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Infrastructure Stocks on the Rise – Bourque Industries, Inc.

News that Bourque Industries, Inc. (OTC: BORK) became current last month has stirred up interest among investors looking for infrastructure stocks that could benefit from the administration’s new infrastructure bill. A developer of metal alloys using revolutionary processes, Bourque Industries’ products are used in a variety of industries such as ballistic armor, electrical, aviation, automotive, mining, and agriculture. BORK took a plunge earlier this quarter due to complications in its custodianship process, but is seeing a reversal after launching its new website which has led to a 28% increase so far.

BORK Stock News

BORK was previously trading at $.0197 until a custodianship play by Paul Moody triggered a 98% drop in mid November. Investors who were bullish on BORK’s founder – John Borque – executing the custodianship, briefly became disillusioned with the company. However, as BORK became pink current, Paul Moody dropped his custodianship attempt and the PPS increased 21% after the initial over-reaction which triggered the sell-off.

As a company with a low float of around 235 million, zero dilution, and $6 million in patents, BORK has significant potential. Choosing to renew its operations in the metal alloy industry – expected to reach $149,200 million in global revenue by 2025 – BORK is definitely one of the infrastructure stocks which could benefit from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Investing heavily in the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, power grids and much more, the government is expecting the domestic metals and mining industries to supply growing demand.

With this in mind, Bourque Industries is particularly appealing because its wealth of patents include its Kryron metal alloying process. This process uses nanotechnology to fundamentally alter common metals to form “ultra-high performing super alloys” with commercial and industrial applications. This means, BORK can use its patented process to create super alloys from aluminum, copper, and steel.

Before falling into inactivity, BORK’s “Level III stand-alone Kryron Terminator Armor” was certified by the National Institute of Justice – qualifying BORK’s body armor for purchase by US law enforcement agencies looking to protect their frontline officers. But its “Kryronized alloys” can also be used in the agricultural, wire, automotive, and mining industries as well as for ballistic body armor used by the military and law enforcement.

At the moment, BORK is providing price quotes for its Kyron materials used in personal body armor, vehicle plates, new battery technology, and oil pipelines, as well as automotive and power grid wire. While the company has not been producing any Kyron-based products since falling out of operation, BORK appears ready to restart its operations.

BORK has since launched its impressive website detailing Kyon’s numerous applications to powergrids, vehicle armor, batteries, personal body armor, and aerospace as well as heat sinks and LED. With over 20 years of industry experience and over 2 thousand pleased clients, BORK will likely hit the ground running in 2022.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @Alanweedspan and @Jcazz17 have held BORK long term and the website’s big reveal was definitely worth the wait.

Technical Analysis 

infrastructure stocks BORK stock chart

After a 28% increase on December 28th, BORK is trading at $.019 with a support at $.0134 and as primary resistance around $.02 as well as a secondary resistance at $.023. The RSI is currently overbought at 74 as accumulation shows an uptick. The MACD is currently bullish.

Now that BORK has launched its website, investors have begun accumulating shares pushing it into overbuying. As long-term holders take profits after this increase, accumulation will likely stay strong and new investors could find a suitable entry point once the RSI cools.

Bork Stock Forecast

With $6 million in patents including its patented Kyron alloy process, BORK is shaping up to be one of the major infrastructure stocks on the OTC market. The stock’s low float and recently launched website leave room for BORK to retest its resistance at $.023 with updates from its management.

So far, the company has remained silent leaving many investors waiting to see the company’s long-term strategy for generating revenue. However, those bullish on infrastructure stocks’ potential could find a good entry point for investing in BORK.

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