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Low Float Stocks To Invest In This Year

low float stocks

OTC investors are looking for the next 1000% runners now that volume is returning to the market. After seeing huge runs from Protext Mobility Inc. (OTC: TXTM), Cruzani Inc. (OTC: CZNI), and others, investors are speculating that the season for low float stocks is coming up next.

With this in mind, now could be the perfect time to invest in bottomed out low float stocks which have previously run hundreds of percent. But for the best chance of finding a runner, these low float stocks must meet certain criteria. For this reason we’ve identified 10 promising low float stocks that are pink current, have active management, and little to no convertible notes. Since these stocks ran in the past, there is a good chance that their management will introduce new catalysts that could trigger another run this year.

Investing a little now in each of these stocks could go a long way in the future if even one or two of our picks reach 50% of their pre-bear market highs. To find other potential low float runners, join our free alerts room for daily updates.

Low Float Stocks: APSI Stock

Aqua Power Systems Inc. (OTC: APSI) is now an SEC reporting shell company that is exploring opportunities for a merger or an acquisition. Shell companies have become valuable investments after the SEC’s Rule 15c-211 in 2021 and APSI appears to be on track to securing a profitable merger with a revenue generating company after holding talks with a candidate in July.

Another catalyst to watch for is APSI’s potential uplisting to the OTCQB since the company received a special invite to uplist. The company has already submitted its application and could release more news regarding its merger candidate soon. Currently trading at $.24, APSI stock is down 37% from its 52-week high which offers a potential 60% upside to investors if it retests this high in the future. But given its micro-float, the stock could push past this resistance depending on the catalyst.

  • Float: 17.1 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: APSI has been relieved from its convertible notes and accrued interest based on a court ruling in 2021.
  • 52 Week High: APSI reached a high of $.4 in the past 52 weeks.

Pending Catalysts

As the company is still in talks for a merger or an acquisition, APSI could soar if a deal is finalized. The company recently held talks with a target company that increased its revenues from $49 million in 2020 to $95 million in 2021 and discussed the transaction structure. If this target company closes a deal with APSI, the stock would go from a shell company with no revenue to a very profitable company with the potential for continued revenue growth. Considering the impressive runs that Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV) and JPX Global, Inc. (OTC: JPEX) had after identifying a merger, APSI has the potential to be one of the best low float stocks to buy now.

For more information about APSI stock, check out our article on the company.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks APSI stock chart

APSI has a clear resistance at $.30 but after this level there is not much in the way of resistances until $.38. Recently the MAs had a death cross but APSI closed on a green candle as its RSI moved up to 53. Accumulation has also been increasing steadily since March. Overall, this indicates that investors have been taking the opportunity to buy more shares in advance of its APSI’s expected merger. For investors looking to take a new position, an entry point near its support at $.21 would be optimal.

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Low Float Stocks: ZUKI Stock

Operating in the crypto-powered play-to-earn sphere, Zuki Inc. (OTC: ZUKI) is developing a blockchain-based gaming platform and a utility token. Considering the rapid growth of the metaverse and NFTs, ZUKI could become successful once its gaming platform is launched.

The Zuki Gaming Platform has been beta tested inside the Real Madrid Football Club app, Facebook, and Twitter where it was able to attract 1.4 million users across 226 countries. Many investors believe blockchain gaming could be the future of the industry and based on ZUKI’s unique gaming platform, the stock could see a run up as it prepares to release its game. As is, ZUKI has an unusually low float which could make it one of the best low float stocks to buy in anticipation of its upcoming catalysts.

  • Float: 6.4 million shares.
  • Convertible Notes: ZUKI has 2 notes convertible into series A preferred shares which will mature on December 31st.
  • 52 Week High: The stock reached a high of $.96 making ZUKI a bargain at its current PPS.

Pending Catalysts

Although the company has not released its platform yet, ZUKI is currently developing its minimum viable product (MVP) in preparation. With this in mind, ZUKI expects its MVP to be ready by the end of July which could mark the launch of its gaming platform as well. Considering that the blockchain gaming industry is growing at a substantial rate, the launch of ZUKI’s platform could trigger a run for this micro-float stock. In light of this, ZUKI has the potential to become one of the best low float stocks to buy since the stock is down 78% from its 52-week high. 

For a full breakdown on ZUKI stock and its upcoming platform, check out our article.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks ZUKI stock chart

ZUKI is currently trading at $.21. The stock has several resistances which have been broken with higher than average volume in the past. The MAs appear to be coming together for a possible golden cross which could signal an emerging upwards trend. The RSI is at 48 but accumulation has been climbing since January. Bullish investors could accumulate shares below the $.24 resistance since ZUKI typically runs on press releases and new updates from management.

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Low Float Stocks: NICH Stock

Nitches Inc. (OTC: NICH) is disrupting the fashion industry by integrating NFTs with high-end clothing and accessories. To facilitate growth for its business, NICH is constantly collaborating with celebrities for the production of unique clothing lines as well as NFT collections. NICH has a competitive advantage because it developed the first authentication platform for the fashion industry – the Owner Verification System (OVS™) mobile app. This technology allows NICH to protect and authenticate luxury products, apparel, and streetwear clothing items.

The company is also developing its own metaverse where users will be able to create 3D avatars dressed in NICH’s latest clothing designed in partnership with celebrities. A communicative company, NICH has consistently kept its shareholders up to date and could be one of the best low float stocks to buy as the company offers its OVS app to other businesses that want to protect their products, apparel and clothing from counterfeiting.

  • Float: 4.7 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: Company paid off all its debt notes
  • 52 Week High: $.76 – NICH could run 1884% from its current PPS to retest this high

Pending Catalysts

With the company working on several projects, the most anticipated catalyst is the minting of its Peace on Marz NFT collection. Although an official date has not been set for minting yet, the company’s CEO, John Morgan, expects minting to begin in the coming weeks. Given the stock’s history of massive runs on positive news, NICH could be one of the low float stocks to consider buying since the stock is bottomed out and trading at the same PPS as it was in August of 2021.

To find out more about Nitches technology and its applications to counterfeiting in the fashion industry, check out our in-depth dive on the company.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks NICH stock chart

NICH has seen an uptick over the last few days and is now trading at its 200 MA and above the VWAP. The stock has a resistance at .046 which it tested recently. Accumulation has been trending upwards since February despite the drop in price and the RSI has settled at 49. Investors looking for an entry point should watch for NICH to drop near its supports at .032 or .026 for the best entry.

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Low Float Stocks: RGST Stock

Everdime Technologies, Inc. (OTC: RGST) is an emerging company in the blockchain space developing a platform for artists and crypto enthusiasts where they can create their own NFTs and tokens. RGST is also developing its own Everdime token to facilitate these transaction on the platform.

Currently in beta testing, Everdime’s app provides access to more than 50 blockchains and will be supported by all Android and IOS devices. In addition, the app will feature a game building platform where users will be able to import NFTs in 2D and 3D metaverses and customize these NFTs as avatars. Considering the growing interest in applications for NFTs and the metaverse, RGST could be one of the best low float stocks in the blockchain industry. 

  • Float: 4.9 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: RGST has $526.8 thousand in accounts payable and debt, but none of these liabilities can be converted into shares.
  • 52 Week High: $.74 – 426% upside from RGST’s current PPS

Pending Catalysts

Considering its applications in the NFT and Metaverse spheres, the release of the eDime app is a major catalyst to watch. With this in mind, eDime’s launch could be approaching soon since the app is already in beta testing and the company has shared a screenshot of the app. Given that RGST’s float is extremely low, the stock has the potential to surge when eDime is finally launched. In light of this, RGST could be one of the low float stocks to hold onto this year for updates from its management.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks RGST stock chart

Overall accumulation has been trending down and the RSI is holding at 49. The stock has very low volume with an average volume of only 8,786. Right now, RGST is trading at $.12 right at the 50 MA. The stock shows resistances at $.20, $.24, and $.40, for the stock to retest its 52-week high the company will need to release a significant update to bring volume back to the stock.

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Low Float Stocks: NXMR Stock

After acquiring Emco and Defenders Contracting, NextMart, Inc. (OTC: NXMR) has expanded its business into the oil industry. These acquisitions allowed NXMR to establish itself as a player in the Permian Basin since Emco is already a major oil service provider in this lucrative oil field.

Looking to capitalize on the demand for commercial truck and water services in this area, Emco launched an acquisition program for more water rights in New Mexico to increase the capacity of its water stations which provide services to more than 60 clients in the area. Given that the company is exploring additional expansions in the Permian Basin, NXMR stock could be one of the best value low float stocks at its current PPS.

  • Float: 41.3 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: $180 thousand convertible note issued in 2014 with $177 thousand in outstanding balance.
  • 52 Week High: $.149 – offering 841% upside from its current PPS

Pending Catalysts

NXMR is planning 3 acquisitions and investors are expecting PR with the details of these acquisitions to be released soon. The company’s previous acquisitions triggered run ups for the stock and NXMR could see another run based on these acquisitions. The stock is currently trading at the same price as it was in August of 2021. Since the stock is bottomed out, this announcement could help bring volume back to the stock which would make now a good time to take a position in this low float stock.

For more information on NXMR stock check out our in-depth article on the company. 

Technical Analysis

low float stocks NXMR stock chart

NXMR is currently trading at $.0158 – very close to its support at .014. Since the stock is bottomed out, now could be a good time for bullish investors to accumulate shares in anticipation of the company’s acquisitions and updates. The stock has dropped 54% since the start of July and the RSI is currently at 46. Although accumulation had been trending upwards since April, it took a dip at the end of June. Despite releasing positive PR regarding its new water stations and acquisition of an oil field service company – the stock remains down.

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Low Float Stocks: NUGN Stock

Venturing into several industries, NuGene International, Inc. / Livento Group LLC (OTC: NUGN) is focused on film and TV production and real estate development as well as creating AI and machine learning products. Currently, NUGN is working on several production projects through its subsidiary BOXO Productions – most notably a movie based on Stan Lee’s Carnival of Killers. As for its real estate development division, NUGN recently signed a strategic consultancy agreement with a hotel in Tenerife – one of the Canary Islands. 

NUGN has also developed a revolutionary AI-powered portfolio management system – Elisee. This system was tested over a period of 4 years and showed positive results after outperforming the Dow Jones and S&P tracker funds. Based on this system’s performance, Elisee was selected for live testing with a German fund trading on the DAX exchange. Given the company’s successful ventures into these lucrative industries, NUGN could be one of the low float stocks to hold for the long-term.

  • Float: 168.4 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: No convertible notes.
  • 52 Week High: Reached a high of $.2 after the removal of its shell risk status – a 262% increase from its current PPS.

Pending Catalysts

The company has filed all the documents required for its name change and has also filed its form 10 with the SEC to become a fully reporting company. In light of this, NUGN could be on track to uplist to the OTCQB based on the management’s plans. Another catalyst to watch closely is the testing of Elisee. If the testing is successful, NUGN could be well-positioned to bolster its revenues. As these catalysts roll out, NUGN could be well positioned for a run making now a good time to take a position in this low float stock.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks NUGN stock chart

NUGN is currently trading at $.0547 after touching a strong support at .0296 earlier in July. Right now, NUGN is trading above both MAs which is a bullish sign. Accumulation has also been trending upwards since the start of 2022. While the stock is not fully bottomed out, the company’s upcoming catalysts could make now a good time to take a position as the stock has seen a 96% increase in the last 9 days.

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Low Float Stocks: EGYF Stock

Developing AI-powered nano-sensor based applications, Energy Finders, Inc. (OTC: EGYF) is capitalizing on the growing demand for smart applications in the energy, environment, and critical infrastructure sectors. With the company aiming to solve global issues using its solutions, EGYF intends to commercialize these solutions through licensing or JVs. Based on this business model, EGYF will utilize its connections and sales channels to commercialize its technologies while its partners develop them into finished products through OEM agreements

EGYF also has access to technologies in the oil and gas, defense, and utilities sectors thanks to its CEO’s experience in the mainframe computer industry. Due to his impressive background, the company’s CEO has filed more than 40 patents which the company could leverage to develop new, disruptive technologies. Considering the company’s growth potential, EGYF could be one of the low float stocks to watch this year.

  • Float: 78.6 million shares 
  • Convertible Notes: No convertible debt
  • 52 Week High: $.51 – 472% increase from its current PPS

Pending Catalysts

The company was invited to submit a Phase 1 Funding Proposal to the National Science Foundation, which could be pivotal for the company since this funding would allow the company to develop its projects. Meanwhile, the SEC confirmed the company’s ability to become a fully reporting company by filing a form 10. Becoming a fully reporting company provides greater transparency for shareholders and could allow EGYF to pursue an uplisting to the OTCQB.

Since the company’s IR team is very communicative on Twitter, investors can look for updates on the plans outlined in the company’s 2022 Shareholder Meeting Presentation there. The company’s intellectual property includes its smart digital barrier technology, Ebox, and more. According to its presentation EGYF is also considering a 29.5 million share reduction as part of its share structure resolutions. The company is also in the process of a name change from Energy Finders Inc. to Sensortecnics Inc. to better reflect its business. In light of these catalysts, EGYF could be one of the best low float stocks to hold this year.

Decide for yourself whether EGYF stock is among the promising low float stocks after reading our in-depth article on the company.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks EGYF stock chart

Currently trading at $.09, EGYF has been channeling between its support at .0529 and its resistance near .101 since June. However the stock recently reached its 52-week high of $.51 on no catalyst. This could have been due to shorts covering or a big buy order coming in followed by selling. Since the stock moved over 400% in an hour this demonstrates how quickly EGYF can move on its low float. The RSI is currently at 48 but accumulation has been consistently trending upwards since January. Investors could be adding shares to their positions now in anticipation of PR and substantial updates from the company as it pursues its goals.

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Low Float Stocks: MMMW Stock

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC: MMMW) is an emerging leader in the development of renewable power technologies. Through its patent pending Solar Tracking System (STS), MMMW has the potential to secure a substantial share of the $12 billion US solar power market thanks to STS’ ability to increase the energy levels produced by solar power systems by up to 28%. MMMW has been gaining attention after becoming a fully reporting company. Given the growing demand for eco-friendly power sources, MMMW could be one of the low float stocks to watch closely this year.

  • Float: 72.6 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: No convertible notes
  • 52 Week High: $.077 – presenting 128% upside from its current PPS

Pending Catalysts

MMMW was trading at $.02 earlier in July but quickly landed on many investors watchlists – increasing 120% over only a few days leading up to the CEO’s interview with @RadioSilentPlay. This demonstrates how quickly bottomed out low float plays can get bought up once discovered. Luckily, we alerted MMMW when it was trading at $.0229 in our free alerts room.

But MMMW still has room to run as clean energy stocks like MMMW could land in the spotlight if President Biden declares a climate emergency in the coming weeks. In that case, the government may provide funding to green energy providers which could send clean energy stocks soaring. MMMW could be one of the low float stocks to watch this year since STS has a patent pending. If the patent is approved, then MMMW could be poised for long-term financial growth.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks MMMW stock chart

MMMW is currently trading at $.034 after its run up but the RSI has dropped back to 48. Accumulation spiked up with the run and is still high. Investors looking for an entry point could find a better price near its supports between .0198 and .0266. The stock’s volume has been dropping following the interview and as it cools off from this run investors could find a better entry point or take a starter position here and begin averaging down to not miss a run on any new catalysts.

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Low Float Stocks: UPIN Stock

With an impressive portfolio of subsidiaries, Universal Power Industry Corporation (OTC:UPIN) owns and manages businesses operating in industrial and consumer products, as well as technology. UPIN is one of the most undervalued stocks in the OTC as the company has been growing its revenues and assets consistently. This growth was made possible thanks to UPIN’s acquisition of a denim manufacturing factory through its subsidiary Play Market. This subsidiary has the potential to facilitate more growth for UPIN since it recently acquired 14 denim containers for resale to its retailers TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Burlington. 

Meanwhile, UPIN also acquired The Import Export Group, Inc (IEG) to reduce its outsourced logistical costs since it is now able to control its own logistics internally. At the same time, IEG is expected to provide UPIN with up to $1.8 million in revenues as the new subsidiary is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the US. Moreover, UPIN has been recently granted preferred exporter status. Through this designation, UPIN is able to expedite manufacturing credit facilities and shipping priority. Based on this, UPIN could export its denim products from its China factory to the US at a much faster pace. With the company delivering continuous financial growth, investors are confident UPIN could be one of the most undervalued low float stocks.

  • Float: 21.1 million shares
  • Convertible Notes: No convertible notes or debt.
  • 52 Week High: $.238 – presenting a potential upside of 706% from its current PPS

Pending Catalysts

Although UPIN is constantly delivering substantial growth, the company is not active with its shareholders. Despite this, UPIN’s ability to increase its revenues QOQ makes the company an intriguing investment. With this in mind, UPIN could further grow its revenues thanks to its acquisition of IEG. As the company is preparing to release its annual report, UPIN could be well-positioned to soar if it continues growing financially. Based on this, UPIN could be one of the low float stocks to hold in anticipation of the company’s annual report.

Is UPIN stock truly one of the most undervalued low float stocks? Read our article for a detailed look on the company’s ventures.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks UPIN stock chart

Currently trading at $.0285, UPIN is at the same price level as November 2020 despite its revenue growth since then. The stock has a support at .02 and is trading beneath both MAs at the moment. However, it could have a golden cross soon which would indicate a change in its downwards trend. Overall, the stock has fallen 70% since February despite releasing positive updates. As volume comes back to the OTC, this stock could run quickly on its catalysts.

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Low Float Stocks: LPHM Stock

The shell company, Lee Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: LPHM), is venturing into the tech industry after finalizing its change of control to Accelerate Global Market Solutions Corp (AGMSC) earlier this year. In light of this, LPHM has the potential to become a leader in the blockchain industry since AGMSC provides authentication, verification, validation and security to the cyber and metaverse spaces. Considering the company’s potential to grow in this developing market, LPHM is one of the low float stocks to watch for more updates.

  • Float: 3.7 million shares 
  • Convertible Notes: No convertible notes
  • 52 Week High: $1.19 – a 459% increase from LPHM’s current PPS

Pending Catalysts

While the company has not shared any updates since its change of control, LPHM could be on track to deliver news after auditing its financials. Some investors are anticipating an update related to uplisting to the OTCQB. Meanwhile, LPHM still has the shell badge on its OTC Markets profile despite the company indicating it is no longer a shell in its latest financials.

While this stock hit its 52-week high after announcing its change of control in January, the company has shared with investors that since it is “working through internal tripping hazards from coming out of custodianship” updates may not be released for several weeks or months. This could mean that LPHM would be a very long-term hold until news is announced. However, considering its very low float, LPHM is one of the low float stocks to watch for any news or updates which could trigger a run.

Check out our article to find out more on LPHM stock and its new business direction.

Technical Analysis

low float stocks LPHM stock chart

Currently trading near its support at .18, now could be a good time for bullish investors to take a position in LPHM. The RSI is oversold at 35 and accumulation has been climbing since February as investors accumulate shares in anticipation of the company’s plans.

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