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NAFS Stock – Best Cheap Stocks To Buy Today

best cheap stocks to buy today NAFS stock

North America Frac Sand, Inc. (OTC: NAFS) has been grabbing investors’ attention lately after filing its Q1 and Q2 financials to become Pink Current. With many investors speculating updates from the company could be imminent, NAFS stock climbed more than 62% this month and continues to gain traction among Fintwit investors. With this in mind, investors are speculating that NAFS could merge with a DeFi company in the near future which would be in line with the company’s OTC profile. In light of this, NAFS stock could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today as the stock could soar on any news from the company.

NAFS Stock News

Back in 2021, NAFS’ controlling block was acquired by Franjose Yglesias with an aim of changing the company’s business direction from the telehealth industry to the growing blockchain industry. Although NAFS has not shared any updates regarding this new business direction, investors are speculating updates could be imminent. 

These speculations have been fueled by NAFS’ recent filing of its Q1 and Q2 financials allowing the company to become Pink Current. Based on this, NAFS stock has been climbing over this month – with the stock surging 62%. As the company is gaining traction among FinTwit investors at the moment, NAFS stock could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today to capitalize on its momentum.

With this in mind, NAFS previously updated its OTC profile highlighting that it is a DeFi company aiming to explore investment opportunities in the DeFi sector within Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, investors are increasingly bullish on NAFS’ future plans as the company is looking to add value to shareholders through increasing the stock’s PPS and adopting a progressive dividend policy. 

Since this policy virtually guarantees higher dividend every year for investors, NAFS appears to be confident its earnings could grow substantially in the long-term. In light of these plans, NAFS is emerging as one of the best cheap stocks to buy today as these plans could provide major value to shareholders in the future.

In the meantime, investors are speculating NAFS could be on track to announce updates soon including a potential merger with Assetcoin. As a financing and lending institution, Assetcoin has an ecosystem of companies that support its business across a blockchain platform. Since this business is largely identical to NAFS’ OTC profile, investors are bullish a merger with Assetcoin could be on the horizon. Moreover, NAFS and Assetcoin have the same agent and both companies are registered in Wyoming following NAFS’ filing of a dissolution article for its Florida registration. 

Meanwhile, Assetcoin recently had an offering of a maximum 5 million tokens at $1. With Assetcoin clearly looking to be a public company, a merger with NAFS could be a realistic outcome. While these speculations may not be true, NAFS could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today as news could be around the corner.

Media Sentiment

Shout out to @DeepBlueEquity for the extensive DD on NAFS.

@ecgreendays believes updates could be coming soon after NAFS became Pink Current.

Technical Analysis

best cheap stocks to buy today NAFS stock chart

Currently trading at $.0049, NAFS is on an upward trend and has supports at .0035 and .0023. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistance near .005 and .0063. With speculations growing regarding a potential merger with Assetcoin, NAFS has been surging and retested its resistance multiple times. With the stock gaining traction among FinTwit investors, NAFS could be poised to run near $.01 if buying pressure continues increasing. Currently, the stock is trading above its MAs which is a bullish sign that NAFS could continue its run. While the stock failed to break through its resistance recently, NAFS could be on track to break through it in the near future if the stock continues to gain momentum in anticipation of updates from the company.

best cheap stocks to buy today NAFS stock chart

With anticipation brewing for updates from NAFS, accumulation is trending upwards and the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI is holding at 60 which could signal a run for NAFS in the near future. In light of this, NAFS could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today. As is NAFS has an OS of 495.7 million and a float near 282.5 million.

NAFS Stock Forecast

While the company has not shared updates since last summer, NAFS could be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today thanks to the speculations regarding its potential merger with Assetcoin. If these speculations prove to be true, NAFS could be poised for a major run given the growth potential of the DeFi industry. Although these speculations may not be true, NAFS is shaping to be one of the best cheap stocks to buy today as updates could be imminent as the company is now Pink Current.

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