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Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now – SFLMaven Corp.

As a premium provider of high-end luxury goods, SFLMaven Corp. (OTC: SFLM) is known for its jewelry clientele globally. Through its highly anticipated weekly auction event on eBay, SFLM has generated over $140 million in sales to date. Operating within the jewelry and ecommerce industry, it is no surprise the company announced impressive Q4 results. Following this recent announcement, SFLM saw over 28% increase overnight – positioning itself among the best penny stocks to buy right now.

SFLM Stock News

The jewelry market is expanding rapidly with the rise of various digital platforms and is expected to reach $266.5 billion by 2027$21 billion of which is from the US market. On the other hand, the e-commerce market is already seeing triple digit increases and is projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025. Through its weekly auction night on eBay, SFLM continues to capitalize on both industries. 

In light of these efforts, 2021 was a year of major growth for SFLM with tremendous momentum across all major performance metrics. On February 1st, the company released its Q4 unaudited financials which featured “big double-digit growth in sales and per-item pricing across thousands of sold items.” With almost 3 thousand different products sold, SFLM average sales price saw a 10% increase to reach $845 per product. With this increase in average sales price, the company reported sales of more than $2.5 million – an impressive 20% increase from the year-ago period.

The filings also highlighted the major expansion of the company’s online presence – with “double-digit traffic growth on a quarter-over-quarter basis.” Regarded as an elite ebay store, SFLM enjoyed over 115 million web impressions and 1.13 million page views – a notable increase from its previous quarter. This rapid growth of the company’s web traffic could be largely attributed to its weekly auction night – which CEO Joseph Ladin believes will be “a great foundation for some of SFLM’s new growth initiatives”.

As a top-rated eBay seller, SFLM is known for delivering consistent value to high-end jewelry customers. To sustain this growth, SFLM operates “no reserve” eBay auctions. Given eBay’s wide reach, the company’s products are usually sold immediately and within the fair market price. In light of this stellar reputation, SFLM tends to attract a wide range of sellers that supply the company with various trendy collections. Through this, the company has established a competitive edge and continues to attract buyers with different preferences to its ebay store. 

Even though the company has a solid network of suppliers, demand for its products is growing exponentially and is surpassing supply on a weekly basis. In light of this, SFLM is currently working on expanding its dealer network as well as developing its product sourcing abilities to ensure efficiency of operations. If successful, SFLM could capitalize on its weekly auction night and the intersection of two lucrative industries – both of which could lead to major growth in 2022. 

Media Sentiment

Anticipation for the company’s upcoming plans is prompting a massive increase in trading volume. Investor @QuabbinR is bullish SFLM could breakthrough its resistance if the trend continues.

Technical Analysis

Currently, SFLM is trading at $.002 with a primary support at .0018 and a secondary support at .0016. The stock shows a weak resistance at .0021 and a stronger resistance at .0024. Accumulation is seeing an upward trend following a major dip on February 4th. Similarly, MACD is on a bullish crossover and shows no sign of an incoming reversal. The RSI is holding at 56 – indicating the stock is currently stable and positioning SFLM as one of the best penny stocks to buy right now.

These indicators clearly highlight investors’ bullish sentiment. This rise in accumulation indicates an increase in investors holding onto their shares in anticipation of a run-up. Given that the stock is currently trading near its resistance, bullish investors could secure a starter position on SFLM ahead of the company’s updates later this week. As the RSI cools off, the stock could see a slight dip to its primary support before news from the company sends it on a run again.

SFLM Stock Forecast

With the company’s latest quarterly filings, investors are bullish 2022 could be the year SFLM see new highs. With impressive sales growth and efforts to capitalize on two lucrative industries, SFLM is quickly becoming one of investors’ favorite penny stocks to buy right now. As investors await further news and updates reading the company’s plans, they are bullish on SFLM’s growth potential in both the jewelry and ecommerce markets.

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