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Hydrogen Energy Stocks – PBS Holding Inc.

With years of experience, PBS Holding, Inc. (OTC: PBHG) has produced a system to enhance and improve its consumers’ health. Growing its portfolio through strategically acquiring and developing companies with potentially lucrative projects, PBHG caught investors’ attention with an overnight increase of 210% at the end of December related to Metaverse speculation. PBHG has lost its momentum in part due to dilution and is trading at $.0007 currently, but could be worth watching as it is one of the few hydrogen energy stocks.

PBHG Stock News

Edward Vasker – PBHG’s Co-founder and CEO – is well-known in the OTC market for running multiple companies such as Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc. (UITA), ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM), and Sutimco International Inc. (SUTI). For over 25 years of experience, Vakser has been an entrepreneur and an investor involved across various industries. He invented a hybrid of products and services and worked on several intellectual property concepts including Artfest International. 

For 12 years, Vasker has used his technological and financial expertise to capitalize on business opportunities. In light of this, he has won several growth and performance industry awards and is known for producing some of the largest corporate, entertainment, and direct marketing events.

Under his leadership, the company has witnessed major growth through multiple mergers and acquisitions. Since 2020, PBHG has been venturing into the cannabis market to expand its product line through a lease and operations deal with Greenlight farm for the purposes of growing, and processing cannabis products.

PBS Holding also holds an exclusive distribution agreement from the licensee of the officially licensed Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™ Framed 3D artwork. PBHG works with Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC to market its “Paper Tolle Art” product line using its network of veteran sales representatives with access to large retail chain stores. The process for creating this artwork is only available to PBHG, which also acquired exclusive rights and technology for converting hydrogen and oxygen into fuel. The company’s operations related to this technology operate through its subsidiary Water To Fuel Technology Inc., making it one of the few hydrogen energy stocks.

But through its direct sales group’s program – “De Vie Sun” – PBHG is developing its first initiative to distribute products designed to enhance consumers’ health and wellness through high energy drinks and nutritional supplements.

Overall, the company is focused on the development, marketing, and distribution of nutritional and functional beverages for consumers which are marketed through its Enterprise Software Sales channel “Startfest Direct”.

Currently, Starfest Direct is being updated and redesigned to accommodate new digital technologies, transactional processing, and a new exchange system to reflect recent developments in digital currencies. While details regarding this remain unclear, there is speculation among investors that the company’s effort to digitize operations might be the start of its venture into the metaverse.

As of its latest quarterly report, PBHG reported $1,792,326 in assets, $489,284 in net income, $249,715 cash on hand, and $1,084,802 in liabilities. Even though the company is currently operating with a net loss of $238,307, PBHG seems poised for growth in the new year as speculation of metaverse ventures circulates amongst investors. Financials aside, the company has a solid share structure with an AS of 5 billion and OS of 4.59 billion – leaving little room for dilution.

On that note, PBHG also has heavy insider ownership as its recent report shows that Vasker owns 1.48 billion shares, and the company’s consultant – Thomas Stokes – owns a total of 215 million shares. This acts as a sign of the management’s bullish sentiment moving forward.

However, investors have been speculating that something may be brewing beneath the surface for PBHG and Sutimco International Inc. (SUTI) which signed a strategic distribution deal on Jan 14th, 2020. This appears to be directly tied to SUTI’s latest update which hinted at its Metaverse plans while detailing how it and a host of other companies will be working together to launch MJ NFTs and MJVC tokens.

Media Sentiment

@BawzRs and @SuperRobotOTC believe that SUTI could see a sympathy run similar to PBHG once the news is released.

Technical Analysis

hydrogen energy stocks PBGH stock chart

Currently, PBHG is trading at its primary support near $.0007 with resistance at .0012 and a secondary resistance formed in the run-up at .0022. Accumulation has flatlined following the run and the MACD is bullish but approaching a crossover. The RSI is at 47.

hydrogen energy stocks PBHG stock chart

Given these indicators, it appears PBHG has played its momentum out. Despite rumors of a potential metaverse-related collaboration between SUTI and PBHG, there has not been an uptick in accumulation showing that there is little pushing PBHG forward.

PBHG Stock Forecast

Although the company caught investors’ attention thanks to Metaverse speculation, it could be worth watching since it is one of the few hydrogen energy stocks on the OTC. Whether PBHG will see another 210% run any time soon remains to be seen. But given speculation of a Metaverse-related venture between SUTI and PBHG, this company could be back in the news again for a similar run-up on its low float of 21 million.

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