-K instilled investors’ confidence as it shows CEO – David Koos – holding common 3.18 million common stock shares – 38% of A Preferred shares – along with 26.14% of M Preferred shares and 100% of AA Preferred and NC preferred shares. His heavy insider ownership in the company is definitely a bullish sign that the company is heading for even more growth this year. 

Given that the stock is currently trading at $.0115, RGBP could break through its resistance of .0141 and reach $.0159 as investors regain their confidence in this long-term play. With this in mind, check out our article and decide for yourself whether RGBP is one of the top penny stocks to hold in 2022.

Investor @Weezus420 seems bullish on RGBP following news from the company’s CEO.

3. INTK Stock News

Capitalizing on the global nanotechnology industry, Industrial Nanotech Inc. (OTC: INTK) manufactures and produces products that save energy, protect assets, and reduce carbon footprint. Given its history of partnering with leading laboratories in nanotechnology, INTK’s products are now sold through a global network of distributors to prominent market players including NASA, Nestle, and Walmart – all of which paved the way for the company to position itself as an emerging leader.

After becoming current with the OTCmarkets in Q4 2021, the company has been outlining its roadmap for growth in 2022. Through its subsidiaries, INTK expects to generate sales up to $64 million by the end of Q4 2022 – $19 million from Italian distributors and $45 million from EU distributors. In addition to this, the company is launching a new product – Talking Paint – which is positioned to generate an additional sales of $30 million this year.

To facilitate further growth, INTK is currently in the process of establishing a manufacturing facility in South Carolina that will help it expand production and generate additional sales this year. In light of this, the company intends to uplist to NYSE or NASDAQ in the near future while it is currently trading at .0234, INTK stock could go on a run and possibly break its resistance of $.0302 on news of its facility or an increase in its sales revenue.

For a more detailed overview, click here for everything you need to know about INTK.

Should You Buy?

These 3 top penny stocks share something in common –  a continuous effort to expand and position themselves among industry giants. Clearly, these efforts have been paying off as 2021 was a year of major growth for CYBL, RGBP, and INTK. Given that all 3 stocks are currently trading under a dollar, investors could find now a good entry point on these cheap penny stocks as they are showing a promising outlook this year. With this in mind, bullish investors could find CYBL, INTK, or RGBP a profitable long-term investment that portrays an attractive risk-reward ratio.

If you have questions about INTK, RGBP, CYBL stocks and where it could be heading next feel free to reach out to us in our free alerts room!


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